How to prepare for a winter house move

There is no real difference to moving home during the winter months than at any other time of the year. There are however a few extra things to consider before you begin to make sure you’re in the warm as soon as possible.

The two biggest factors to keep in mind for a winter move are warmth and light, or at least making sure you have considered the lack of both of these things.

Keeping warm

You’ve got boxes to move, belongings to unpack but all you can think about is the fact that you just cannot get warm! The last thing you want is to rock up ready to get started and be faced with no running water, electricity or heating. Let’s be honest, how productive are you when you’re feeling cold and grumpy?

Before you start your move, make sure you check the condition of utilities at your new home. This is a good tip for any time of the year but is especially important for a winter move!

If you plan to move with your current provider, remember that you need to inform them that you are moving in order to seamlessly resume your payment schedule at the new place.

Do carrots really help you see in the dark?

Although research behind this is mixed, whether you believe it or not, carrots still aren’t going to buy you more day light in the winter months.

With the recent change in the clocks, the longer nights are drawing in and this is often overlooked when planning a winter move. It will start to get dark as early as 4:30pm in the middle of winter and even earlier on gloomy days so make sure you break your move down into manageable amounts so that you are not caught out by the darker evenings.

Before you start out make sure that all of your lights are working and that you have plenty of spare bulbs just incase!

Useful Reminder

Whether it’s an issue with your utilities or a loose wire that needs an electrician, the closer your move to the Christmas break the more likely you are to experience delays as companies close down for the festive season. It’s best to get these issues highlighted early so that you can enjoy your new home surrounded by your family and friends!

There are a few other things to consider for your winter move… our top tips are:

 Prepare for the weather

  • UK weather can be very unpredictable but make sure you keep an eye on the forecast leading up to your move, if you’re going to need a hat and gloves you will need to make sure that you keep them to one side. Don’t forget sensible shoes too
  • Look out for warnings for ice, the last thing you want is to slip early in the day and put you out of action for the rest of the day
  • If you live in an area that is prone to snow you will also want to make sure you are well prepared and have planned your routes carefully in case of travel disruptions, it is also worth considering a back up plan in case the weather takes a dramatic turn

Have hot food and drink close by

  • Cups of tea will be your best friend and get you through your move, make sure you stock up and don’t forget the milk!!
  • Having access to food and drink will make your move so much more bearable and will keep your team of helpers happy and motivated too
  • A winter move usually means there are lots of warming treats in the shops so stock up early and make sure that your supplies are easily accessible

Organise your packing

  • Chances are even if you’ve remembered to sort your utilities and your heating is up and running you’re going to be spending a lot of time in and out of the house, make sure your warm clothes can be easily found so that you can layer up!
  • You won’t be unpacking everything on the first day so make sure your warm bedding and blankets are at the top of your boxes, you’ll need to get a good night sleep to keep productivity up for unpacking

Prepare your vehicles

  • Whether you’re using a trusted removals company or organising your own move, you’re going to need to get from A – B. Make sure your transport is up to scratch to get you moved, the last thing you want is to break down, especially on a long journey
  • Ensure that your vehicle is stocked up on essentials and you are prepared for any eventuality – make sure that your car heaters are working just in case!!

Take some stress out of a winter move by hiring a local trusted removals company who have the experience to handle some tricky conditions.

Using our large fleet of vehicles operated by over fifty highly trained, full time staff, we can move you anywhere in the UK at all times of the year. Our staff are trained to handle bad weather situations and will come fully prepared to make sure your move goes to plan.

Of course at times the weather can beat us all and we will always assess the situation prior to a move to make sure that it can be carried out as safely as possible. If your property has difficult access or is in a remote area where roads are not safely passable, we will work with you to find an alternative time to get moving.

Whilst you concentrate on getting yourself set up for the winter in your new home, trust Armishaws Removals to get your belongings safely to you. Pop the kettle on and let us handle your move.

Contact Armishaws Removals for a FREE UK removals quote to start planning for your next move.

