Surviving a Summer Holidays House Move

Surviving a Summer Holidays House Move

Moving house with children is without a doubt a challenge. The summer holidays, although perfect for spending precious time with little ones and growing too fast teenagers, it is an endless battle of finding things to keep them entertained. Throw in a house move and disruption to their routines and that can be a whole new level of challenge.

If you have the option of asking friends or relatives to take your children for a couple of hours in order to get a good start on the move, then the advice would be to take that opportunity. As much as it is important to keep your children in the loop and a part of the moving process, a bit of time to get things off the ground on the day is always advisable. However this is a luxury that we don’t all have and actually, involving your children in the move can be good fun.

Preparing for the move

If you’re still in the planning stage for a move later on in the summer, why not check out our blog ‘How to keep children entertained when moving house‘ which is full of advice for planning the big moving day. If time is not on your side then here are the top 3 highlights.

1. Create a moving day bag/box – make sure that you leave out some of your child’s favourite things such as toys, books, belongings. Not only should it include a few things to occupy your children on the day but also a few of their favourite things to help settle them in. For older children you will want to make sure that iPads/tablets are charged and the cables are easy to get to on the day. It is important that they have a few distractions on the day as it will help them adjust to their new surroundings.

2. Get the little ones involved – if there are still things to pack get the children involved and allow them box up their belongings. Moving can make children feel as though they have lost their control with so much of the day out of their hands. Make a few games out of packing up their things and why not ask little ones if they would like to write on the boxes or decorate them so seeing them unloaded at the other end offers a little more excitement.

3. Don’t forget snacks – moving day can be a long and tiring process so it’s not only important to keep fuelled but being tired and hungry can lead to tears and tantrums – that’s adults and children! Avoid this by making sure you have stocked up on your children’s favourite snacks and treats. You can also use them as rewards on the day or checkpoints to work towards during the unpacking/moving process, giving them and you something to look forward to.

So that is the important prep done for moving day, now to get your children from A to B with smiles all around…

On the day of the move

Arrive early

If possible try and arrive before the removals team. No matter the age of your children give them time to explore their new surroundings and build excitement before the main tasks of the day kick off.

If you have had time to pack a special bag or box now would be the time to take a few things out to occupy the children with people soon to be in and out of the house. Making sure they are safe and out of harms way is a key priority so them having something to focus on will help to keep them in one place so you can be sure they are safe. For very young children consider setting up a play pen so you know where they are at all times and you can surround them with their favourite things.

Make sure that children know they are not to unpack their things until most of the furniture and boxes are in the house. Having their favourite toys trodden on is not going to go down well.

Get the children involved

For older children it is generally easier to get them involved in moving boxes and helping organise the removals team – if you can tear them away from phone and computer screens of course! For younger children it is important to let them know at each stage of the day what is happening and where they need to be in order to remain safe.

If you can, make sure the children’s boxes and furniture are loaded last so that they come off the van first. If you can get the main bits in their room you can leave them unpacking one box so that they can sit in their new room playing and getting used to their surroundings. Your children will be relieved to see their belongings have arrived safely and whilst you’re busy around the house you know that they will have something to keep them occupied and adjusting to their surroundings. It is not always possible to prioritise getting the children’s rooms first but having the main things in there will mean that they have longer to get used to things.

Making the move fun

Depending on the age of your children why not assign your children with different jobs to do so they have a few important jobs to do on the day. For example you could have a Cupboard Inspector who is in charge of checking cupboards and wardrobes to make sure nothing is left behind. Or how about a Toy Co-ordinator in charge of packing up any stray toys and making sure they arrive in the right place in the new home.

As you start to unpack keep aside some of the boxes so that they can be used to build forts or for making a spaceship that they can play in for the day in their room. If you keep aside some colouring essentials you can also have them decorate their boxes which will not only make the day more fun but keep them occupied.

The first night

Once all the hustle and bustle is over with try and make the first night a fun one with all the family together. Whether its a picnic tea or fish and chips from down the road, having your first meal together with help with feeling more settled for you and the children. Don’t make unpacking a priority, as long as you have what you need to make the first night comfortable then leave the rest and enjoy some time to sit down after a long and busy day.

Depending on the time you get in and the removals done you could even go for a little wander around the local area looking at the local parks and play areas so your children can understand all the exciting things about living in the new home.

Don’t let your children see your stress

Moving is a stressful time and it’s not easy to keep this completely from your children, however the calmer you can be will reflect on your children. If they pick up on your stress and anxieties they are likely to feel unsettled too. Making it a fun family adventure will help everyone.


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