Cleaning Advice for Moving into a New Home

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Cleaning Advice for Moving into a New Home

When moving into a new home, it can be confusing and annoying thinking about where to start cleaning. With so many other tasks to undertake when trying to settle in, it is necessary to allocate time for a thorough clean of your new home. It is useful to keep the less important items in their boxes, or place all of your items into storage, until you’ve had time to properly prepare the house.

The Surfaces

Make sure to check for any surface damage, especially to the walls and floors in your new home, as repairing these will be easier before you’ve moved new things in. Necessary repairs can be made in good time and ensuring that the house has been checked prior to moving is a useful way to know exactly what needs to be changed or removed. Check for any loose nails, screws or hooks that are protruding from the walls and floorboards, and remove any that are unnecessary or a possible danger. Test all light switches and sockets to make sure they are all in working order and dust each room to remove any dirt that could be in the corners, windows or doors.

Cleaning Your New Home

The Bathroom

The bathroom is an area that will need a good clean before you move in, and you might not have any idea where to start with your cleaning. You should make sure every area gets looked at- be prepared for some touch-up work to stop you from having to do it at a later date, it will more than likely escape your mind if you don’t do it straight-away. Cleaning any extractor fans can remove dust and help the fan work more efficiently. Apply grout cleaner early, and allow time to soak in. Use a specialised cleaner to rinse the toilet and scrub the bath to remove any dirt. Vacuum the floor to get rid of loose hair and dust before mopping.

Bathroom Cleaning

The Kitchen

One area that may get neglected is the kitchen, so make sure you allocate enough time for kitchen cleaning. There are plenty of things that are likely to not have been cleaned for a while and will therefore need attention. The oven will require a big, thorough clean, as will any other appliances that came with the house. Table tops and microwaves will need disinfecting, which wouldn’t take a lot of time, but could make a lot of difference. Ensure you remove any loose dirt from the floors by vacuuming or mopping. The kitchen is likely to be one of the dirtiest areas upon arrival and will need require proper planning and time to get the job done properly. Making a meal in the kitchen quite soon after moving in is a great way to fill the air with new smells and leave your mark straight-away.

Kitchen Cleaning


One of the last areas you should ensure is cleaned is the bedrooms, as they don’t require as much cleaning as the other areas but need a dusting and wash prior to moving into. If there is built in furniture, give the individual shelves a clean and pay attention to windows and window sills, as these are likely to have been missed. Finish by giving the floors a proper rinse and mop. You want the bedroom smelling nice, so make sure you have your incense, sprays and candles ready to let loose on the left-over aromas and cleanse the air.

Bedroom Cleaning

Carpets & Windows

If you have carpets in the house, give them a deep clean sooner rather than later so that you don’t have to try and navigate around furniture and accessories once properly moved in. Carpets aren’t cleaned very often, and making sure they are looking nice, as well as free of marks and germs, is an important part of a house cleanse. One part often forgotten is outdoor windows. It is easy to do the insides, but the outsides are a different ball game. If you haven’t got the kit required to give the windows a proper wash, find a local window cleaner.

Cleaning New Windows


Moving home is the perfect chance for a clean start with all your old cleaning habits, including the products you use. Most of us are making important environmental decisions/changes about the products we use. Avoiding chemicals, reducing the packaging we buy, more awareness of what may go down our drains, more sustainable foods . You can make big changes by switching from chemical-based cleaning solutions and opt for tried and tested, traditional greener choices such as sugar soap, refillable bottles, etc. Eco products are often gentler for the environment and your home but just as tough on stains and dirt.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning


You should now be ready to move into your new home. A good clean is essential to ensuring you move in feeling happy. Getting settled into a dirty home and putting off cleaning can take away the excitement of a move, so doing it first is always ideal. Planning your deep clean is essential, but it is important to have fun- it is a great way to get all family/friends involved in the move.

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