Moving your business from one site to another can seem a lot like moving to a new house. You need to make sure everything is organised and planned, otherwise you will end up losing sleep over how much needs to be done. When it is time to leave the old site behind, and move onto greener pastures to help it progress, there are a few things to consider to help make the transition period dramatically smoother, and hopefully make the whole experience easier.

Why the move?

Let’s be honest, although no-one really likes change, it is a big advantage to help keep things fresh, and re-evaluate costings and space. Many businesses are considering relocating to help save money and resources, and it is clear why. But what can be done to make the move faster and easier?


1) Starting Early- Most people underestimate the time it takes to pack goods securely and safely, especially something with a large inventory like an office. Never wait until the last minute as the packing will be rushed, and items are more likely to be damaged. It is better to make sure that all of your items are wrapped up safely and securely, and that every items is accounted for, rather than wait and pack so fast that you have to cut corners, and do a bad job at bubble-wrapping your computers, or protecting that precious office chair, that when they arrive, they aren’t in the condition you were expecting. It is better to take your time, and be careful, than see who in the office is the fastest at packing.



2) Labelling- Marking boxes makes locating them before or after the move easy and is very time efficient. It pays to have a numbering system to avoid losing things, but it means once the items have arrived, you know exactly which boxes contain what things and where they should go. Be sure to mark all sides of the boxes as then if some are covered, it saves time picking up and moving other packages to try and find the numbers. Most people forget to mark their items, and when they arrive, they find unpacking takes a dramatic amount longer than they first thought. Save time and be prepared by marking your boxes, or have a number system. It is a helpful way to check you have packed everything, because if you notice a box is missing, you can do something about it.


3) Tech Care- Computers should always be wrapped separately in thick blankets or bubble wrap. Also, ensure all data and information is backed up, either online or on a physical drive, just in case a computer is lost or broken in transmission. With printers, remove the cartridges, tape down covers and follow specific instructions for moving machines since improper moving may void warranties. The more valuable the item, the more care you should take with it, and with computers, tablets, or technology that could easily break or be damaged if not packed properly, it is obvious to wrap and take more precautions to ensure that they won’t be affected. It is recommended to put computers, or any tech, in their own separate box (one for each), as if there is anything on top in the box, it could contribute to any damage.


4) Plan- Making checklists are a great way to avoid mistakes and be prepared for any eventuality. Think about an unpacking plan, for example, what needs to be opened first, and putting heavy items on the bottom, and lighter on top to avoid damage. Although packing takes more time, unpacking is more tactical, and you will need allocated time to rearrange everything. If you do label your boxes, then use a checklist to ensure you haven’t missed anything. It also means that when you unpack, you will know where everything is, and which items are in which boxes. Also, set yourself deadlines and goals. For example, ‘pack the table away by 4pm’, as it will give you something to work to, and have a written timeline, as opposed to waiting until the last minute to do everything.


5) Overcome Hurdles- Even the best plans may fall apart, but it’s important to not get annoyed at every little thing that goes wrong. Tackle any problems that arise one at a time, and make sure you take the move into account in regard to income for the company, as it is time consuming. It may be a good idea to look at insurance coverage for your belongings, most private insurance policies might cover any damage in transit. If you are the one overseeing the entire move, or just packing away your items, it is important to not let it get the better of you. Be on top of your work, keep to your plan, and if anything changes or doesn’t go your way, don’t get annoyed. Just take things one step at a time, and you will be delighted once everything is sorted. Although you may be unhappy at first, remember change is good, and you will benefit in the end!


6) Post-Move Updates- Once you have moved, it is important to let people know. While it is obvious, many clients or customers that aren’t necessarily up to date with your company, or you don’t have face to face relations with, will be unaware of the change, so making sure business listings, websites and business cards and stationary are updated is key. It is key to keep your clients updated as to the status of your company. Whatever it takes, make it known that you have moved. Post all over your social media, send out a newsletter, change your email footer, all these things will take a little bit of time, but if the move isn’t publicised, it will be something your clients will have to find out for themselves, and it is better to tell them yourselves. Invite them in to see it, show them around. It is best to treat your new office like a new home. Time to show off!


