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Public Holidays & Celebrations in Portugal

Portugal holidays

Feriado Público is the Portuguese for public holiday.

From 2013, there will be a five-year suspension of two public holidays and two religious holidays due to austerity measures. These will now be normal working days and are as follows:

May 30th (second Thursday after Whitsun) - Corpus Christi.

October 5th - Dia da República (Republic Day) - a commemoration of the formation of the Portuguese Republic in 1910.

November 1st - Dia de Todos-os-Santos (All Saints Day).

December 1st - Restauração da Independência (Restoration of Independence) - a holiday celebrating independence from Spanish rule.

Portuguese holiday dates for 2013:

January 1st - Ano Novo (New Year's Day).

March 29th - Sexta-feira Santa (Good Friday).

March 31st - Páscoa (Easter Sunday).

April 25th - Dia da Liberdade (Liberation Day).

May 1st - Dia do Trabalhador (Labour Day/May Day).

June 10th - Dia do Portugal (Portugal Day) - when the country honours its famous poet, Luís de Camões

August 15th - Assunção de Nossa Senhora (Assumption of Mary).

December 8th - Immaculada Conceição (Feast of the Immaculate Conception).

December 24th - Dia de Véspera de Natal (Christmas Eve) - for some businesses and institutions.

December 25th - Dia de Natal (Christmas Day).

If a national holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, there is not a holiday on the following Monday.

Mardi Gras or Carnaval is not a national holiday, but it is widely celebrated as Carnival Day.

May 5th (first Sunday in May) - Dia da Mãe (Mother's Day) - not a public holiday

March 19th - Dia do Pai (Father's Day) - not a public holiday

June 13th - Festa de Santo António (Feast of St. Anthony) - Lisbon only.

June 24th - Festa de São Joã Baptista (Feast of St. John the Baptist) - Porto only.

Each town usually has its own annual holiday day.

In general, Portugal tends to shut down or at least slow up considerably in August, as most people take their annual summer holidays during this month.