How to use storage facilities to declutter your home

How to use storage facilities to declutter your home

Whether you live in a 3 bedroom family home or an inner city studio flat, chances are you have clutter that continues to move down the ‘sort that later’ list. It’s something that we tend to become more aware of over the festive period as we gain new things, cram more family members into already bursting homes and spend more time in the house. It is inevitable that kitchen countertops become home for mail that is yet to be filed away and spare rooms become dumping grounds for items removed from other rooms to fit more family in over the Christmas period. Is it also too early to mention the Christmas decorations which will soon be down and packed away for another year?

Of course we can’t mention clutter without thinking about that ‘cupboard under the stairs’. You know the one, filled to the brim with old children’s toys and barely used sets of golf clubs. The question that you need to ask yourself is do you really need that pair of roller skates that you have been keeping for years?

We all have things that we cannot bring ourselves to get rid of and that is ok! Whether those items are big or small, when combined together they take up valuable space in our homes.

If you’re planning ahead to the New Year and thinking about getting rid of some clutter to make room for the new things that you have acquired this Christmas, why not consider a local safe and secure storage facility.

Whether you require long term or short term storage, secure container storage could be the answer you need to give you more space and take the stress of clutter out of your home. We now have 4,000 storage containers across three locations around the UK varying in cost, size and access, providing you with the right solutions for all your requirements.

Our UK storage facilities are kept up to date with modern insulated warehouses fitted with maximum security so you can rest assured that your belongings will be well looked after by Armishaws Removals & Storage.

Our storage services offer extra services such as expert packing to help get your belongings securely packed up and ready for storage, packaging materials from packing boxes to specialist wrapping blankets and a full and detailed inventory of items stored.

If you are thinking of having a declutter and would like to talk to someone about the storage solutions on offer, contact Armishaws Removals & Storage today for a FREE no obligation storage quote. A member of our friendly team will be happy to talk through the storage solutions on offer to find a service that is right for you.

We hope that you are all enjoying a festive break that is full with laughter, family and lots of Christmas treats!

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