Although it may seem like a lot, if you take the time to prepare, make a plan and pack your items safely, the move should run smoothly, and you should be ready to start work in a new location, and what is more exciting than that!

What can we do?

We offer a full door to door service all across the UK, so whether the load is small or large, we can tailor a removal to suit you and your company. Whatever you require, contact Armishaws for a FREE quote.

We have multiple branches all over the country, and all our services are designed to give your complete piece of mind, so you can worry less about your possessions and logistics, and more about getting off the ground in your new office.

Contact us on 0800 917 1015 to speak to a member of the team about your move.



Although times are a little uncertain for a post Brexit UK, you may be considering joining the many Britons who are bringing forward their long-term plans of packing up and relocating to France from the UK, whilst perhaps being a little anxious about what is to come.

At the moment British citizens do not need a visa or a residence permit to live, work or study in France. Brexit may have complicated things and as of yet no one knows what the deal will be for those Brits who head to France from the UK, but many people are making the most of the EU’s freedom of movement and moving their life over the Channel to build up their residency rights before the Brexit deadline.

So, why move to France?

France is one of our most popluar European removal destinations and after crossing the channel more times than we can remember and helping families start their life in France, we can see why! It’s famous for its slower pace of life (outside of Paris of course), but what else has France got to offer?


Hot summer days are a major pulling point for Brits wanting to move abroad, the South of France in particular is well known for long sunny days and a calendar packed full of activitives and events! Whilst the French love new-build homes, British buyers prefer the more traditional village houses, farmhouses and country houses with more character and you’ll find plenty of choice to enjoy relaxing summers where life moves at a much slower pace.

It is good to remember that like the UK, the winters can be cold and wet, sometimes lasting long periods of time. Many people shut up their homes and businesses for the winter in search of warmer climates and a break after a busy summer so it can feel a little quiet! Make sure you stock up on good films and indoor activities for those truly cold and rainy days that are best spent inside.

Fine Dining, Fine Wines

We cannot talk about France without talking about the cusine. Food and drink are cherished in France and so much of the country is given over to vineyards and farming meaning that every corner you visit will have something new to try.

If you are planning your move to France you have probably thought about all the culinary delights that will be on offer right on your doorstep from warm breads and amazing cheeses to more wines than you could ever need.

In the smaller towns ouside the hustle and bustle of Paris, many places are closed on Sundays and Monday mornings. Make sure you stock up on groceries Saturday or you will be relying on raiding the cupboards at meal times.


If you’re moving to France and prefer a faster pace of life, you might find yourself on the slopes of the Alps taking advantage of all these beautiful mountains have to offer.

There is a real traditional charm to skiing in France with many of the resorts run by locals who know the area inside out. If you’re planning a move to France, the great transport links mean that it is really easy to get stuck in both on and off-piste. From the valley floor to the top of the highest ski pistes, there are some truly unbelievable sights to behold so it is well worth a visit no matter where you choose to live in France.


We have visited many regions in France moving the belongings of Britons looking for a new way of life and no matter what you are after, France seems to have it!

From miles of stunning coastline, beautiful countryside dotted with lush meadows and bucolic farmland, picturesque villages, charming towns full of history and beautiful chateaux to the very glamorous Cannes and Monaco to the south and of course the rolling Alps, there really is something for everyone.

If you prefer the busy and engaging life in the big city, you will probably choose Paris as your new home. However if you prefer to enjoy wandering around local markets and the draw of a friendly small-scale community, you will probably opt for a French village further in the French countryside and small towns.

Removals to France

The official date for Brexit is 29th March 2019 at 11pm with a 21 month transition period meaning that depending on what is agreed, freedom of movement could continue until 31st December 2020. However with all of this unknown, now is as good a time as every to take the plunge and move to France.

We offer a full door to door service with our French removals so whether you’re taking the time to de-clutter and moving a small load or you have a large family house full of memories that you wish to take with you, contact Armishaws for a FREE no obligation European removals quote.

