Who to Tell You’re Moving- a Quick Guide

Who to Tell You’re Moving- a Quick Guide

One of the most important things to do when moving to a new home, which is also frequently overlooked, is informing of the change of address and the move to certain organisations and people, as soon after the move as possible, if not before. Although it may not seem very important, it is vital everyone knows in case of emergency, and in some cases it is a legal requirement to update address records.

The following individuals and organisations should be towards the top of your list when contacting with your new address:


Although this may seem very obvious, informing your close friends and family about your move is important. Whether it’s through social media, or good old-fashioned mailing, you should keep everyone updated as to what’s going on, so that they can change their address book information. Image if they travel from far away to surprise you and find you’ve moved miles away. They also should be able to get a hold of you easily. It is important to keep on top of it.


It’s best not to assume your employer will ask for your new address. You need to tell them your new location in case they send our payslips, important documents, or need to get information to you in an emergency. If you are starting a new job, make sure you have the house’s address handy for when you need to fill in forms, or piece of information.


You will need to inform your bank or building society about your change of address as soon as possible, and this may be a convenient time to transfer to a branch closer to your new home. If you have any savings accounts, investments or pensions, don’t forget to update your details with them too. You don’t want to miss out on any statements or pieces of information, and there may be better alternatives, which can be discovered after a simple hunt around.


Refusing or forgetting to update your Vehicle Registration Document (V5C) and your driving licence may come with a fine, and your license is used as a form of identification when proving your home address, so updating all vehicle related address logs is vital. In the event of being pulled over by police, you would need to present your license which should correlate with other forms of identification to prove your identity.


When you tell your car insurance company about your change of address, you may find your premiums change because of the new postcode, and there may be a charge for changing your address. Shopping around for cheaper quotes will help save you money, and you should check your current home policy and whether it still offers adequate cover for your belongings when in transit between your old and new property. This should all be checked before the move, and it will save you time and money.


You should ask the Post Office to redirect all your post to the new address, so you receive everything you should. It takes more than a few days to set-up, so you should organise this in advance of your move. There is a charge, but it is worth it and is important to do.


You are required, by law, to be on the electoral register, and you need to be included on it to vote. You receive your polling card in the post to your noted address, so if this is incorrect you are unable to vote. This needs a certain amount of time prior to the voting day in order to be registered, so get it sorted straight-away, and get voting!


The dentists’ and doctors’ surgeries need you address information on record, and it’s important that they are up to date. It is also of great interest to know where the closest doctors and dentists are, so that you know how to get there with no real trouble, and so you can choose ones which suit you. A simple phone call should allow for the receptionist to sort the address change, and all your information on the system should be transferable, which is then sorted by your old and new surgeries.


If you have your landline, internet, TV and mobile phone contract all the same company, this process should be rather easy. If not, it will take a few phone calls but will get everything up and running faster, and don’t forget to alter your TV license too. It is important to sort this before the move, otherwise there will be a wait once in the new house.


You will need to contact your utility suppliers in advance of your move to settle any outstanding bills. You can keep your current supplier but may be able to save money by shopping around and finding a local, cheaper alternative.

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