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    ECMT International Removals Permit

    ECMT International
    Removals Permit

    British Association of Removers

    British Association
    of Removers

    Eco Friendly Removals

    Eco Friendly

    Moves To America Made Easy

    Forms & Declarations

    International removals come with an extra layer of procedures concerning customs declarations, visas and paperwork. That’s why all our moves are allocated a dedicated Removals Coordinator to guide you through every step of the process. Armishaws also have a network of agents and removals counterparts across the US.

    • Customs Forms
    • Visas
    • Marine Insurance
    • Digital Inventory

    Let Armishaws do the heavy lifting!

    All Removals include...

    For worry-free moves, to and from America.


    Removal Coordinator

    A dedicated Removal Coordinator will be assigned to your move.

    Mileage included


    Your quote will include mileage to ensure there are no hidden costs.

    Goods covered in transport

    Cover for Goods in Transit

    We offer restricted liability as standard, further options are available.

    Carbon Offsetting

    Carbon Footprint Offsetting

    We’re planting over 2,000 trees to offset our carbon emissions.

    Trained uniformed staff

    Trained, Uniformed Staff

    All Armishaws’ crew members are background checked and carry photo ID.

    Bio-degradable Materials

    Recycled Materials

    Our crews use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.

    Blankets & Covers

    Covers & Blankets

    White goods and furniture are protected with slot-on, padded covers.

    Carpet Protectors

    Carpet Runners

    Full floor protection is also available at both locations (fees may apply).


    Overseas Experience

    Experienced assistance with customs forms, documentation, visas, etc.

    Robe Cartons

    Robe Cartons

    Your clothes will travel in style with specialist boxes for hanging garments

    Storage Options and Complete House Contents

    Storage Options

    Short and long term storage, with collection and delivery also available. (fees may apply)

    Bio-degradable Mattress Bags

    Biodegradable Mattress Bags

    These sealable bags are only used once, then recycled.

    What our customers say...

    Armishaws International Removals to America Removals from America.

    Why Move To America With Armishaws

    • Armishaws are members of the British Association of Removers working to a strict code of practise and providing you with a higher level of financial protection.
    • As a family-owned company we put families and their exact requirements at the heart of every removal.
    • Our vast network of international Port Customs Agents, ferry and freight services plus experienced crews help make moving to America easy.
    • We’re proud of our market leading commitment in providing greener removals solutions.

    Eco-Friendly Moves

    It’s a big world but wherever you’re moving to, it’s vital we all do our bit to protect the planet. Armishaws are committed to reducing the impact of moves on the environment.


    2,000 Trees

    We’re planting over 2,000 trees to help lessen the impact of carbon emission and create vital habitat for wildlife.

    Recycled Materials

    Recycled Materials

    We use recycled and recyclable materials for all our boxes and packaging which is better for your belongs and the environment.

    Greener Vehicles

    Greener Fleet

    We operate a fleet of greener vehicles, plus our drivers go through eco-efficiency training to reduce the amount of fuel we use.

    Acid Free Paper

    Acid Free Wrapping

    Using acid free tissue paper is not only better for your items, it’s also kinder for the environment. Win/win!

    Bio-degradable Mattress Bags

    Biodegradable Mattress Bags

    Our crews seal mattresses in single use, biodegradable bags to protect them in transport. All bags are then recycled.

    Make your move greener

    with Armishaws. See our Eco Pledge here...

