How to reduce moving day stress

How to reduce moving day stress

We all know that moving house is one of the most stressful things we will have to do in life, it’s a fact. And this stress is usually months in the making, with endless paperwork, packing and sorting so usually by the actual moving day you are already exhausted! But although hectic, moving day is also very exciting, so why not follow our tips to make this experience as enjoyable and smooth as possible.


Making sure you have all the essentials sorted prior to moving day will be the biggest help for keeping your stress levels on the day as low as possible. Preparation is key for moving house and in the busyness things are easily forgotten so why not follow these tips to help your future move:

  • Make A List – Just like this one, to layout everything you need to do before-hand and during. Putting it on paper, gets it out of your head and gives you less to think about. It also allows you to prioritise, some things take longer to sort so set yourself up a timeline, and the countdown to your move should run like clockwork
  • Moving Dates – Think about when you want to move, this can affect your whole experience. Try to avoid holidays and busy times as navigating traffic or towns at peak times can be stressful
  • Book The Time Off Work – Remove the stress of fitting it into your days off and book some time off work,  and don’t forget you will need to allow yourself some down-time to relax as well
  • Book Your Removals Company – Book early to avoid hassle, see our Removals page for how we can help you make your move less stressful
  • Declutter – Getting rid of rubbish and unused items will help with the packing process. Reducing the amount you will have to move and unpack again once in your new home, so do it first to save yourself time and effort. For a more in depth guide into decluttering your home why not visit our blog post for a One Stop Guide For Preparing Your Home
  • Packing – Make sure you have everything you can packed ahead of time. Here are a couple of tips on packing to help keep things smooth:
    • Start Early! So you aren’t panicking to get it all packed last minute
    • Pack the least used/important pieces earlier on, and the most important last to save yourself having to unpack again before your move
    • Put important documents together and label clearly
    • Pack by room – this will help should you need to go through and locate something
    • Label fragile items boldly – this will help yourself and the removals company to identify which packages need extra care, we want to avoid breakages as much as possible!
    • Speak to your removals company as to what packing options they offer – to see our Packing Service options visit our Removals page
    • Defrost large appliances – Make sure your large appliances are ready for the move by cleaning and defrosting well in advance
  • Pack A Moving Day Essentials Bag – this is important as the last thing you usually think about on moving day is what you might need to just get through the day, and you don’t want to have to rifle through all your moving boxes just for your toothbrush. So don’t forget these essentials in an easy access bag:
    • Toiletries – As most of your belongings will probably be packed deep in boxes it is important to remember the basics like toilet roll, toothbrush/toothpaste, hand soap etc.
    • Snacks – Take some basic provisions for drinks and food as you will no doubt need a tea and a biscuit to reward yourself at the end of the day!
    • Chargers – To keep in contact with the removals/family/friends, whoever might be helping with your move, you will probably need your phone for co-ordinating the day, so remember to keep a charger at hand.
    • Basic cleaning supplies – Usually you won’t be moving into a freshly cleaned house, and you won’t always know the state the previous occupants have left it in. So it is always a safe idea to keep a small kit of basic cleaning supplies on hand if you need to do any spot cleaning once you arrive.
    • Change of clothes – Tackling unpacking clothes is always a long task so save yourself some hassle and pack a change of clothes and underwear so you don’t have to think too much about it.
    • Tablets – Small items like these are good to keep in an essentials bag as they are small and hard to find when you want them. Basic painkillers will be good in case of any headache situations!
  • Paperwork – Make sure you have sorted all the technical work prior to your move. Redirecting your post, setting up wifi, water/gas/electric before you move in will help greatly on the actual day
  • Check the Weather – Weather conditions will affect your move so make sure to check this as early as possible so you can prepare for all conditions. Worried about the weather? Visit our blog for tips on How To Move Home In The Rain


When you finally reach moving day, you should have most of the hard stuff already done. So now you just need a little bit of co-ordination; follow our steps below to help keep your day stress free!


Moving can be exhausting, and it is best to start as early as possible, so make sure you get a good sleep the night before. The longer you give yourself the day of your move, the more settled you will be by the end of it. The last thing you will want to do on moving day is be up to the early hours unpacking, so start early to allow yourself some down-time – you’ll need it!


More hands make light work so don’t be shy, see who you can recruit up to help you on your moving day! The more help the less pressure on yourself to get everything done on time. Especially if you have children or animals, even just having someone to keep them occupied will reduce your stress. And most importantly it’s good to have people around you during such an important event, so get rallying! For more advice visit our blog post for a quick guide on Moving With Pets And Children.


However you decide to move, you will need to assess ahead of time where you will be parking – you’re just moving in so the last thing you want to do on your first day is get a ticket. If you don’t have your own parking available, you might need to check any on-road parking or restrictions that might apply to you or the removals van on the day. Especially if you are moving into the city, permits might apply, so be thorough and make sure to apply for these ahead of time.


It’s a lot easier to clean an empty house, so if you can get into your property before the movers arrive this is an ideal opportunity. It gives you a chance to assess the state of the property before everything starts happening. This is your chance to check everything over and make sure no rubbish or mess has been left – and gives you a chance to sort it. For some more tips on cleaning see our blog post on Cleaning Advice For Moving Into A New Home.


The first thing to reach for when unpacking is the essential items. First assemble your bed and mattress, you will thank yourself when you can finally jump into bed at the end of the day. Other essentials like towels for the bathroom, cooking and electrical appliances will be next to help you with your daily tasks. It’s tempting to go for the decorative pieces first, to start to make it feel homely, but the things that will help keep you stress free will be organising the items you use on a regular basis.


It is very easy to get carried away and forget to look after yourself on moving day – so make sure you have a break! Most importantly make sure that you eat properly, you will need this to keep your energy levels up as you are more than likely moving around a lot throughout the day. It is easy to forget or to try and just keep going all day, but this can be counter-productive. So why not reward yourself for all the hard work and pop out for some food or sit down and have a tea break, taking regular breaks will stop you from burning out. And a change of scenery from all those boxes couldn’t hurt!

Don’t put pressure on yourself on the first day, it takes time to move house so don’t worry if it’s not all done in one day. Want to chat to one of our experienced team members on how we can help make your big move as smooth as possible? Why not give us a call now on 0800 917 1015 or visit our Removals page for more information.



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