Our France removals service is designed to give you complete piece of mind so that you can focus your time on starting your new life in France and getting immerced in all that the country has to offer.

Contact us on 0800 917 1015 to chat to a member of the team about your move or use our overseas removal form to start your enquiry.

For more detailed and up to date information on moving to France, especially in this uncertain time, please visit the Direct GOV website where you will find all that you need before starting your new life in France.


Moving home can be a difficult and stressful process for even the best practiced of movers, so it can be even more daunting if you’re moving for the first time.

It does not have to be so daunting though. With a little bit a focus and some easy tricks you can soon be settled in your new home.

The best tip – make a priority packing list!

As soon as you know that you are moving, before you even start packing, start planning ahead and write down everything that you need to do.

Sit down and make a priority list of things to pack. Even if you plan to travel light with little belongings, the chances are that you will not be able to unpack everything you own in the first day. Therefore, it is really important to decide what you will need as soon as you move in and keep it to one side.

Moving home is thirsty work so make sure you have the essentials to hand the moment you move in. Don’t bury your coffee, mugs, tea, snacks and kettle etc under your library of heavy books.

The larger and heavier furniture items such as wardrobes, storage and beds for example are important things to get through the door early on so make sure they are top of the list. Moving and building heavy items of furniture will feel much easier early on rather than after a full and draining day.

Don’t leave packing to the last minute

Try to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed by packing up your belongings, instead try and break it down into small manageable parts to give you plenty of time before your move. By breaking your packing down to one room at a time you can really save on time, the bonus is that you should know which box needs to go where in your new home too – make sure you label them!

Use the move as an excuse to declutter and get rid of those things you forgot you even had! Look out for local car boot sales you can go to or donate to some local charities. Read our blog on how to declutter your home before moving for some more great tips!

When packing up your fragile items, don’t just place them all in one box, make sure you fill in the gaps to keep things secure! Use soft items such as clothing, towels and even newspaper to make sure that your fragile items will stay safe throughout your move.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you’re moving for the first time, chances are that you will want to do everything yourself and that is completely understandable! Everyone likes to be independent and optimistic. However don’t be afraid to seek help. Whether it be from family and friends or a local trusted removals company, many hands make light work.

Remember that the whole process of moving home should be an exciting time and something that you enjoy.

If you have a move coming up and would like some help and more information on local removals, please get in touch.

No move is too big or small with Armishaws removals. From a few boxes to a full load, our friendly and experienced team will ensure that your whole move from the initial survey to packing and transportation, goes smoothly.

If the thought of packing your belongings makes you feel overwhelmed, we offer a full packing service which can be added to your removals package. We can even help with just packing up your most fragile and breakable items, making sure that your items are handled with skill and care to ensure their safe arrival to your new home.

Want to get in and decorate first? That’s not a problem, we also offer residential storage solutions on both a short and long term basis! We have a clean and secure container storage system which will ensure the safety and care of all your belongings until you’re ready to complete your move.

Contact Armishaws today to request a quote from our team with a wealth of knowledge in first time removals.

You’re all set! You have a completion date, the removals are booked and you have been super organised and packed up your belongings – you’re nearly ready to go. Then that packing system you adopted a few weeks ago seems like a distant memory when you can’t remember what you put in each box…

Breaking valuable items and losing everyday possessions are among the things that worry us most about moving house. But, the good news is – along with hiring a top quality removals firm – you can take the stress out of moving by packing and labelling your boxes properly.

Those that forget or choose not to label their boxes while packing may find themselves in a state of dismay when they get to their new properties, the excitement of their new home marred by the fact that they cannot find anything they need as it’s all packed away in random boxes. Imagine having to search through a mountain of boxes just to find the kettle. Labelling your boxes can save you a lot of aggravation when you get to the other side.

This will also help your removal company to unload your boxes into the right rooms; preventing your kitchen cutlery from ending up in your bedroom and your toiletries sitting in the living room. This will make things a lot easier for you when you start to unload your possessions – saving a lot of unnecessary trips up and down the stairs.

