Relocation, relocation, relocation?

Relocation, relocation, relocation?

Is the lack of the summer weather getting you down? Thinking about re-locating to a warmer climate? Or even just looking for a change of scenery? Here is our quick guide to relocation.

There are many different reasons for relocation, but if you do it right it can be very rewarding. It can be an opportunity to experience a whole new way of life, so you need to get it right to experience that real home-from-home feeling. Whether it’s just an idea and you are looking for some destination inspiration or want some tips on your upcoming big move – find it all here:

Popular Destinations 

With the current political climate, it’s no wonder you might just want to get away from it all. But where are the most popular destinations for us UK citizens you might ask?

According to the Office of National Statistics the most popular destination for over 1.6 million British emigrants is Australia and New Zealand. Which is no surprise considering its beautiful beaches, seemingly laidback lifestyle and you won’t be short on amazing scenery and almost guaranteed hot weather. With the sheer expanse of Australia the experience varies massively from city to city, so it’s worth putting in a bit of research before deciding on where to start. But if you can put up with the creepy crawlies then this might just be the place for you! Find out more about our overseas removals.

Coming in a close second, most common for British emigration is Northern America with at grand total of 28% of all British emigrants spread across both the US and Canada. Not as hot in some places, but definitely not short on scenery also!

But if long haul flights aren’t exactly your thing, Europe might be a more comfortable option for you. It’s no secret that us Brits love a quick jet over to Spain for a cheap summer holiday, it is without doubt the most popular destination in the EU. With many of us also choosing to retire there, estimates show there is now around 300,000 of us currently living across the country. Followed not too far behind by France, Germany and the Netherlands. It’s easy to see why these countries are favoured, as with less than 2 hours on a plane we can be back in the UK again – if you don’t like to be too far from home! Find out about how we can make your European relocation as smooth as possible right here.

Language barriers

Another thing to think about when making that move abroad is language barriers. This luckily won’t apply to you if you decide to go further afield to places such as the US or Australia, but if you are thinking about Europe, you might want to pop down to your local bookshop to pick up a guide. Or if you’re tech savvy there are a huge selection of apps and audiobooks available on your smartphones! But don’t panic if you aren’t a fast learner – they do say language improves the most when you are there.

UK Removals

But what about those who just want a change of pace, not quite a change of country? With it being close to home, Salisbury, quite deservedly won the 2019 Sunday Times Best Places To Live ‘Overall Winner’ title, it’s hard to see why you would want to live anywhere else. But amongst others also on the list, Dundee made ‘Best in Scotland’, Isle of Dogs made ‘Best in London’ and Holywood made ‘Best in Northern Ireland’. So you have your pick of pace in this list! Find out how we can make your UK relocation as easy as possible with our experience UK Removals service.

With all that in mind, finding the right place for you and your family is a tricky decision, it’s recommended you spend a bit of time before committing to buying anything. Renting is sometimes a good option, to get a feel of the place before putting down more permanent roots.

Other Things to think about…


With Brexit in mind, we are well within our rights to be worried about our ease of movement in the unknown that is “post-brexit” – especially with a no-deal situation still on the cards. But some positive news is that some countries have announced interim procedures, if this were to happen, to protect British citizens. And luckily the big ones such as Spain, Germany and France are a couple of the few offering a set transitional period in the case of a no-deal happening. Phew!


This brings us onto the next point. Visas. There are many types of visas and they differ from country to country. You will need them to enter, work, live and study abroad so be sure to check all the ones you need before leaving. Some can take a while to apply for so make sure you do this well in advance. It’s also good to bear in mind for the future that visas have also have an expiry date – so you might want to add that to the calendar too!


This is a big one, as you don’t want to get caught out in a different country without any cover – or you could be in danger of a hefty and probably unexpected bill! The best thing you can do for yourself before travelling or moving abroad is to check your insurance. As you will no longer be covered under the normal rules, a good place to look is the NHS website, they offer lots of great advice if you are looking to emigrate. They offer great guidance on everything you need to do in preparation for moving away.


Besides the obvious, moving abroad will effect your finances in ways you probably hadn’t thought about, everything from pensions to student loans to even tax (yes tax!). It’s good to check who you need to tell before you decide to escape abroad! A good reference for all the technical bits is GOV.UK , check this one out if you are unsure about anything!

Getting Around

This is another thing most people forget about, when you get there you will most likely be in need of some form of transport. Again renting a car is a good option when you first arrive, while you are still just finding your feet. But if you do want to go straight in for the buy, make sure you check insurance and all the necessary documents that you will need beforehand – and don’t forget to take extra care especially if they drive on the other side of the road! Alternatively, if you are moving to the city, it might be worth thinking about what public transport passes are available to you.


At Armishaws removals we have a range of removal services that help make your relocation as smooth as possible, whether that be Overseas, European or the UK! Our dedicated team bring years of experience to bring to your move to help it as stress free as possible.

If you are in need of a storage space to keep your belongings while you are away, take a look at our range of UK storage solutions.

Or why not give us a call on 0800 917 1015 to see what we can do for you!


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