Advice for a summer time house move

Advice for a summer time house move

If you are planning a move this summer don’t leave arranging your removals to the last minute.

It will most likely not be a shock to you to hear that summer is the most popular time for moving house. Although at Armishaws we have a large and strong fleet nationwide, please get in touch early to get your move booked in with us to avoid disappointment.

It is very easy to see the benefits that add to the popularity of home removals over the summer period. The longer daylight hours with more time to cram jobs in and better weather conditions (although of course not always guaranteed) are both factors when considering the best time to move home. The school summer holidays provide a window in which a house move will be least disruptive for the daily routine. Although the summer holidays are perhaps a highlight of your children’s school calendar, for many parents it is six weeks of juggling routines and finding activities to provide the best entertainment, this is all before throwing a house move into the mix!

We have years of exerience in residential removals and across the team we have a few stories to tell! We have put together this useful guide to help make your summer move go as smoothly as possible, whilst keeping your children engaged and allow you to enjoy some sunshine (if it shows up)! 


We mentioned it briefly above but the best thing you can do is book your removals early. Moving home can be a very overwhelming time with many lists on the go and a large amount of jobs to remember. Many people forget to book their home removal company well in advance. We have a large team on hand to help you with every stage of your move and so ironically by booking your removals company early they can help you organise your house move effectively. Our services offer a full survey by one of our Removals Specialists who will design a removals package to suit your needs. We also offer a full packing service which is efficiently organised to make sure you have the belongs you need, when you need them.

Avoid disappointment and get in touch with your home removal firm early to secure your booking, this means that you can relax a little knowing that everything is in hand – you will even have time to start making plans for your new home! You don’t want to have to add further disruption by having to alter your day of moving.


A house move is a very exciting time for your children and no doubt they are looking forward to starting fresh in a new room with lots of exciting opportunities and things to explore. Despite this, the last thing they may want to do is spend their time packing up their belongings during their cherished school holiday. Try and make the whole process as fun as possible to keep them engaged and involved whilst at the same time getting the job done. Or on the other hand, if possible, plan activities with friends or relatives who would be happy to keep them entertained for a few days whilst you pack up.


Lugging around all your worldly belongings can still get sticky and uncomfortable even on a mild British summer’s day and trying to stay cool can be easier said than done. Here are a few tips to help you manage the temperature:

  • Light, loose fitting and comfortable clothing that you can move around in without it getting in the way
  • Have plenty of water on hand to stay hydrated throughout the day
  • Make sure you have easy access to food that’s ready to eat and suitable for your appetite on a hot day
  • If it is set to be a particularly warm day, make sure yu have a cool box for your food – noone wants a warm sandwich!


If you have a pet then don’t forget to make plans for them to help them manage both the heat and the stress during the move. Try and keep them in a separate aeriated room at both your old property and your new one which is away from the hustle and bustle of your removals team coming and going without the worry of them being able to escape. Don’t forget to leave their water bowl out so that they have something to keep them cool in the heat.


Despite the roads in general being much quieter over the summer holidays, the weekends can still get pretty busy with families tend to head out for daytrips to the coast. If possible, depending on the circumstances with being in a chain, we advise that you try to move on a weekday morning when the roads will be a little quieter.


Thinking of a house move this summer? Contact Armishaws today to find out how our removal services can mean your summer move is as stress free as possible!


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