Christmas gift guide for first time homeowners

Christmas gift guide for first time homeowners

Moving home and buying a house is a big deal, especially so for first time buyers. Chances are, these new homeowners could do with a helping hand and Christmas is the perfect time to get novice property owners kitted out with both practical gifts and the more sentimental gifts that will make it feel more like home.

With our full removals service we’ve helped move many families from experienced movers to first time buyers and we know the items that get forgotten about and those that just add the finishing touches and raise a smile after a long moving process.

If you know someone who has recently moved home and you’re trying to find the perfect gift for first time movers, we have put together this guide of 5 top gifts for new homeowners to give you some inspiration!!

1. Toolbox
Everybody needs a set of tools but since we often don’t realise this until the very second we need them when tackling a tricky piece of flatpack, they often fall to the bottom of the wish list. It doesn’t have to be expensive and it certainly doesn’t need to contain top of the range, high tech tools but first time homeowners will certainly appreciate a basic toolkit to get them started. Include things such as a hammer, set of pliers, an assortment of screwdrivers and perhaps the most important thing – a tape measure.

2. House Plants
House plants add colour and brighten up every space – the bonus is that you don’t have to be green fingered to care for them! Many people believe that there are also lots of health benefits linked to having plants in the home from reducing stress levels to creating a feeling of well being which could well be a plus after moving home and making lots of decisions. If you know the colour schemes your new homeowners are opting for, you can also buy a nice pot to put your gift in.

3. Slowcooker
Even after the initial ‘move in day’ there will be many long days ahead of decorating, gardening and generally getting everything into place. Nothing really beats a home-cooked meal to make you feel settled so rather than reaching for the takeaway menu, your new homeowners might enjoy a hassle free, almost effort free approach to cooking. Why not also team this with a new cookbook with all the favourites to give them some inspiration for their new gift. Getting a meal started with all the positivity of the beginning of the day and they will be thanking you when they’re tired and hungry and ready to slump down in a camp chair for the evening.

4. Welcome Mat
It’s quite possibly one of the first things that people will see when they come for a visit and a friendly and inviting doormat is a simple way to bring a bit of personality and style to a home. From the classic to the personalised, a welcome mat is a thoughtful gift and something that may have so far been forgotten. It can also help save those brand new carpets so new home owners might be thanking you for more than one reason!

5. Cinema Tickets / Restaurant Vouchers
When you move home you eat, sleep and breathe it, often without taking a break and taking time for yourself. You’re so involved in trying to get everything sorted, walls painted, furniture made that you forget to have some fun away from it all. No matter how proud you are of your new home, everyone needs a change of scenery. Give your new homeowners ticket vouchers for the cinema or their favourite restaurant to get them out of the house. Although they may think that they need to spend every hour in the house, trust us, they will certainly thank you for it later!

If you know someone who hasn’t quite been lucky enough to get a completion date before the festive holidays then why not use this gift guide to buy them something special for when they do?

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