Does Cheap Storage Mean Safe Storage?

Does Cheap Storage Mean Safe Storage?

Self-storage is becoming more and more popular, and it is a flexible, cost effective way to increase your space and potentially save money. However, it is important to remember that just because people opt for cheap storage, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re paying for safe storage.

Are cheaper and smaller facilities a good choice for storage?

The answer is quite simply: no! The storage industry is currently booming, and more and more people are starting to place their items into storage and are on the look-out for the best companies to entrust their items with. Small companies have decided to make their own storage units in locations such as barns, and warehouses, where facilities are far less professional than that of a specialist removals and storage company with dedicated utilities for the protection and safety of your belongings. By using larger, industry recognised companies, the security and fire protection levels will be higher, and customer care will be greater. Although it may be a few pounds a month cheaper to use an smaller, equally-accessible facility, it doesn’t necessarily mean your goods are safe.

Have there been any recent examples of poor fire protection within a smaller, cheap storage facility?

Earlier in the year, hundreds of belongings in a self-storage warehouse were destroyed due to ‘safety failures’ which resulted in a large fire. “Sprinklers could’ve supressed and controlled the fire until the first response team arrived” said a storage unit owner from the site, who lost the contents of her two-bedroom house. More recently, there was a fire at a business park in Dorset which damaged many storage units, as a result of a hazardous substance leak nearby. Using a larger, trusted storage company that is equipped with fire extinguishers, alarms, smoke detectors, and follows the correct procedures and standards, is much less of a risk than paying slightly less for substandard, inferior facilities, and will give you that extra peace of mind you need when moving home, downsizing etc.

Why is storage a good idea?

If you’re moving, selling or buying a home, then storage can be very handy. It gives you that extra bit of space to allow you to be flexible during the moving process and gives you peace of mind knowing that everything is safely out of the way and won’t get lost. Whether you have a special collection, a range of valuable items or something sentimental that you don’t want in your home, self-storage tends to feature high levels of security, and it will be safe- hidden from plain sight. Most businesses use self-storage to minimise office costs, they can store all unnecessary items and therefore shrink office size, and easily access the lockers at a time that suits them. Most storage facilities are flexible and secure, and can be an affordable way to keep all the items you want, but don’t necessarily need, safe.

What are the most common items kept in a self-storage unit?

Some of the most popular items kept in storage are electronics, such as audio equipment, TV sets and old computers, as well as appliances such as stoves, washers, fridges and cooling units. Furniture pieces are also popular, with beds, dining tables and sofas all often places into storage, and important memorabilia and documents are also often kept there. Valuable possessions, collector’s items and rare items are usually placed into storage, so that they can be kept out of harm’s way and maintain their pristine condition.

How can Armishaws help?

Our UK storage facilities are kept up to date with maximum security and complete fire protection, meeting safety standards, so you can rest assured knowing that your possessions are being well looked after. We have 4,000 storage containers across the UK, varying in cost, size and access, and we aim to provide the right solutions for all your requirements. We can also offer packaging services, to help get your belongings ready for storage, and can provide a full, detailed inventory of all items stored. If you are considering a declutter, and are looking for affordable, safe and reliable storage solutions, look no further than Armishaws. We can provide a free, no obligation storage quote, and a member of our friendly team will help find a service that is right for you!

You can call Armishaws on 0800 917 1015. Don’t forget to read our other blogs, such as ‘Moving with Pets & Children’ and ‘Cleaning Advice for Moving Into a New Home’.

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