11 Essential Tips for European Removals

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11 Essential Tips for European Removals

The bad news is, international removals are tricky to deal with. The good news is, once you’ve made the move, no more British weather!

To help you start planning, here are some easy tips to help you prepare and plan your international removals;



Some documents must be produced in order to enter your new country, the .Gov website has great advice and information for most European countries. The most common requirements are;

  • Valid visa
  • Visa (usually obtainable via the country’s UK embassy)
  • Contract of employment/means of self-sufficiency
  • Work permit
  • Health insurance
  • Marriage certificates
  • Birth certificates

Removals Visa Assistance


Removals Documents

It’s not just you and your family. Your possessions and even your removals company need to be properly documented. Across Britain and the EU, removals companies must carry a ECMT International Removers Certificate in order to transport household possessions to the EU.

In most cases you also need a complete inventory of everything you are moving completed which must be completed in the language of your country of destination.

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Removals Customs Declaration



Life has two constants, paying tax and the BBC showing Dad’s Army reruns. You will need to register to pay tax in your new country, in most cases this must be done before you start earning, in some cases you can’t earn unless you have a tax number.

You will need to inform the UK tax office of your departure by filling out a P85 (available online). If you still have savings, property, investments in the UK you should complete an R105 to be given to those institutions, banks, etc, holding or overseeing your interests.

Paying Tax Overseas



Most EU locations will not require your pet to go into quarantine, but you will have to provide proof of;

  • Microchip (21 days prior to your move)
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Pet passport
  • Tapeworm treatment (dogs only)


Sleeping Dogs



Continuing to bank with your UK branch could result in higher costs and poor currency conversion rates. In some companies you will be required to provide a number of documents to open a bank account including;

  • Photo ID or passport
  • Proof of address
  • Contract of employment
  • Proof of working visa

Overseas Banking



Companies such as France and Spain have excellent healthcare systems. These are owned by the state and partly funded through private healthcare. Requirements differ from country to country (months of residency, earnings, dependents) in order to apply for national healthcare. In most cases you will also needed extended private health insurance in order to gain a healthcare ID number.

Further details are available on the .Gov website

Overseas Healthcare


Call In The Experts

According to experts, moving house is one of the most stressful life events. Make that an international move and things can get even more tense. You should choose a company with;

  • An ECMT international removals license, they simply won’t be able to remove you with it
  • Dedicated Removals Coordinator – A single point of contact who’ll work with you through the duration of your move.
  • Experienced teams – International moves are trickier so you need calm heads hat have seen it before.
  • Container storage systems – Things can go wrong, there can be hold-ups, pick a mover that can secure your items for you if needed.

But don’t panic yet! Armishaws have been helping people move overseas since 1973 and yes, international removals do bring different problems. Having an experienced team take charge of your international relocation can make all the difference.

Armishaws Removals & Storage, Large and Small house removals, with short and long term storage


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    Hands up, we’re all guilty of holding onto things we don’t need or have been putting off a long promised clear-out for too long. Moving home is the perfect time to finally get it done. There’s no point paying to move things you don’t want that will take up space in your nice new home. Be prepared to be a bit ruthless. Also go green, rather simply sending things to landfill, there are plenty of websites you can list things to give them a second life (ebay, Freecycle, Facebook) one man’s junk is another man’s upcycling project!



    You will need to notify all Government agencies of the changing of your address, as well as any clients, friends and others who may need to contact you in the future. This is a simple but very important part of moving, as it can result in confusion and the loss of contact with many significant people, who you may need the help of and vice versa, in later life.

    We Have Moved


    It is best to do as much research as you can about the country you are moving to, to give you as much knowledge of the culture, the local area, the amenities, routes/transport etc. There are a wide variety of guide books and language classes available for those who want to embrace the new location. It is important to know the locations of banks, hospitals, schools etc, especially when in a country where the language isn’t your strong point.

    Moving Day Planning


    If moving with children, you will need to find them a school in the local area. Do you want them to go to an English school, if there is one, or a local school in an attempt to integrate them into the new culture? Much will depend on the age and needs of the children, and what they would feel comfortable doing.  It is advised to arrange and contact schools prior to moving, so everything is in place, meaning one less thing to think about when trying to settle in.

    Finding Schools Overseas


    Although it may seem like there is a lot to do, the sooner you can start the better. Taking the time to find out what you need, and preparing well, minimises any stress and will help things run a lot more smoothly. Very soon, you will be enjoying your new life in a new location.

    Armishaws offers UK, European and Overseas removals, to help make the moving process as simplified as possible, allowing you to focus on other, important things. Since June 1999, we have held the coveted BSEN 12522, the first and only recognised quality standard specifically aimed at furniture removals for the benefit of the private individual. We take pride in ensuring that the customer is completely satisfied and offer a first-class service, from initial contact, to shipping and transportation of possessions. For free advice, and a quotation, call 0800 917 1015 today.

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