How to keep children entertained when moving house

How to keep children entertained when moving house

We all know that moving home solo can be stressful enough, but moving with children around can add an entirely new level of difficulty and stress.

Sometimes the best time to move home is when the children are off school as it means that there is as little disruption to their routine as possible. So whether you’re moving home this Christmas or thinking ahead to the spring/summer next year, we’ve got some snippets of advice for home removals with children.

We have helped to move many families both within the UK and Internationally so we’ve picked up some tips over the years to keep both you and your children sane during a house move. On the whole it comes down to good planning and thinking of ways to both keep the children entertained but also involved – after all a house move is an exciting time for a little one with a whole new home to explore and make memories in.

Preparing your children for the move
Although an exciting time for many, moving home can also be tough on a child – especially for older children if they’re moving from a home that they’ve grown up in. Change can be a scary thing! Whilst adults tend to focus on the practical problems of a house move, a child will focus on all the losses that the move causes whether it be the loss of their friends or the feeling of a safe and familiar environment.

As you start to pack things up before the move, keep your children in the loop so that they know what the process is and how things are going to work around them. Make sure that you include your children early to give them a chance to get used to the idea. It is beneficial to discuss what is happening at each stage, what’s expected and what your children could do to help you out throughout the move. This will help the move sink in and allow them to ask any questions that they may have regarding a new home, or even a new area or school if you are moving further afield.

Even though your children cannot necessarily decide which house to buy or which town they would like to move to, they can get involved in other ways such as choosing colours to decorate rooms, that way they will feel part of the process. If possible, it is worth taking your children to visit your new home a couple of times before moving in, this will help make the whole thing feel more real and familiar.

Get the children involved on the day
When it comes to the big moving day you will want to make sure that your children are happy, content and occupied. Try creating fun tasks for the children to do that will cover some smaller jobs whilst you concentrate on the larger tasks at hand.

Why not try for example:

  • Create fun and colourful checklists for the children to follow and interact with throughout the day
  • Offer prizes or incentives to motivate them to finish a specific task
  • Allow them to decorate moving boxes using bright colours and stickers to make unloading them at the other end more exciting

Whether your removal journey is long or short make sure that you have some back up distractions such as games, toys and other fun activities that will help keep the children occupied.

You could even buy a special bag or box for each of your children and ask them whilst packing up the house to fill it with things they love, plus a few items for them to have during the actual move and settling in time when most of their things are not accessible.

Don’t forget snacks!
This is one for the adults too – don’t forget the all important snacks for when the little ones get hungry. You will be thankful too for a little treat to get you through the day. Pack a picnic with sandwiches and tea for when you all need a break. Having food and drinks readily available also help keep little ones occupied.

Prioritise the children’s rooms
Once you have all the essentials unpacked prioritise your children’s bedrooms so that they are high on the list. To start with, keep their room as similar as possible to the old house so that they are comfortable, safe and have some familiar things around them. Letting them help set up their rooms and unpack their boxes will help them feel more involved in the decision making that comes with moving home.

All this being said, try to make the first night in your new home more fun and enjoyable. Don’t put all your efforts into unpacking but instead decide on the essentials that you need and then take the rest of the time to get used to your new environment. Playing games and eating your favourite foods can really help you feel settled on that first night. If you haven’t got around to unpacking or building beds, why not turn one room into a ‘campsite’ and enjoy a sleepover together for the first night. It will not only help them to feel safe but also provide some fun and distraction after a long day of change.

Put your trust in a dedicated removals company
With the help of a professional removals company you can move your belongings in one go and they can make the whole experience more stress free! Rest assured that Armishaws Removals will take care of all the difficult apsects of moving which will allow you to focus your efforts on making sure your children feel settled from the off and understand the joys of moving home and having somewhere new to explore.

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