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    We have assisted many customers with their move to the region of Lazio in Italy.

    We have extensive knowledge and experience in European removals, which we’ve been operating for many decades.

    Our packages are individually designed removals packages to meet your requirements, collection from all locations in the UK or worldwide, and return if you’re moving from Italy to the UK, and a variety of other features.

    We offer removals and relocation services to all areas within Lazio, Italy

    Ever since June 1999, we have held the only recognised standard specifically aimed at removals for the gain of the private individual- the quality standard BSEN 12522.

    We continue to assess our staff, services, administration and procedures regularly to ensure we continue to meet the expect standards.

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    Lazio Removals

    Lazio is the second most inhabited region of the 20 administrative regions in Italy, with its capital city also being the country’s capital city- Rome. The region itself borders Tuscany to the North and Campania to the South. Lazio consists of mainly flat terrain, with some small mountainous areas. The coast is composed of sandy beaches, for which the region is famed for. Agriculture, crafts and fishery are the main traditional sources of income, and the cultivation of wine grapes, fruit, vegetables and olives are an important part of life in the region. Lazio is divided into four provinces- Viterbo, Rieti, Latina and Frosinone, and one metropolitan city- Rome. The highest point in Lazio is the peak of Mount Gorzano, which stands at 2,458 metres high. The name ‘Lazio’ comes from the Latin ‘Latus’- meaning ‘wide’, expressing the idea of ‘flat land’. There are 17 major lakes in the region, all of which offer spectacular views and opportunities for fishing. Inside the capital city of Rome is the independent city-state Vatican City, which is the smallest country in the world, encircled by a 2-mile border, covering just over 100 acres (1/8th the size of New York’s central park). Pasta Carbonara originated in the region and was created in the middle of the 20th century- it became famous after American officers frequently requested it following the Allied liberation in 1944. The dish consists of cheese, pancetta, pasta and pepper, and is one of the most popular Italian dishes in the world. A popular Lazio meal is Arrabbiata, a spicy sauce consisting of garlic, tomatoes and chillies, mixed with penne pasta. The name translates as ‘angry’, referring to the spiciness of the peppers.

    Lazio Removals

    Rome was founded in 753 BC by Romulus, who killed his twin brother to become the first ruler, hence the city’s name. By the end of the third century, Romans had built a network of 53,000 miles of roads throughout the empire. The Trevi Fountain in Rome donates all coins swept from the basin to a Catholic charity that provides for needy families in the city, and on average 3,000 Euros are thrown in every day. There is a law in Rome that allows cats to live without disruption in the place where they were born. There are multiple cat sanctuaries amongst ruins, and there are hundreds of cats that climb the walls of the Colosseum. In ancient times, Lazio women dyed their hair with fat and ashes, with red and blonde being the most popular colours. Over half a million people lost their lives during battles at the Colosseum, with the last fights taking place in 435 AD. Rome was built on seven hills and attracts roughly 12 million tourists a year. Some of the most famous sites in the city of Rome include the St Peter’s Basilica, the world’s largest Basilica of Christianity, the Roman Forum, the excavated heart of the Roman Empire, and the Trevi Fountain, an iconic 18th century fountain, as well as the world-famous Roman Colosseum. The historic hill town of Tivoli is just a short distance away from Rome in Lazio, and is popular for its gardens and ruins, as well as the falls of the Aniene river- meaning it is a beautiful location for photos and walks. It is clear to see, based upon the history, architecture, location and facilities, why Lazio is considered one of the most desirable places to live in the world. We are proud to run removals services regularly to this divine region of Italy and would be more than happy to design a service, tailored to fit your move requirements.


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