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How to reduce the stress of moving home

Research suggests that moving home is among the most stressful situations we humans encounter during our lives. Two-thirds of respondents to a recent survey by a leading anxiety charity placed moving home above redundancy, divorce, and even bereavement as a trigger for stress. The good news is that there are ways to reduce the stress of moving home and make the process fast, simple - and even fun. Moving to a new home should be the start of an adventure, and this guide aims to take the stress and worry out of your upcoming move.

Armishaws Removals

Be prepared
If you want your move to run smoothly, planning is the key to success. Take some time off before and after the move, so you can focus on what needs to be done. Make lists that include tasks to do, items to remember, and important dates and times - such as collecting your new keys or meeting with the removals team. When moving day comes around, you can refer back to your plan whenever you feel lost or stressed.

Stick to a schedule
Your moving day plan should include a schedule, with times that important stages of the move should be completed by. However, sometimes circumstances slide out of control and the best laid plans can still fall apart. If you do find yourself pulling away from your schedule, don't panic. Simply readjust your timing expectations, and move on with the task at hand.

Pack based on needs and urgency
A key cause of moving stress is missing items. Your child's favourite toy, your pet's food, your toiletries and clothes are all things you will need on moving day - so they should be packed last. When you arrive at your new home, the kettle is one of the most sought-out items! Take care to label boxes so you know what they contain, and pack things you need every day in a separate box so you can access them quickly once you've arrived.

Send kids and pets to a carer for the day
Moving home is stressful enough for the adults involved, but throw children and animals into the mix and things quickly get chaotic. Consider whether a friend or relative can watch your young ones and pets during the move, giving you one less worry while you're trying to get organised.

Choose a reliable removals team
If you have a good removals firm, you can take a lot of the stress out of moving. Packing, shifting and unpacking are among the most stressful parts of moving day - especially when furniture needs dismantling and reassembling, or large items need moving. Having a trained team of specialists on hand will ease a lot of your stress. Removals teams do this every single day, and know how to make it easy. Trust their advice and let them guide you.

If you're planning to move home, contact Armishaws Removals and get a free quote today. We also offer advice on removals services to make your move stress-free and easy.

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