Paying bills in Switzerland

Paying bills in Switzerland

Apart from having some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, Switzerland is also known for its fame and fortune. It is fairly easy to open an account with the Swiss Bank, all you need is an identity proof, proof of nationality and proof of residence and you are given an account holder’s status, a debit card and credit card, but no cheque book.

Although there are several plastic bill paying options available to the locals (Internet banking transactions, credit and debit cards, electronic bank transactions), many of them prefer paying their bills in cash. You should try to do so, too.

Paying bills in Switzerland Advice

Paying for Utilities

Apart from paying the house rent, you are also charged for the utilities you opt for, which include Internet connection, television, electricity, HVAC and telephone services. You receive bills with a payment slip, which is the most important document you’ll need when you make a payment. The slip includes the amount you owe the service provider and their bank account details so you can deposit the money. Bills and payment slips are usually received by post.

The Bill Payment Process

Depending on your service provider, you get bills every month, every year or for a quarterly period. You are required to pay your bills within 30 days of receiving them. Failure to do so may result in warnings, administrative fees of up to 25 CHF, and later on, your case being forwarded to the debt collection agency.

The Swiss Government has a very strict policy about timely bill payments. If you have a problem or any query with your bills or bill amount, you are to contact your provider or your bank authorities and ask them to look into the matter.

Payment Methods

As we said, the Swiss locals prefer cash payment methods and thus, at the end of every month you’ll encounter a huge mob at the post office wanting to make their utility payments. In case you’d like to emulate them, search for a post office nearest to your residence or work place and queue up. You’ll need to show your payment slip and make the cash payment at one of the counters.

If you are not happy making cash payments, there are several other payment options you can utilize:

  1. Internet Banking
    You will get access to your Swiss Bank’s Net Banking domain once you register with them for an account. Thus, you can pay your bills with a single click in the comfort of your home or office.
  2. Multimat Machines
    Most banks have the Multimat machine facility that allows you to make payments at the bank office or ATM. You will need to have your payment slip, the client card and enough funds in your account to be able to process the payment.
  3. Snail Mail
    You can send your payment slips and a payment form to your bank, which then transfers the money from your account to the provider’s account. Although cheques aren’t given by most Swiss banks, there are a few banks that give you a few cheques leaflets. Check up with the bank authorities to know more

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