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    For removals to and from Lombardy.

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    We have helped many clients move to the popular region of Lombardy – home to beautiful countryside, rich architecture and breah-taking lakes.

    We offer removals services to the Italian region from the UK. We have specialist knowledge and understanding of European removals, which we have been running for many decades.

    Our services include an individually designed removals package to fit your every need, collection from any area worldwide, and return collections if you’re moving from Lombardy, as well as many other features, available upon request.

    We offer removals/relocation services to all areas in Lombardy, Italy

    We have held the only recognised quality standard specifically aimed at removals for the benefit of the private individual since 1999. We have been family owned and run since the 1970s, and consistently meet customers needs and requests, all to an exceptional high standard.

    We regularly assess staff, services, administration and procedures to ensure we are continuing to meet the high and exacting standards expected of us.

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    Lombardy Removals

    Lombardy is one of twenty administrative regions in Italy and is one of the most populous and richest regions in Europe. Milan, which is Lombardy’s capital, is the second largest city in Italy. The region has a wide array of climates, due to local variances in elevation and proximity to inland water basins. The area of Lombardy has been settled since the 2nd millennium BC, as shown by archaeological findings of axes and arrows, as well as well-preserved rock drawings. One sixth of the Italian population reside in Lombardy, and gross domestic product equals over 350 billion euros. Lombardy has always been a centre for silk and textile production. Milan is the region’s most important centre for clothing and high fashion. It was regarded as the world ‘fashion capital’ in 2009, surpassing New York, Paris and London. Multiple fashion brands are headquartered in Milan, including Versace, Prada, Armani and Dolce & Gabbana. The region has cultural and economic relationships with foreign countries and states which include France, Austria, Hungary and Canada. Agriculture is a major industry in the region, much like the rest of Italy, with the provinces of Sondrio, Pavia and Lodi having a rich, farming sector. The lower plains are characterised by fodder crops, which are mowed on average 8 times a year, and the higher areas produce fruit and wine. 

    Lombardy Removals

    Rice is very popular in the region, often found in soups as well as risotto. Lombardy cheeses include Robiola, a soft cheese, Taleggio, a smear-ripened cheese, and the world-famous Gorgonzola. Milan has the most skyscrapers in all of Italy, and the 5th largest Cathedral in the world. Every night between 7pm and 9pm, in most places in Lombardy, is ‘aperitivo’, where bars and cafes put on huge spreads of food, which everyone can enjoy for free after buying a drink. This is meant to encourage interaction and discussions. One of the most popular places to visit when in Lombardy is Lake Como, an upscale resort known for its dramatic scenery, set against the foothills of the Alps. The city of Como lies at the south-western end of the lake and is home to Renaissance architecture and a funicular that leads to the town of Brunate, located on a mountain. Lombardy has over 800 kilometres of ski slopes, reaching 3,450 metres in altitude. The Italian Alps offer breath-taking views and some of the best ski runs in Europe. Housed in Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan is the world-famous Leonardo da Vinci painting ‘The Last Supper’.  It is one of the finest examples of da Vinci’s technique and the Italian Renaissance. The region is very popular with those looking to relocate from the UK, due to its spectacular countryside, beautiful architecture, and dazzling cities. It is fair to say that Lombardy has a bit of everything, and it is clear to see why it is one of the top locations in Italy for UK removals.

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