Healthcare In Spain

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Healthcare In Spain

Spain’s healthcare system is widely regarded as one of the best in the world. Waiting times are low, the standard of hospitals and care is considered very high. It is split between the state system and private healthcare with many facilities operating both under slightly different guises.


Do we need health insurance?

Spain does have a state founded health system, similar to the UK, however some procedures require further health insurance or private healthcare. Having your own health insurance can also help avoid waiting times for procedures, although it’s worth noting, Spanish hospital waiting lists are a fraction of those in the UK.


Do we need to register?

You must be registered on El Padrón to be eligible for Spanish healthcare. El Padrón is Spain’s population register and proves whether you are a full-time resident.

There are several criteria, any one of which will make you eligible for the Spanish healthcare system;

  • You must have been living in Spain for 5 years.
  • Be paying directly into the public health insurance scheme, Convenio Especial.
  • Be either employed or self-employed and make social security contributions in Spain.
    For those working as an employee, contributions are deducted from your wages.

You will also need a Spanish National Insurance Number (NIE) in order to make payments. You will most likely have had to secure your NIE in order to purchase property.

To obtain your Spanish Social Security Number you need;

  • Valid photo ID such as a passport, ID card or driver´s license.
  • Residency certificate.
  • Proof of address registration.

Once you have your social security number, the next step is to apply for a health card or TSI (Tarjeta Sanitaria Individual).


All the above information was correct at the time of writing. Spanish legislation is liable to change and we recommend you check with the correct Spanish authorities and service providers for the latest details.




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