Why use a Removal Company when moving offices?- a Quick Guide

Why use a Removal Company when moving offices?- a Quick Guide

Moving offices opens many doors and can provide exciting opportunities for business growth and be a breath of fresh air. Relocating your company has many benefits, including space, better facilities and improved location, which hopefully will have a positive impact on staff morale and increase sales. Many business owners find moving offices complicated and time consuming, however it doesn’t need to be! A successful office move requires planning and assistance from an experienced and respected removals company, and we can provide a tailored service that fits your every requirement. Hiring Armishaws has many advantages, and we can make the moving experience so much easier.

1) Less Stress

Organising an office move is no simple task and can be stressful with no plan in place. By hiring a removals company, the process can be supervised without the pressures of having to work out logistics and moving items from the old space to a new one. You can focus on running the business, whilst the professionals sort out the move. Juggling between commitments will make everything more difficult, and forward planning is important to being on top of everything. With all the heavy lifting reduced, and physical stress limited, stress reduction is an important benefit of outsourcing your move.

2) Less Mistakes

A common mistake people make is overestimating the size of their vehicles, and then have to make more trips than they need to. Removals companies have the best equipment and size specific vans to transport the items in the most effective and safest way. Most removals companies can provide packaging and wrapping to protect your valuable items, and ensure they are ready for the move. It is easy to not wrap important items well to save time because you have lots of things to plan and think about. Take your time, and pack things responsibly and carefully- assistance and help is available for packing.

3) Help and Assistance Available

Staff are trained to efficiently pack and move your belongings safely, saving you the time and effort of having to do it. Fragile items will be damaged if not handled properly, and special packaging is available to ensure it arrives in the same condition it was received in. A removals company is more time efficient than handling a relocation in house. They have experience and will know how to handle steps faster and safely.

4) Saves Money

When moving offices, it is an opportunity to think about floor space, and what items really are needed, and what can be moved into storage, or be thrown away. This will allow you to fit more necessities into your office, and quite possibly pay for less floor space. Time is money, and when trying to run an organisation, you want to be back on your feet as soon as possible, and not be having to take days off just to move. Most removals companies provide fast services and can make your office perfect for operation within a time scale approved by you.

5) Quality Assured

Most professional removal companies are assessed regularly on staff, services, administration and procedures, to guarantee that they meet the high standards expected. Armishaws is rigorously tested annually and values all feedback from assessors and clients alike. Since June 1999, we have held the coveted BSEN 12522, which is the only recognised standard aimed at the benefit of the private individual. Most companies should hold a quality standard, to ensure they are certified to best handle every stage of moves.

6) Specifically Tailored Services

Office moves come in all shapes and sizes, as well as schedules and budgets. A relocation plan can be made, exact to your requirements, to ensure that the transportation needed fits the exact timeline you require. Removals companies work closely to finalise every detail around your move to ensure it runs smoothly, with all commercial moves from a dedicated team being on hand to guide you from start to finish. This way you will know you are receiving the best possible service for the move you require, and that every possible detail is covered.

Armishaws Removals

Whether it is part of your business you are moving, or you are looking for a complete relocation, our staff will ensure that however far you are moving, your business and customers will not suffer. We have a network of offices that have the staff and resources to carry out any sized commercial move, regardless of location. Our dedicated team can help tailor a service to meet your specifications and can guide you from start to finish.

Armishaws is the best choice for all aspects of UK and European removals, with over four decades worth of practical, recognised experience. We run a modern fleet of 48 removal lorries and continue to monitor the way we operate to ensure we meet the standards expected and provide a safe working environment. We’ve been family run since 1973 and hold Europe’s highest removals qualification.

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