    13 Useless But Fun America Facts

    1. US of E
      In 1893, an amendment was proposed to rename America the “United States of Earth.”
    2. 2nd of July
      America actually declared independence from England on the 2nd of July. The 4th of July is when John Hancock became the first man to sign it.
    3. Tough Gig
      4 US presidents have been assassinated, 4 have died during their tenure and another 13 escaped assassination attempts, making the Presidency one of the most dangerous jobs in America.
    4. Big Macs
      1 in 8 Americans have been employed by McDonalds.
    5. Sin City Sleepover
      Las Vegas is home to some of the world’s 20 largest hotels. In fact, there are so many hotel rooms in the city that it would take over 400 years to sleep in them all!
    6. Plane Sailing
      There are thought to be over 5,000 commercial flights above America at any one time.
    7. Breadbasket
      Kansas is vast and most of it agricultural. It’s reputed to produce enough wheat a year to feed the entire global population for two weeks!
    8. The Dark Side
      D.C.’s National Cathedral has a gargoyle of Darth Vader.
    9. The Green House
      In 1979 President Jimmy Carter had solar panels installed on the White House. However, when oil loving Ronald Reagan took office, he had them removed. Barack Obama was more eco-friendly and had them reinstated during (and even Donald Trump left them in place!).
    10. Bookish
      The Library of Congress contains approximately 838 miles of bookshelves. Imagine having to dust that lot!!
    11. Statuesque
      The Statue of Liberty isn’t in New York, technically it’s in New Jersey. And she’s French. A gift from France, her base is inscribed in French.
    12. The Good Time State
      There are more barrels of whiskey in Kentucky than people.
    13. Howdy!
      America doesn’t have an official language. It’s not alone, Australia, Sweden, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Scotland and England are among the countries that don’t have official languages (in 2011 the Official language of Wales became Welsh, Canada has been English and French since 1969).

    Moving to America – More Useful Information

    There are several types of visa;

    Temporary Visa

    Temporary visas are predominantly based around living and working in the US for an extended period (without applying for permanent resident status). These vocational visas include;

    • L-1 Visa – For foreign workers.
    • E1 & E2 Visas – For traders and investors.
    • H-1B Visa – For specialist occupations.
    • H-2B Visa – For non-agricultural workers.

    Permanent Residence

    The three most common requirements to apply for permanent residence visas are;

    • Familial Links – Spouse, parentage, etc.
    • Fiance Visa – If you’re marrying a US citizen.
    • Employment – Your employer may help you apply for a Green Card if your work is going to be permanent.
    • EB-5 Investor – If you’re investing in the US economy and can show independent means as well as your investment.

    The US system can be complex but in many cases your employer may be able to assist if you’re moving to America for a new job.

    America has a paid healthcare system. While elderly or vulnerable citizens may be eligible for some assistance (Medicare, Medicaid), immigrants are mostly expected to have their own health insurance. Many employers provide health insurance as part of a payment package, in some cases this cover may be extended to immediate family members and dental care.

    Different health insurance plans cover different levels of healthcare so additional costs may apply, the more comprehensive the cover, the greater level of protection.

    Hospitals won’t turn away those needing care, however after treatment you will be invoiced and healthcare costs are one of the highest causes of bankruptcy in America.

    The US school system can be broken down to;

    • Elementary School – 5/6 – 11/12 years old
    • Middle School – 11/12 – 13/14 years old
    • High School – 13/14 – 17/18 years old

    There are tests at the end of each grade year and pupils must pass in order to progress to the next year. The curriculum tends to be quite broad and extra curricular activities (sport, art, theatre, science, computer, etc) are excellent offering even further learning opportunities. Many pupils attain college places and scholarship through sport, theatre, art, etc.

    A full UK driving license can be used to apply for an International Driving Permit which you can use for up to 1 year, after which you will need to apply for a US license. As with many US laws, driving regulations and requirements vary from state to state so always do your own research around current US driving laws.

    Importing your car to the US can be expensive, in general cars are cheaper to buy and cheaper to run in the States.

    Americans prefer automatic vehicles where 96% of cars are automatic. Automatics are on the rise in the UK, where currently around 54% of new car sales are now automatic.

    Most US based banks require a Social Security Number and Individual Taxpayer Identification Number in order to open an account. A number of international and UK based banks do operate in the US and you can get Wise Multi-Currency Accounts to avoid some transaction fees, however the best way to avoid fees and exchange rate issues is to have a US based bank account in place prior to your removals to America.

    Americans average 33 working hours per week compared to 37 in the UK. Legally however, Americans are entitled to less paid days off per year. In such a large country the average working wage can vary widely from state to state. US house prices are around £50,000 lower than the UK and the cost of living in the US is generally considered favourable.

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