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We’ve moved our customers to the beautiful city of Zurich in the north of Switzerland for over two decades, and it is a city we adore and know you’ll fall in love with! Zurich provides spectacular views and outstanding food, a fantastic combination, as well as having a rich history and culture. There’s so many things to do when visiting the city, and whether you want a romantic holiday home, looking to retire to or want to start a new life in a beautiful country, Zurich will tick all your boxes. You may have been to Zurich many times before, or you haven’t experience Switzerland first hand, but you’ll fall in love the country very fast; Zurich really is a special location, and we know you’ll be excited to live there.

We provide an array of removal services, perfect for moving from any location in the UK to Switzerland, or another European country. Our experience continues to make us the strongest choice for your international removals, and we’ll tailor a package to meet your every need and exceed your expectations!

We can provide a wide range of removals services for moves to the Swiss city of Zurich

We’ve have held the industry recognised removals quality standard BSEN 12522 for over two decades, it’s the only standard of its type, and is aimed specifically at removals for the benefit of individuals, and we are delighted with all of our staff, with their professionalism and attention to detail, something which is consistently praised and appreciated by customers. We are consistently meeting the standards expected of us through frequent assessment our staff, administration and procedures.


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The largest city in Switzerland, Zurich, is located at the north-western tip of Lake Zurich, in north-central Switzerland, and has been permanently settled for over 2,000 years. It was founded by the Romans who originally called it Turicum, which was of Latin etymology, but gradually became ‘Zurich’, supposedly meaning ‘Gift of God’. The coat of arms of the city is blue and white, which derived from banners with blue and white stripes in use from 1315. It is flanked by two lions, and was a mark of honour granted by Rudolph I. The city can be divided into twelve different districts, with each containing between one and four neighbourhoods. Most of the boundaries of the districts are similar to the original locations of the previous municipalities before they were incorporated into the city of Zurich. The city itself is situated around 408 metres above sea level, and the municipality has an area of 91.88km2, 4km2 of which is the lake. The higher areas have a humid continental climate, with warmer summer and four distinct seasons. There are around 1,544 hours of sunshine each year, and the city is among the world leaders in protecting the climate, with continued projects for renewable energy and new laws for lower CO2 emissions. Around 60,000 people study at the 20 universities, colleges and institutes in the city, and there is a total of 25,000+ students who study at the University of Zurich alone. Many Swiss media companies have headquarters in Zurich, and it is one of the most important media locations in the country. The three large daily newspapers published in Zurich are known all across Switzerland and are amongst some of the most renowned publications in Europe. Public transport is hugely popular in Zurich, with around 70% of visitors using trams of buses, and the station in the city centre is an important railway hub for connecting Zurich with the rest of Europe. Zurich’s main airport is located under 10 km northeast of the city in the municipality of Kloten. In 2012, the council launched a new bicycle traffic plan, installing new tunnels and lanes for bikes, as well as bike stations. The official formal language used by most written forms is German, while the spoken language is Zurich German. The prehistoric settlements at Enge Alpenquai and two other sites are part of the dwellings around the Alps, which are protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Zurich has a rich culture, with high-quality museums, galleries and theatres located in the city. One of the most popular annual events is the Street Parade, a techno music festival which is recognised as one of the largest dance parades in the world. The Dada art movement was founded in 1916 at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, and many famous painters had workshops in Zurich, which became important after the takeover of power by the Nazi regime during World War II. The best-known Zurich traditional holiday of Sechseläuten includes a parade of the guilds and burning of the winter in effigy, at the large town square of Sechseläutenplatz. The city offers a great deal of variety when it comes to night life, and Zurich hosts the world-famous Street Parade, which takes place annually. In the heart of the Old Town, St Peter’s Church is adjoined to the watchtower initially built for the fire brigade. With a diameter of 8.64 metres, it’s Europe’s largest church timepiece, and is a popular tourist location. In almost every corner of the city are drinking fountains, which allow you to quench your thirst. They’re a public resource of benefit for everyone, and there are around 1,200 in the city. Some are of plain design; others showcase historical figures and patterns. Zurich has the largest number of public baths, with a total of 40 (18 of which are outdoors). Cheese fondue is a must on any visit to Zurich, as its recipe was first written down in the city. It consists of melted cheeses, mixed with different ingredients such as herbs and vegetables, served with bread and rinsed with some white wine. Zuger Kirschtorte is a dessert perfect for those with a sweet tooth. It is a cake that’s layered with nut-infused meringue, sponge and butter cream, drizzled with cherry brandy. During Zurich’s cold days, there’s nothing better than a good hot pot. The famous Zurcher Eintopf is a mixture of pork, onions, cabbages, potatoes and carrots, cooked in a white wine sauce, and its perfect for blowing the cobwebs away. It is clear to see why the beautiful city of Zurich is so popular, and we know that you’ll love living/retiring there and can’t wait to help you with your big move! Get in touch with us today to start planning your relocation, and our 20+ years of industry experience will ensure you have that extra peace of mind, knowing you are in safe hands.


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