Buy the right equipment

Start by purchasing some labelling equipment. Some large sticky-back labels and a thick black marker pen are a good starting point. You might also choose some coloured markers or card if you are into colour coding. Having dedicate labels will make them easy to spot and reference, rather than simply scribbling words in biro straight onto the cardboard – which can be hard to read.

Choose your positioning

Always stick your labels in roughly the same area on each box. This will make it really easy to reference when your boxes are all stacked up in a row. You should also place labels on the side of each box; when boxes are stacked on top of each other, you won’t be able to see labels placed on the tops.

Create a system that works

There is no right or wrong way to label your boxes when it comes to systems; some people like to simply write on their labels to let themselves and their removal company know what is inside. Other people chose instead to colour code their boxes; perhaps all boxes with a red mark or label are for the kitchen, and all those marked in green are for the bathroom.

Whatever system you choose for labelling your boxes, try to keep it consistent e.g. don’t jump from colour coding to words, as it can get confusing to remember several weeks after packing some of the boxes!


It can also be a good idea to add a mark or a sticker to those boxes that contain important, everyday items such as your staple wardrobe items, your crockery and cutlery and the kettle! This will tell your removal company to keep these boxes at the top – making sure they are first to arrive in your new home so that you can start using them as soon as you need to.

Fragile items

Finally, always make sure that your fragile items are labelled as so. Any reputable removal company will take the utmost care of your possessions anyway, but labelling boxes that are fragile will just provide that extra bit of reassurance that your goods will all arrive completely undamaged.

That’s it – happy labelling!

For more help and  information regarding moving home, contact Armishaws Removals for a free quote today!

Congratualtions on your sale!

That’s it, you’ve got the sale and we hope that you’re allowing yourself some time to get a little bit excited about your upcoming move. Although there are a few more hoops to jump through, soon you will have your keys and can finally get in the home that you have always dreamt of having.

Moving with Armishaws is a simple and easy process. Our services are designed around you, meaning that you get a complete bespoke move that is tailored to your exact needs.

A few tips to help you prepare for your move with Armishaws.

If you have not already booked you van, please try and give us as much notice as possible. Where a reservation is cancelled at short notice there may be an additional charge.

Please remember to give us your new address and if possible some directions for the driver. Any problems with access should have been discussed with our representative. Your new telephone number may be useful or a contact number if you are not yet connected.

Our vans carry carpet covers but these may not be sufficient if your delivery access is muddy and you have new carpets. This can be a problem on new developments and provision should be made for adequate protection. We are able to supply stairs and landing protection if required. If a fitted carpet is to be moved, it will need to be prepared in advance by removing all the fixing strips and lifting the edges away from the gripper rods.

Arrangements should be made in advance to disconnect gas and electric cookers, light fittings, gas fires, washing machines and dishwashers. Curtains, shelves and anything fixed to the walls should be taken down ready to move.

While we can not be held responsible for deterioration of any food in a freezer, it is often more convenient to move them full or partly full. Chect freezers can be prepared by putting loose items into three or four bin liners ready to be lifted out while the freezer is loaded. Uprights usually have trays that can be used for this purpose.

Our staff are not insured to work in a loft unless it is boarded and lit with a safe fixed access, so you will need to ensure that anything you want to take is brought down ready.

A normal chest of drawers can be moved with the drawers full of clothing. Do not fill drawers, chests or trunks with very heavy items making them difficult to handle e.g. Books.

Self-assembly furniture is not designed to be moved whole and often does not go back together very well if dismantled. While we will do our best, we cannot guarantee that such furniture will move successfully either whole or dismantled.

Anything you wish to take from the garden, shed, green house or garage should be prepared in advance. Plants should either be potted or their roots contained in a plastic bin liner. Garden tools should be tied in bundles, and swings, climbing frames etc, dismantled and ready. Contents of sheds and garages should be boxed and items such as paving slabs cleaned and stacked.

You or your representative should be present when the crew arrive to tell them what is to be moved and to point out anything to be left. When the crew finish loading you should check to ensure that nothing is left behind.

