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How to move house with young children

The experts will tell you that moving house is better done sooner rather than later when you have young children. As soon as the decision has been made a prompt move is best for them as they have less time to worry about it. But given the complexities of moving house, especially if it involves relocating your kids to a new school, or moving far away from their friends, it's generally more complicated than that.

Armishaws Removals

We move families all the time and we've picked up a few tricks over the years to make it as smooth as possible...

Stay positive and involve them

Children handle a move a lot more easily if there has been a lot of positivity and excitement leading up to it. Packing can be turned into a fun activity the children are involved in, especially if you give them dedicated boxes to put their favourite toys in, and let them clearly label them as their own. When it comes to moving day, make sure you let your removers know which boxes have the toys in - we've found loading these last is really helpful as it means you can get to them first on the other end, and immediately help your kids feel at home in the new place.

Give them a fun day

If it's at all possible to arrange for friends or family to take them on a fun day out while the move itself is happening it's a good idea. Moving can take a long time, especially if you have a large home or are travelling some distance. Sending them off for a fun day at the cinema, or to spend the day with their grandparents is a great way to keep them away from all the busy activity. They can simply say goodbye to one house and hello to another, without all the hustle, bustle and activity in the middle.

Give them responsibilities

If it's not possible to keep them away from the action for the day, make sure they have something specific to focus on. They might be in charge of looking after the family pet, coordinating the removal of all the toy boxes, checking to make sure no stray teddies are left behind, and other easy jobs suitable to their age that make them feel included and important.

Let them explore

If at all possible get to your new home before the removal team arrives, so you can walk through the new house with the kids, and let them explore a bit before the chaotic process of unpacking commences. Once the removal team get there, show them which room those last-packed boxes of toys need to go in and get the kids unpacking their own toys.

This will give them something to do while they calm down, and should ensure they have a space that feels like home to nap or sleep in when they eventually tire out.

Moving house with young children can be challenging, but with an experienced removal team helping you, and a little clever planning, it needn't be stressful for you or your children.

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