Top Tips for a successful office move

Top Tips for a successful office move

With the summer holidays almost upon us you might be considering an office move whilst your clients are off on summer breaks and things are generally a little quieter.

Just like a house move, a lot of planning goes into an office move and it is key to make sure that things are well planned. However it also requires specialist knowledge to ensure your expensive office equipment, important documents and files arrive safely at your new location. We’ve put together our top tips from successful office moves that we have been part of to help make your business move as smooth as possible.

Moving office is a project in itself so breaking it down into smaller chunks can help keep on top of the organisation to keep things on track.

Start Planning Early

Make sure that your new office space ticks all the boxes, the last thing you want to do is have to move a few months down the line again if you realise there is something missing or you cannot fit all your things in the new space. You not only want to be able to fit your existing belongings in but also have room for growth too.

If your office move is well planned then it will mean less downtime during your move so the time you put in early on will be worth it in the long run. It will be less stressful for you whilst keeping both your employees and customers happy.

In these early stages you will need to make the decison as to whether you handle the move internally or look to a specialist commercial removals company for advice. Using a knowledgable company with plenty of exprience and the right resources can help in the organisation of the move meaning that you can continue to focus on the business itself. Read our blog post ‘Why use a Removals Company when moving offices‘ for more advice

Declutter, Archive, Discard 

Use the opportunity of the move to spend time going through your belongings and decide what you need to store in the new office and what might be taking up valuable floor space. Take a look through your files and decide whether you are able to reduced the amount you currently store. Out of date files can be destroyed and confidential documents securely shredded. Any files you need to keep but are not needed on the premises could be placed into secure commercial storage.

What about your Furniture and Fittings?

Before you make your move you will need to decide if you’re going to bring your current furniture with you to your new office location, or start again with a new image and furniture built for the new space. In many cases, it is much more cost effective to buy new furniture with the new space in mind and the new identity your move will give you. You may realise that rather than trying to make your old furniture fit into a different environment, the best solution is to buy new.

For the actual move you will need to consider the health and safety involved in moving your equipment and furniture around as well as access to the new place and the exit from your current location.

If you decide to have new furniture, you will need to decide what will happen to your old furniture.


Don’t overlook your IT and telecommunications, you will need to get this booked in early too. Make sure that your providers can get you set up at the time of your relocation, not months down the line. It might also be a good opportunity to re-evaluate your providers and look for better deals on rates.

Communication with Employees and Customers

Good communication with your employees and customers is a key point to a successful move. With everyone kept in the know it will minimise downtime and stop people feeling anxious about how the move will impact them.

Make sure that you communicate clearly your change in phone numbers and address so your clients know how to contact you during the time of the move.

Moving your business can prove to be a great opportunity to renew your business both in capacity and image. Contact Armishaws Removals on 0800 917 1015 to find out how we can help with your next office move.




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