We will not be responsible for packing and moving items of jewellery, money or stamp collections as per our contract conditions. We are unable to insure these items.

It is often impractical to completely unpack on delivery due to time and space restrictions. Where it is possible, we will where requested unpack on to a flat surface.

Recent legislation has prevented the selling of insurance by unqualifies persons. Although as a business we are registered with the Finacial Services Authority, we have decided not to follow the complicated path of offering varying choice of insurances. Instead Armishaws have decided to provide you with our commitment of liability for your furniture and effects against any loss or damage. A commitment backed by our own insurers.

It is essential that you ensure your goods are adequately protected throughout your removal and the total value of your belongings should be specified on the acceptance form.

Payment is due, at the latest, the day before removal commences. A deposit will be required to secure a booking. Payment is advance is required when moving overseas and prior to delivering from store.

Your furniture is stored in sealed containers in our new warehouses. They are clean, dry, secure and fully insulated. The containers are loaded at your home whereever possible. You are invited to inspect our facilities for your peace of mind.

Certain items cannot be accepted for storage. These include: Food (except tins), gas bottles, paint and other flammable liquids. Plants may be stored subject to agreement.

Once packed and delivered to the warehouse it can be an expensive matter to locate and unpack items that may be required in advance.

Please tell us beforehand if there is something you are likely to need before the rest. You should give us at least 14 working days notice to have your goods delivered out of store.

We will normally expect to deliver goods held in our store to your new home. However, should you wish to make other arrangements there will be a ‘handling charge’ to bring the goods forward and hand them to a third party Deliveries to Europe or UK on part loads may not always be delivered in containers.

If you have any further queries or would like a FREE no obligation quote, please call FREEPHONE 0800 917 1051 to speak to a member of our team.

Moving day is the culmination of a long process and is full of things that you have to plan and arrange, making it all too easy to overlook the costs of making the house move itself. Planning in advance can help to make a stressful day more manageable and cost-efficient.

Here are our top tips on how to move home on a budget:

1. Think about when you choose to move

Moving in the middle of the week during off season can save you a bundle. People tend to move in the summer on a Friday, or at the weekend, so moving instead in the autumn could make you a reasonable saving as removals companies are far less busy. When on a tight budget, being flexible with your move date can help to secure you a better price.

2. What (and how much of it) you choose to move

The best and most reliable way to save money when moving home is to declutter. It’s best to be ruthless when going through the possessions you’ve accumulated over the years and determining what you could lose, what you don’t use, and whether there are things you should really be getting rid of. The fewer items you need to move to your new home, the lower the cost of your move, and you might make a bit of cash selling various bits that you choose to part with.

3. Figure out your packing needs

You want to ensure that your possessions will be packed safely so that they’re guaranteed to arrive in the condition they left in. If you decide to pack yourself, then it’s vital that you take extra care so that they arrive intact. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your new home with broken bits and pieces. The risk of broken items can be outweighed by the cost of making sure they’ll be safe, in the hiring of a professional packing service as provided by Armishaws.

4. Plan and arrange for food delivery

Typically a house move ends in a victorious takeaway, which can be the best way to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter. But, when on a budget, this can be an unnecessary expense that can be avoided. Placing an online shopping order will mean that you can time a big delivery straight to your new address that will save on valuable unpacking time!

5. Use your own packing materials

Buying new packing materials can take a real chunk off your budget for moving home, but there are things that you can do to save money on this. Using clothes, towels, and bedding to wrap around delicate and fragile items – to pad in packing boxes and ensure the contents don’t rattle while in transit – can be a great way to cheaply protect your items. Old newspapers and magazines are also effective for padding out boxes and wrapping fragile items, but be careful not to overfill boxes or they might break when they’re lifted.

Here at Armishaws we offer a free quotation with expert advice on your home move, so call us today to see how we can help you.

