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How to dispose of unwanted furniture

Unwanted furniture clogs up your brain as well as your home or office. And dealing with it isn't always that easy. Whether you're downsizing, upsizing or redecorating, your unwanted furniture will require serious consideration. And we're barely even being melodramatic.

Armishaws Removals

Firstly, it's important to think about whether or not you truly want rid of your items. Perhaps its issues can be resolved with new upholstery, throws or covers? Perhaps a lick of paint or varnish will do the trick? What if it just needs a repair? There are many businesses who will work wonders with your items. A bit of creative DIY never hurt anyone, but if your furniture is beyond upcycling or renovation, then there's plenty of methods by which it can be removed from your living room, as well as your schedule. Let's take a look at how.


Charity shops are always in the market for unwanted items of furniture, but your furniture has to be in working order if you want them to accept it. It's a waste of the time, effort and hard work that charity shops go through every day to give them faulty furniture. But they are a great first port of call for reusable items as not only are they likely to accept the item, but your sofa, table, chair or wardrobe will also go to a good cause.

Charity shops often collect furniture, but they don't always so make sure you call your local shop way in advance to make the necessary arrangements. If not, you'll have to either drive your item to their premises (if it will fit in your car) or hire a removal company to do it for you.

Selling your furniture

If a charity shop is inconvenient, or you think that perhaps you might like some money in exchange for your goods, then selling your furniture is always an option. There are many great websites (Gumtree and Vivastreet to name but a few) that will act as the middleman in your local area (they are normally free), or you could sell nationwide via eBay. Make sure that your photos are eye-catching, your description is catchy and your price is fair.

This method puts the ball more into the buyer's court, as you can stipulate that they need to collect the items. Alternatively, you can include removal costs in the price if you're selling outside your local area.

Recycling or collection

However, sometimes some items of furniture are beyond sale or donation. In such a case, recycling is your best bet. Most councils will come and collect bulky items for a fee, or you can take the item to your local recycling centre (again, call ahead) and have them take it off your hands.

Please note that if you are passing on or selling sofas, they need to have their fire safety label intact. If you require any assistance with removals and deliveries or any help with moving home or office, then get in touch with Armishaws today.

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