Moving with Pets & Children – a Quick Guide

Moving with Pets & Children – a Quick Guide

Moving to a new house is never easy, and when you are also trying to organise children and pets, and ensuring their safety, the job becomes multiple times harder. Whilst making sure everyone is ready for the move, it’s easy to forget steps, and feel overworked and stressed. Here are some advice and tips on how to prepare for a removal with kids and/or pets.


Planning every little detail in advance will help you be prepared for if things don’t go accordingly, and you need to readjust timings. Working out how long you need for certain steps, and when you should start packing, loading etc, will allow you to be ready in case things go wrong. This can include children becoming distressed and needing time to relax, or organising the move of your pets far in advance. Planning may seem like the most obvious part of a removal but is also the most overlooked.


Moving can be quite stressful for children, and they may be nervous about transferring to a new school, afraid they won’t make friends and worried about moving from what they know. By helping your kids(s) understand the move, it can really help. Telling them important information in advance will help them comprehend what is going to happen, and will allow it to play over in their mind- this is one of the best things you can do. Give them the opportunity to take part in the preparation- let them choose the paint colours for their new rooms, select some new toys they want in their room etc.


If the move is local, it might be a good idea to make your children go to a friend’s house during the move or stay with family. This way you can focus completely on the move, without having to worry about the children. They can meet you in the house once everything is ready. This means they won’t be in the way, and they’ll feel more at home once there. We recommend the same process for pets, if the move isn’t too far away. It is safer for the pets to be out of the way, and don’t forget to put some pet food aside ready for arrival to the house.


We advise you to wait until everything is unloaded before you introduce pets to their new surroundings. This way they won’t be confused if things get moved around, and they will have time to settle, and completely adjust. It is also a good idea to encourage pets to go to the toilet before entering the new home.


It may be helpful for your child if you let them pack their own bag or box, filled with their favourite things. It is important to make sure that they pack a box filled with their favourite things, so that they can focus on keeping that box safe, and they can grab the things they want as soon as you arrive in the new home. This can help them prepare for the move and be ready for the transition into their new home.


Visiting the area multiple times before moving there is a great remedy to reducing the daunting, stressful thought of going somewhere new. You can learn about the area you are going to be calling home, discover the best pubs, cafés, shops etc, find the best park for dog walks, and let your child explore, and possibly make new friends.  This is a great way to make the move far less daunting and get everyone excited about the new start.


One of the most important things about moving is doing your research. Do you know where the nearest schools are? How far away is the best vet? Do you know the location of the closest hospital? Knowing the answers to these sorts of questions can help you be prepared for any eventuality and contacting local doctors/dentists/schools etc in advance, to sort out information exchanging and organisation, will help make the transition easier, not just for you, but others too.


Try to have the kid’s/kids’ room set up as soon as possible, keeping the layouts as similar to the old house as possible, unless they’ve requested for it to be different. If your family has rituals such as Italian Tuesdays or Friday night movies, stick to these, even if the unpacking isn’t finished, to provide some familiarity and normality. Allow time to go on walks in the neighbourhood to learn the layout of the area, and spend time with your kids, make sure to not ignore them. Keep the bowls and beds for the pets as close to where they were in the old home. Watch over your pets to ensure they don’t get lost or try to find their way back to the original house.


Be sure to update online information, providers, bills and services with the new address, so that if anything was to happen to the pets or the children, the location is clear . Making sure pets are microchipped is recommended, so that if they leave the house, people know exactly who to get in touch with. Sending ‘change of address’ letters/postcards is an important part of any removal process and can be useful for children when keeping in contact with old friends.

Moves can be stressful, without kids and pets, but once everything has been sorted, you will be glad it’s been done. It’s a great way to get family and friends involved, make your children enjoy the move, and prepare for a brand-new start.

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