How to Label Your Removals Boxes

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How to Label Your Removals Boxes

To borrow the words of Robert Burns, “The best removals plans of mice and men often go awry”, (he was a very moving gent). You’ve happily marked all your boxes, stacked them in your new home, then as you start to unpack them in order, you realise all the labels are on the top, under other boxes and you can’t read them. “Doh!”

Yep, labelling boxes really does seem like a simple task but there are a few handy hints to make sure you get it right to make your move flow like the words of the afore mentioned Mr Burns.


Buy The Right Equipment

Start by purchasing some labelling equipment. Some large sticky-back labels and a thick black marker pen are a good starting point. If you want to be uber organised, use different coloured markers or card to colour code specific rooms. Having labels makes them easy to spot, rather than simply scribbling words in biro straight onto the cardboard – which can be hard to read (and it’s surprisingly tricky to write on a corrugated box).


Position Your Labels Strategically

Always stick your labels in roughly the same area on each box. This will make labels really easy to find. You should also place labels on the side of each box; when boxes are stacked on top of each other, you won’t be able to see labels placed on the tops.

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Plan A System That Works

Although there are definitely wrong ways to label boxes, there are also various right ways. The key is to find the way that will work for you. Some people like to label by item, some label the item and room (always preferred by removal men as they can see exactly where it’s going at your new property). Some people like to have it colour coded, by either pen, sticker/label or even coloured tape. Whatever system you choose for labelling your boxes, keep it consistent e.g. don’t jump from colour coding to words, as it can get confusing to remember after several weeks of packing or confusing for anyone helping that doesn’t know your system/s.

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Make Sure It’s Obvious

You can come up with a brilliantly complex but efficient system in your head. But if that stays in your head others might not follow your plan. Your labelling system should be easy to understand, so that anyone that picks up any box will know exactly what it is and where it’s going without having to cross reference your perfect spreadsheet and code of such ingenuity that Bletchley Park would be left scratching their heads and looking puzzled.

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Prioritise Labels/Boxes

It’s also a good idea to add a mark or a sticker to those boxes that contain important, most needed items. Toiletries, loo roll, lightbulbs, curtains to cover children’s’ bedrooms, bedding, tea bags, mugs and of course the kettle! This will tell your removal company to keep these boxes at the top and safely placed in one space making sure they are first for you to find at your new home so that you can find them when needed.

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Clearly Label Fragile Items

Finally, always make sure that your fragile items are clearly labelled. Any reputable removal company will take the utmost care of your possessions anyway, but labelling boxes that are fragile will help provide that extra bit of reassurance that your goods will all arrive completely undamaged and heavier items aren’t placed on top unknowingly.


Breaking valuable items and losing everyday possessions are among the things that worry us most about moving house. But, the good news is – along with hiring a top quality removals firm – you can take the stress out of moving by packing and labelling your boxes properly.

Those that forget or choose not to label their boxes while packing may find themselves surrounded by a sea of boxes and no idea where to start when they get to their new properties.. Imagine having to search through a mountain of cardboard cubes just to find the kettle. In short, labelling your boxes can save you a lot of aggravation when you get to the other side.

This will also help your removal company to unload your boxes into the right rooms, preventing your kitchen cutlery from ending up in your bedroom and your toiletries sitting in the living room. This will make things a lot easier for you when you start to unload your possessions – saving many unnecessary trips up and down the stairs.

Happy labelling!!

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