6 vital things to go on your house moving checklist

6 vital things to go on your house moving checklist

Moving house can be a stressful and time-consuming task, but it can be very straightforward with the right preparation. Once you’ve sorted and arranged the finances and paperwork, you’ll be just a single step away from enjoying your new home, with the inevitable packing up and moving that simply must be done. Make sure you fully prepare yourself by following our house moving checklist:

1. Organise yourself

Though this might sound obvious, it really is the case that the more you plan ahead, the easier the move is. We’ll work with you to ensure that details such as parking at your old and new house are sorted out and making sure we find a way to get our vehicles in for loading and unloading.

2. Allow yourself to be ruthless

It’s not worth moving something if you’re not using it. Moving can be a fantastic opportunity to clear out what you don’t need and get them to local auctions or on eBay, or sending your old clothes to charity shops. A fresh start can be made much better by getting rid of the clutter.

3. Start early on packing

It always seems to take longer than you think it will, so it’s vital that you start packing weeks in advance. Try to make your boxes small and manageable so don’t overfill them, keeping them light and easy to stack. Work room by room and label everything clearly so that unpacking on the other side is nice and straightforward. Pack fragile items around newspaper and bubble wrap. We offer professional packing and unpacking services for those who want the extra security.

4. Let people and services know you’re moving

It can save a lot of hassle if you tell your bank, telephone and internet providers, insurers, credit card companies and anyone else that you are changing address. Start early if you have a moving date set in advance and don’t forget to redirect your post.

5. Have a special ‘moving day’ box prepared

Aside from the kettle, the most vital and valuable item on moving day, it’s a good idea to have everything that you might need in the first few hours at your new home. Coffee, tea, milk, mugs, scissors, toilet roll, and some snacks can take the edge off what is usually an intense day.

6. Make a plan for the furniture

It’s vital to make a plan so that you can remember where everything should be going. It helps to have measured out for the furniture going in the new house, but just having an idea of where to put things and where the boxes can be safely stacked is a big help. This can have a huge effect on the speed of your move as our professional team are great at swiftly and smoothly bringing furniture into the house.

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