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How to dispose of unwanted furniture

As those who have done it will know, moving house is one of the most stressful experiences youíll ever have to go through.

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In fact, a recent study by E.ON found that, for 42% of Brits, it was THE most stressful - even more so than divorce. Breaking valuable items and losing everyday possessions are among the things that worry us most about moving house. But, the good news is - along with hiring a top quality removal firm - you can take the stress out of moving by packing and labelling your boxes properly.

Those that forget or choose not to label their boxes while packing may find themselves in a state of dismay when they get to their new properties, the excitement of their new home marred by the fact that they cannot find anything they need as itís all packed away in random boxes. Imagine having to search through a mountain of boxes just to find the kettle. Labelling your boxes can save you a lot of aggravation when you get to the other side.

This will also help your removal company to unload your boxes into the right rooms; preventing your kitchen cutlery from ending up in your bedroom and your toiletries sitting in the living room. This will make things a lot easier for you when you start to unload your possessions - saving a lot of unnecessary trips up and down the stairs.

Buy the right equipment

First, start by purchasing some labelling equipment. Some large sticky-back labels and a thick black marker pen are a good starting point. You might also choose some coloured markers or card if you are into colour coding. Having dedicate labels will make them easy to spot and reference, rather than simply scribbling words in biro straight onto the cardboard - which can be hard to read.

Choose your positioning

Next, always stick your labels in roughly the same area on each box. This will make it really easy to reference when your boxes are all stacked up in a row. You should also place labels on the side of each box; when boxes are stacked on top of each other, you wonít be able to see labels placed on the tops.

Create a system that works

There is no right or wrong way to label your boxes when it comes to systems; some people like to simply write on their labels to let themselves and their removal company know what is inside. Other people chose instead to colour code their boxes; perhaps all boxes with a red mark or label are for the kitchen, and all those marked in green are for the bathroom.

Whatever system you choose for labelling your boxes, try to keep it consistent e.g. donít jump from colour coding to words, as it can get confusing to remember several weeks after packing some of the boxes!


It can also be a good idea to add a mark or a sticker to those boxes that contain important, everyday items such as your staple wardrobe items, your crockery and cutlery and the kettle! This will tell your removal company to keep these boxes at the top - making sure they are first to arrive in your new home so that you can start using them as soon as you need to.

Fragile items

Finally, always make sure that your fragile items are labelled as so. Any reputable removal company will take the utmost care of your possessions anyway, but labelling boxes that are fragile will just provide that extra bit of reassurance that your goods will all arrive completely undamaged.

Thatís it - happy labelling! For more help and information regarding moving home, contact Armishaws Removals and receive a free quote today.

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