Tips For Moving a Business- a Quick Guide

Tips For Moving a Business- a Quick Guide

Moving your business from one site to another can seem a lot like moving to a new house. You need to make sure everything is organised and planned, otherwise you will end up losing sleep over how much needs to be done. When it is time to leave the old site behind, and move onto greener pastures to help it progress, there are a few things to consider to help make the transition period dramatically smoother, and hopefully make the whole experience easier.

Why the move?

Let’s be honest, although no-one really likes change, it is a big advantage to help keep things fresh, and re-evaluate costings and space. Many businesses are considering relocating to help save money and resources, and it is clear why. But what can be done to make the move faster and easier?


1) Starting Early- Most people underestimate the time it takes to pack goods securely and safely, especially something with a large inventory like an office. Never wait until the last minute as the packing will be rushed, and items are more likely to be damaged. It is better to make sure that all of your items are wrapped up safely and securely, and that every items is accounted for, rather than wait and pack so fast that you have to cut corners, and do a bad job at bubble-wrapping your computers, or protecting that precious office chair, that when they arrive, they aren’t in the condition you were expecting. It is better to take your time, and be careful, than see who in the office is the fastest at packing.



2) Labelling- Marking boxes makes locating them before or after the move easy and is very time efficient. It pays to have a numbering system to avoid losing things, but it means once the items have arrived, you know exactly which boxes contain what things and where they should go. Be sure to mark all sides of the boxes as then if some are covered, it saves time picking up and moving other packages to try and find the numbers. Most people forget to mark their items, and when they arrive, they find unpacking takes a dramatic amount longer than they first thought. Save time and be prepared by marking your boxes, or have a number system. It is a helpful way to check you have packed everything, because if you notice a box is missing, you can do something about it.


3) Tech Care- Computers should always be wrapped separately in thick blankets or bubble wrap. Also, ensure all data and information is backed up, either online or on a physical drive, just in case a computer is lost or broken in transmission. With printers, remove the cartridges, tape down covers and follow specific instructions for moving machines since improper moving may void warranties. The more valuable the item, the more care you should take with it, and with computers, tablets, or technology that could easily break or be damaged if not packed properly, it is obvious to wrap and take more precautions to ensure that they won’t be affected. It is recommended to put computers, or any tech, in their own separate box (one for each), as if there is anything on top in the box, it could contribute to any damage.


4) Plan- Making checklists are a great way to avoid mistakes and be prepared for any eventuality. Think about an unpacking plan, for example, what needs to be opened first, and putting heavy items on the bottom, and lighter on top to avoid damage. Although packing takes more time, unpacking is more tactical, and you will need allocated time to rearrange everything. If you do label your boxes, then use a checklist to ensure you haven’t missed anything. It also means that when you unpack, you will know where everything is, and which items are in which boxes. Also, set yourself deadlines and goals. For example, ‘pack the table away by 4pm’, as it will give you something to work to, and have a written timeline, as opposed to waiting until the last minute to do everything.


5) Overcome Hurdles- Even the best plans may fall apart, but it’s important to not get annoyed at every little thing that goes wrong. Tackle any problems that arise one at a time, and make sure you take the move into account in regard to income for the company, as it is time consuming. It may be a good idea to look at insurance coverage for your belongings, most private insurance policies might cover any damage in transit. If you are the one overseeing the entire move, or just packing away your items, it is important to not let it get the better of you. Be on top of your work, keep to your plan, and if anything changes or doesn’t go your way, don’t get annoyed. Just take things one step at a time, and you will be delighted once everything is sorted. Although you may be unhappy at first, remember change is good, and you will benefit in the end!


6) Post-Move Updates- Once you have moved, it is important to let people know. While it is obvious, many clients or customers that aren’t necessarily up to date with your company, or you don’t have face to face relations with, will be unaware of the change, so making sure business listings, websites and business cards and stationary are updated is key. It is key to keep your clients updated as to the status of your company. Whatever it takes, make it known that you have moved. Post all over your social media, send out a newsletter, change your email footer, all these things will take a little bit of time, but if the move isn’t publicised, it will be something your clients will have to find out for themselves, and it is better to tell them yourselves. Invite them in to see it, show them around. It is best to treat your new office like a new home. Time to show off!


Although it may seem like a lot, if you take the time to prepare, make a plan and pack your items safely, the move should run smoothly, and you should be ready to start work in a new location, and what is more exciting than that!

What can we do?

We offer a full door to door service all across the UK, so whether the load is small or large, we can tailor a removal to suit you and your company. Whatever you require, contact Armishaws for a FREE quote.

We have multiple branches all over the country, and all our services are designed to give your complete piece of mind, so you can worry less about your possessions and logistics, and more about getting off the ground in your new office.

Contact us on 0800 917 1015 to speak to a member of the team about your move.



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