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    For removals to and from Seville.

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    Whether you are looking to relocate to the South of Spain, or Seville in particular, we can offer a tailored service to make you big move as stress-free as possible. We can make a package designed to meet your every requirement. We have operated removals in Europe for over three decades and have helped many customers move to Spain.

    The city of Seville is known for its sunny weather, tasty food and famous landmarks, and attracts visitors from all over the world. Regardless of your age, interests or profession, Seville offers something for everyone, and is a great location to move to, retire to or buy a holiday home in.

    Our aim is to help make your move to Seville be as relaxed as possible. We can provide start-to-finish removal services, and have extensive experience in Spanish and International Removals.

    Since 1999, we’ve held the BSEN 12522 quality standard, the only industry recognised certification aimed at furniture removals for the benefit of the private individual, and are assessed regularly on staff and procedures, to check we are reaching the high standards we expect, and the customers want.

    For Seville removals, we can offer:

    • Individually designed removals packages to suit your every need
    • Collection from anywhere within the UK
    • Any item no matter of size
    • Full or partial loads
    • A full survey by one of our European Removals Specialists
    • Electronic and photographic inventories utilising handheld computers and cameras.

    Are you relocating to Seville? Do you want to retire to Seville? Is your next step in life living in the South of Spain? We can make your big move as stress-free as possible!

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    Seville Removals

    Located on the plain of the river Guadalquivir, Seville is the hottest major metropolitan area in South-western Europe, with summer temperatures averaging above 35 °C. It is the fourth largest city in Spain, and the 30th most populous city in the EU. The Seville harbour, located 50 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, is the only river port in Spain. Inhabitants of the city are known as ‘hispalenses’, after the Roman name for the city- ‘Hispalis’.

    Seville has an area of 141km2, and is 7 metres above sea level, on average.

    Seville is on the same parallel as San Jose in California and the same latitude as Catania in Sicily. It sees more continental climate that the nearest port cities because it lacks sea influence due to its inland location. It is a relative distance from the three larger Spanish cities, making it the largest city in the southern Iberian Peninsula.

    The average sunshine hours in Seville are around 3000 per year, and the last major snowfall occurred in 1954 (only 10 snowfalls have been reported since 1500). January is usually the coolest month, with highs of 16 °C, whereas July is the warmest month, with highs of 36 °C. Seville has 11 districts, which divide into 108 neighbourhoods. Festivals are an important part of Seville culture, with the biggest flamenco event in the world, La Bienal, taking place every 2 years in the city.

    Seville is considered the birthplace of Flamenco, which has since become a national heritage symbol of Spain.

    The tapas scene is a major attraction to the city, and Seville has special tapas dishes that aren’t found in other cities. The most popular Seville tapas dishes are swordfish, lamb kidney in sherry, snails, honey-coated sweet fritter and sugar-coated cake.

    Seville is famous for its juicy oranges, and their trees line the streets of the city. Large quantities were collected and exported to Britain to make marmalade. Legend says Arabs brought the bitter orange to Seville from Asia in the 10th century to perfume gardens and provide shade. The oranges are often used in fragrances and skin lotions.

    Seville Removals

    Seville is the hometown of two rival football teams, that both play in the top league of Spanish football- Real Betis and Sevilla. They have only won the league once each, but only Sevilla has won European competitions.

    The Sevici community bicycle program means bikes are available all around the city at low costs and can be seen on most streets. In recent years, the number of people that ride bikes has gone up, and the number of drivers has gone down. San Pablo airport is the main airport for Seville and is Andalusia’s (the autonomous community in which Seville is located) second largest after Malaga.

    The city is home to three public universities and multiple colleges that are predominantly English speaking. Seville is twinned with Kansas City in Missouri, due to a small replica of Sevilla’s bell tower in state capital. Some of the most popular sites of interest include the Royal Alcázar of Seville, a royal palace built for the Christian king Peter of Castile, the Plaze de España, a plaza that showcases fountains, pavilions, ponds and tiled walls, and the Catedral de Sevilla, which is the most popular landmark in the city.

    Some of the most well-known film scenes were shot in Seville. For example, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Indiana Jones, Clash of the Titans, Mission Impossible and many more have shot within the city in recent years, and the Arabian-esque architecture and landscape provides the perfect backdrop for a scene of any genre.

    Seville Cathedral is the resting place of Christopher Columbus, who famously discovered the ‘New World’ and made four trips across the Atlantic in the 15th and 16th centuries. Seville is a city that provides its own clean and renewable energy through a solar power tower. It is the world’s first commercial solar power tower and has inspired other countries to consider doing the same.

    The fact that the city is an all year-round destination, thanks to its blessed sunny weather, makes it a popular destination for those looking to move to Spain, or retire to a warm, European city.

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