Moving house can be a stressful and time-consuming task, but it can be very straightforward with the right preparation. Once you’ve sorted and arranged the finances and paperwork, you’ll be just a single step away from enjoying your new home, with the inevitable packing up and moving that simply must be done. Make sure you fully prepare yourself by following our house moving checklist:

1. Organise yourself

Though this might sound obvious, it really is the case that the more you plan ahead, the easier the move is. We’ll work with you to ensure that details such as parking at your old and new house are sorted out and making sure we find a way to get our vehicles in for loading and unloading.

2. Allow yourself to be ruthless

It’s not worth moving something if you’re not using it. Moving can be a fantastic opportunity to clear out what you don’t need and get them to local auctions or on eBay, or sending your old clothes to charity shops. A fresh start can be made much better by getting rid of the clutter.

3. Start early on packing

It always seems to take longer than you think it will, so it’s vital that you start packing weeks in advance. Try to make your boxes small and manageable so don’t overfill them, keeping them light and easy to stack. Work room by room and label everything clearly so that unpacking on the other side is nice and straightforward. Pack fragile items around newspaper and bubble wrap. We offer professional packing and unpacking services for those who want the extra security.

4. Let people and services know you’re moving

It can save a lot of hassle if you tell your bank, telephone and internet providers, insurers, credit card companies and anyone else that you are changing address. Start early if you have a moving date set in advance and don’t forget to redirect your post.

5. Have a special ‘moving day’ box prepared

Aside from the kettle, the most vital and valuable item on moving day, it’s a good idea to have everything that you might need in the first few hours at your new home. Coffee, tea, milk, mugs, scissors, toilet roll, and some snacks can take the edge off what is usually an intense day.

6. Make a plan for the furniture

It’s vital to make a plan so that you can remember where everything should be going. It helps to have measured out for the furniture going in the new house, but just having an idea of where to put things and where the boxes can be safely stacked is a big help. This can have a huge effect on the speed of your move as our professional team are great at swiftly and smoothly bringing furniture into the house.

For further information, and to get free advice and a quotation for an upcoming move, contact us at Armishaws Removals now.

At Armishaws we believe you should always know what data we collect from you and how we use it. As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency, the most important thing to remember is that you should have meaningful control over both.

In line with the new European privacy rules (GDPR) that will apply across Europe on May 25 we have been making some changes to our Privacy Statement. We’re using this opportunity to make sure we’re really clear on how we use your information—regardless of where you live.

We’ve added more details about how and why we use the information we collect about you, how we share it, who we share it with, and your rights with that data.

You may be asked to provide your personal information anytime you are in contact with Armishaws and we may share this personal information with each other and use it consistent with this Privacy Policy.

To find out more, you can read the full Privacy Policy here.


Here are armishaws we pride ourselves on our storage and removals services. Armishaws is a family owned removals business and and has been running since 1973. Our highly experienced team has expertise in all aspects of removals within the UK.

We love to hear from our customers once they are all settled into their new homes, here are just a few of our recent reviews..


Really impressed with the service

Really impressed with the service, from the time of making my first enquiry throughout the process to having a good safely moved to my address. I have never experienced moving this way before and was a little anxious about the process. All staff I spoke to in the lead up to the move, were informative, polite and patient. I was particularly impressed with Simon, Gary and Lewis who undertook the packing and removal with the perfect balance of professionalism and humour required to put even the most anxious of customers at ease!
Easily the best money we have spent in relation to moving home!

– Ms Arnold


Delivery men had a very hot two days…

Delivery men had a very hot two days moving us but they were brilliant. We had so much stuff and they just got on with it. Arta was very polite and to be honest they all were. Just make sure you keep them supplied with drinks, it is a very hard job the removal men have. Well done.

– Firemoon


The Big Move.

My move was a two day affaire which was I thought going to be quite traumatic. There were four men who came to the house to load my contents. Everything was packed with ease and efficiency, At my new house the two lads, Trevor and Mike did a Stirling job ensuring my house contents were put into the right rooms. I can honestly say that not one item was broken or damaged, well done lads and many thanks for your help. I was only sorry that there was a hold up on the arrival of the keys to my house due to the lack of forethought of the sellers estate agent!!

– Audrey Meredith


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