Will there be room? Our guide to making your belongings fit in your new home

Will there be room? Our guide to making your belongings fit in your new home

The contracts are exchanged, you have your moving date, the removals are booked and it’s time to start packing – then the worry sets in, ‘Will my belongings all fit in the new home?’.

We’ve all been there, the pit of worry when packing up your things wondering just how you accumulated so much stuff and where will it all go when you get to the other end. The fact is that life accumulates stuff, and we all find ourselves running out of space for all of it or questioning just how we managed to fit it in before now.

There are a number of ways to get creative when it comes to utilising space and a house move is the perfect time to start fresh and find the solution that works for you.

Force yourself to be ruthless

One of the easiest ways to make sure your belongings fit is to be completely honest when packing up your things – do you really need everything? We are all guilty of cramming things in cupboards and drawers and then conveniently forgetting about them, so having a declutter is good for clearing out these things that you no longer need. If you have not missed them in your life then chances are that you do not need them. For more advice and tips on decluttering, check out our blog post Decluttering before moving: your one-stop guide for preparing your home

Maximising space that you do have

Sometimes the answer we have been looking for can be staring us straight in the face. Take a look at the space you do have and the furniture you are taking with you to think about ways you can organise your belongings within these. For kitchens, bathrooms and bedroom furniture, invest in cupboard and drawer organisers to make the most of these already existing spaces. This will not only make things easier to find in the long run but the tidier they are the more stuff you can fit in.

Wardrobes are well known to be one of the go-to places to put things and forget about them, they are often over-stuffed and very disorganised. However there are a few quick and cheap fixes that can instantly give you more space and room for organisation. Extra shelving can usually be easily installed so you can stack more clothing or place items in small organiser boxes. If you have a built-in wardrobe, a small drawer unit could be placed inside for extra shoe, accessory or clothing storage.

Whether you have a built in or freestanding wardrobe, shoe organisers are a great way to maximise space and can be used for items other than shoes, such as socks, belts and ties, you could even roll up your T-shirts if you needed. Don’t forget you can also add hooks to the inside doors of wardrobes to hang more items such as bags, hats and scarves.

Seek out hidden storage spots

We’ve talked about the space inside the wardrobe but don’t forget if you have freestanding wardrobes there is always the space on top to place extra storage baskets or boxes. Some also have space below if they are supported by legs so think about this space too.

If you have a bed with space underneath, rather than just stuffing things underneath, why not get some storage boxes to make this space more organised. Or if you’re in the market for a new bed following the move then why not consider a divan style bed that comes with storage space that is out of sight.

Consider the vertical space

Often when looking for places to store our belongings we look at the floor space available and how much storage furniture we can cram in but don’t forget to look up at the walls too. Installing some floating shelves or storage cabinets can be a great way to provide extra storage, especially for things such as books and items that you have collected over the years.

You can also use the walls for your electronic goods. TVs for example can be mounted to walls and why not opt for wall mounted lighting rather than floor or table lamps?

Consider other strorage solutions

You may come across things as you move that you want to keep but just do not have the room or place for in the new house. Whether it be something that you want to keep to pass down to family or even something seasonal that you do no need all year round, maybe summer equipment or Christmas decorations. Whatever it is, if you’re still running out of space you could consider putting some belongings into safe and secure storage.

At Armishaws we can offer the complete storage solution by using Secure Container Storage. Our secure container storage system will ensure the safety and care of all your possessions until you have made room for them in your new home. We offer a variety of storage solutions in the UK that vary in cost, size and access so there is always something to suit your needs at a time you need it.

Contact Armishaws today on 0800 917 1015 or check out our Storage pages for more information on the services that we offer.


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