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Armishaws have been providing removals to Canada for many years, making us the experts on Canadian removals. Help and advice to guide you through the removals process is all part of the service we offer, allowing your move to Canada to run as smoothly as possible.

Why Choose Armishaws?
At Armishaws, we pride ourselves on our Canadian removal services. As a result of our experience and expertise, we have established working relationships with many major shipping companies.

An Armishaws International Shipping Consultants will make an appointment with you to discuss your moving date to Canada, the items you will be transporting and any item you may wish to store. We will share our vast experience in removals to Canada and give you advice on:

• Items that may not be practical to transport
• Details on any special packing or transportation needs
• Identify any parking permits requirements
• Any lifting equipment that may be necessary

Every move is different and we will ensure that all of your individual needs are catered for within our relocation services. An important part of our Canadian removal solution is the specialist export wrapping service we provide. Our skilled packaging experts will ensure your goods arrive in the exact same condition they left you, no matter how far they have traveled.

We have built up a network of tried and tested agents who will deal with local customs clearance, deliveries and the unpacking and unwrapping of your furniture and effects.

We can even supply you with a website address to enable you to track your shipment.

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Canada Facts

Canada is the world’s second largest country, covering the vast majority of North America. The country borders the United States to the South and South West as well as the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic Oceans to the West, East and North respectively.

Canada is a long standing member of the Commonwealth Realm, with large British, French and aboriginal colonies. Classed as a multicultural and bilingual country, Canada is divided into ten provinces and three territories which are politically independent. A close political and economical relationship between Canada and its closet neighbour the United States still exists today.

Armishaws Removals provide removals and relocation services to all regions within Canada, including:

Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon.


Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, Mississagua, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Hamilton, Quebec City, Brampton, Surrey, Halifax, Laval, London, Markham, Gatineau, Vaughan, Longueuil and Windsor

Top Facts

Capital: Ottawa
Largest City: Toronto
Official Language(s): English, French
Population: 33,000,000
Area: 9,984,670 km², 3,854,085 sq mi
Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Calling Code: +1
Internet TLD: .ca

Geography of Canada

Canada’s landscape is extremely varied, which is to be expected for such a vast area. With just 3.5 people living in each square kilometer (on average) it is also one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. This large amount of unpopulated land that covers the majority of Canada presents people migrating to the country with plenty of undeveloped land to live in.

Canada is most densely populated in the low lands, surrounding the great lakes in the South East. Quebec City-Windsor Corridor is the most densely populated region, however this still doesn’t compare to some of the over crowding found in many areas of the UK. Much of Canada’s landscape is covered in forest, supporting many species of animals and plants.

Culture of Canada

Canada’s culture is strongly influenced by British, French, Aboriginal and US culture, because of its historically close ties with all of them. US media and products in general usually do very well in Canada, probably due to its close proximately to the country and the frequent migration between them.

Canada has two official national sports; Ice Hockey in the winter and Lacrosse in the summer. However, by far the most watched and played sport in the country is Ice Hockey, with several national leagues, both professional and amateur. Canadian football, golf, baseball, skiing, soccer, volleyball and basketball are also very popular.

Useful Documents for your move to Canada

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