How to prepare for a winter house move

How to prepare for a winter house move

There is no real difference to moving home during the winter months than at any other time of the year. There are however a few extra things to consider before you begin to make sure you’re in the warm as soon as possible.

The two biggest factors to keep in mind for a winter move are warmth and light, or at least making sure you have considered the lack of both of these things.

Keeping warm

You’ve got boxes to move, belongings to unpack but all you can think about is the fact that you just cannot get warm! The last thing you want is to rock up ready to get started and be faced with no running water, electricity or heating. Let’s be honest, how productive are you when you’re feeling cold and grumpy?

Before you start your move, make sure you check the condition of utilities at your new home. This is a good tip for any time of the year but is especially important for a winter move!

If you plan to move with your current provider, remember that you need to inform them that you are moving in order to seamlessly resume your payment schedule at the new place.

Do carrots really help you see in the dark?

Although research behind this is mixed, whether you believe it or not, carrots still aren’t going to buy you more day light in the winter months.

With the recent change in the clocks, the longer nights are drawing in and this is often overlooked when planning a winter move. It will start to get dark as early as 4:30pm in the middle of winter and even earlier on gloomy days so make sure you break your move down into manageable amounts so that you are not caught out by the darker evenings.

Before you start out make sure that all of your lights are working and that you have plenty of spare bulbs just incase!

Useful Reminder

Whether it’s an issue with your utilities or a loose wire that needs an electrician, the closer your move to the Christmas break the more likely you are to experience delays as companies close down for the festive season. It’s best to get these issues highlighted early so that you can enjoy your new home surrounded by your family and friends!

There are a few other things to consider for your winter move… our top tips are:

 Prepare for the weather

  • UK weather can be very unpredictable but make sure you keep an eye on the forecast leading up to your move, if you’re going to need a hat and gloves you will need to make sure that you keep them to one side. Don’t forget sensible shoes too
  • Look out for warnings for ice, the last thing you want is to slip early in the day and put you out of action for the rest of the day
  • If you live in an area that is prone to snow you will also want to make sure you are well prepared and have planned your routes carefully in case of travel disruptions, it is also worth considering a back up plan in case the weather takes a dramatic turn

Have hot food and drink close by

  • Cups of tea will be your best friend and get you through your move, make sure you stock up and don’t forget the milk!!
  • Having access to food and drink will make your move so much more bearable and will keep your team of helpers happy and motivated too
  • A winter move usually means there are lots of warming treats in the shops so stock up early and make sure that your supplies are easily accessible

Organise your packing

  • Chances are even if you’ve remembered to sort your utilities and your heating is up and running you’re going to be spending a lot of time in and out of the house, make sure your warm clothes can be easily found so that you can layer up!
  • You won’t be unpacking everything on the first day so make sure your warm bedding and blankets are at the top of your boxes, you’ll need to get a good night sleep to keep productivity up for unpacking

Prepare your vehicles

  • Whether you’re using a trusted removals company or organising your own move, you’re going to need to get from A – B. Make sure your transport is up to scratch to get you moved, the last thing you want is to break down, especially on a long journey
  • Ensure that your vehicle is stocked up on essentials and you are prepared for any eventuality – make sure that your car heaters are working just in case!!

Take some stress out of a winter move by hiring a local trusted removals company who have the experience to handle some tricky conditions.

Using our large fleet of vehicles operated by over fifty highly trained, full time staff, we can move you anywhere in the UK at all times of the year. Our staff are trained to handle bad weather situations and will come fully prepared to make sure your move goes to plan.

Of course at times the weather can beat us all and we will always assess the situation prior to a move to make sure that it can be carried out as safely as possible. If your property has difficult access or is in a remote area where roads are not safely passable, we will work with you to find an alternative time to get moving.

Whilst you concentrate on getting yourself set up for the winter in your new home, trust Armishaws Removals to get your belongings safely to you. Pop the kettle on and let us handle your move.

Contact Armishaws Removals for a FREE UK removals quote to start planning for your next move.

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