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    We’ve helped many of our customers move to the gorgeous city of Antwerp in the heart of the Flanders region of Belgium. It’s a city we love helping people move to, and know you will love living there!

    We provide fantastic removal services from any location to any international site from within the United Kingdom. Our experience consistently makes us the best choice for your move, and we’ll tailor a package to meet needs and exceed expectations.

    For 20+ years, we’ve held the removals recognised standard quality BSEN 12522, which is the only standard of its type, aimed at removals for the benefit of the private individual, and we’re proud to say all our staff pay careful attention to every detail when running a project. We consistently aim to meet standards expected of us, and frequently assess all our staff and procedures.

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    Antwerp Removals

    Antwerp is a city in Belgium, set on the River Scheldt, that is also the most populous city and capital of the Antwerp province in Flanders. The Port of Antwerp is the second largest port in Europe and is within the top 20 globally. Inhabitants are called Sinjoren after the Spanish honorific señor/French honorific seigneur, both meaning “lord”, referring to noblemen who ruled the city in the 17th century. According to legend, a giant called Antigoon lived near the river, and took a toll from passing boatmen, and those who refused, he removed one of their hands. The giant was slain by a young hero, who removed the giant’s hand, and the name of the city comes from the Dutch for ‘hand’ and ‘weapon’- hand werpen. A statue is in front of the town hall celebrating the folklore. In 1504, the Portuguese had established Antwerp as one of their main shipping bases, bringing in spices from Asia to trade for metal and textiles. The trade in the city expanded to include English cloth, French wine, Baltic wheat and other resources.

    Antwerp was the first city to host the World Gymnastics Championships in 1903 and hosted the 1920 Summer Olympics. During Wolrd War II, the city was a strategic target due to its port. It was occupied by German forces in 1940, by liberated by the British Army in 1944. Following the liberation, the Germans attempted to destroy the port by firing thousands of missiles (more V2 missiles were fired at the port than all other targets throughout the war combined). However, they failed to destroy the port due to poor aim and accuracy. Antwerp rebranded itself as a fashion centre in the 1990s and emerged as a hub for tourism and a location for mega-cultural events.

    The municipality of Antwerp can split into nine districts, and each district has its own council. The Universiteit Antwerpen was established in 2003 and has over 13,000 students, and 7 different faculties. The city also has several different colleges including the Charlemagne College, Artesis College and the Plantin College.

    There are 10 different locations across the globe that are twinned with Antwerp, including Shanghai in China, Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Cape Town in South Africa and Fes in Morocco. Throughout the year, there is around 1,625 hours of sunshine and 132 hours of rain, thanks to its oceanic climate, which is similar to the South of England. The ‘Ring’, a six-lane motorway, connects the city to Brussels, Ghent, Bruges and other Belgian locations. Antwerp Central station, as well as being an architectural monument, runs train services to international locations and has a great location for those living just outside the city centre, needing a mode of transport to get central.

    Antwerp Removals

    Between 80 and 90 percent of the world’s rough diamonds are traded in Antwerp each year, earning the city the nickname ‘the capital of diamonds’. There is a diamond district in the city, which covers around a mile, and there is a showroom called Diamond, where you can watch stones being cut and polished. The juniper-flavoured liquor Gin is said to have evolved from jenever, a drink British soldiers had to calm their nerves before battle in Antwerp in 1585.

    The city’s Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral features a 400-foot spire which dates back to 1352, and has been the subject of many famous paintings, including multiple works by Peter Paul Rubens, whom is buried in the Church of St James with one of his paintings above his tomb.

    Antwerp is connected by three tunnels which run underneath the river. The Kennedy Tunnel, named after the US President John F. Kennedy, was opened to ease traffic in May 1969. The world’s first printed weekly newspaper was published in Antwerp over 400 years ago by Johann Carlous, a German Publisher, and was named ‘Relation’. ‘Antwerp Hands’ or ‘Antwerpse Handjes’ are the city’s most famous food, and are cookies in the shape of hands, often flavoured with chocolate or almonds. Written by British author Marie de la Ramee in 1872, a Dog of Flanders is a novel about a boy and his dog who live in Antwerp. There is a statue commemorating the story in the suburb of Hoboken near Antwerp.

    Basketball is a large part of the Antwerp culture, and the Lotto Arena is home to the Antwerp Giants professional basketball team. Cultuurmarkt van Vlaanderenis is a music festival and tourist attraction which takes place annually on the final Sunday of August in the city centre. Local musicians and actors perform throughout the day, and lots of local beers and food are available for purchase. In 2013, Antwerp was awarded the title of European Capital of Sport, and is the only Belgian city, to date, to win this title.

    When in the city, a visit to the Zoo is a must! Established in 1843, it is one of the oldest Zoos in the world, and has daily penguin and sealion shows, and an established conversation program. There are over 5000 animals, and 950 species, with around 1 million visitors a year. The Museum aan de Stroom is a museum located along the river in the Eilandje district of Antwerp, that was first opened in 2011. It features high-tech exhibitions that explore Antwerp and its place in the world and is housed inside a striking red sandstone building. Antwerp is clearly a popular location for those relocating to the Flanders region of Belgium from most other European towns and cities.


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