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Eco Friendly

Moving in the right direction…

In 2016 we estimated a medium sized removal company could be producing up to 400 tons of CO2 a year. Most of this comes from vehicles, which can emit as much as 1kg of carbon for every kilometre travelled.

This revelation prompted us to make a commitment to the environment. In fact, we didn’t just want to change our own practises, we wanted to innovate, set new industry standards and encourage other removers and hauliers to move in a greener direction.

Our Environmental Pledge

As part of our eco-pledge The Armishaws Group are committed to;

Greener vehicles – Armishaws Removals

Greener Vehicles

We’ve now switched all the vehicles in our fleet to lower carbon emissions.

Trees – Armishaws Removals

2,000+ Trees

We’re planting over 2,000 trees close to our Somerset HQ to help offset carbon emissions.

Bio Degradable – Armishaws Removals

Habitat Enrichment

We’re not just planting trees and walking away, we’ve bought the land to protect vital habitat.

Recycling – Armishaws Removals

Recycled Materials

We use only recyclable and recycled materials for our moves.

Non Plastic Bubble Wrap – Armishaws Removals

No Plastic Bubble Wrap

We use a non-plastic, recyclable alternative to bubble wrap.

Acid Free Wrapping – Armishaws Removals

Acid Free Paper

Our acid free wrapping paper is better for the environment and our client’s items.


Free Box Recycling Service

We also offer a free cardboard box recycling service.

Trained, Uniformed Drivers – Armishaws Removals

Eco-friendly Driving

All our drivers undergo Eco-friendly Driver Training to reduce carbon emissions by 20%.

Protective Blankets – Armishaws Removals

Biodegradable Mattress Bags

We only use naturally biodegradable mattress bags in all our moves.

Shredding – Armishaws Removals

Getting Shredded

All materials produced from our shredding service is recycled.

Over 2,000 Trees

‘Carbon offsetting’, have become buzz words, easily used by politicians and companies to put aside environmental costs, “We can keep doing this environmentally damaging thing over here, because we’re planting some trees over there…”

Armishaws recognise a need for genuine action and an end to industrial lip-service. So, while we’re planting over 2,000 trees this isn’t merely ‘carbon offsetting’. We’re not paying for trees to be planted elsewhere. We’ve bought the land, we’re planting the trees ourselves and we’re maintaining them for the future.

We’re planting a variety of different tree species which creates a more diverse habitat for a wider selection of different species. Trees we’ve already planted include;

  • Common Oak
  • Birch
  • Sweet Chestnut
  • Sycamore
  • Black Walnut
  • Wild Cherry
  • Horse Chestnut
  • Large Leaved Lime
  • Hawthorn
  • Crab Apple

This is also only the first step of our planting plans… Watch this space!

Did you know…

One large tree can supply a day’s oxygen for four people. A mature oak tree can also produce water vapour amounting to 151,000 litres of rainwater in a single year.

Eco-Friendly Removals Company

Natural Habitat

Planting trees is a great move, we’re glad more companies are doing it. Trees aren’t just a great way to clean our air, they offer natural habitat for wildlife. This relationship between flora and fauna is symbiotic.

Insects, birds, mammals, fungus, all rely on the habitat provided by trees, but equally, trees need wildlife to help them thrive and survive. Yes, planting trees makes a difference but this is only the first step towards a greener future.

Woodland needs to be carefully maintained in order to be sustainable. That’s why we’re planting trees on our own land, so they’re allowed to mature. This is an ongoing process and as a family owned company we shall continue to maintain the land for years to come.

It’s not just good for wildlife, walking in woodland and enjoying the great outdoors can also help reduce stress and be good for wellbeing. That’s why our woodland isn’t being fenced off, so others can enjoy what we’re doing.

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Did you know…

Oak trees alone can support 2,300 different species of insects, plants, birds and animals.

Greener Materials

Boxing Clever

FSC Accreditation

We only use boxes supplied by FSC accredited manufacturers, which are made from sustainably sourced, recycled cardboard.

“What is FSC accreditation?” FSC certifies forests meet the highest environmental and social standards (both in the UK and internationally).

Lovely Bubbly
We’ve switched to non-plastic, high density bubble wrap which is non-toxic, chemically inert and fully recyclable.

Bagging Rights
Our mattress bags are single use (for health and safety) and naturally biodegradable.

It’s A Wrap!
Our teams use acid free wrapping paper, this is better for both the environment and the items it touches. Win/win!

Did you know…

The UK uses roughly 5 billion corrugated boxes every year, that’s approximately 75 boxes per person.

We Recycle Packing Materials, Armishaws Removals

Cardboard Box Recycling

We don’t just recycle our own cardboard boxes. We encourage our clients to let us take away their used cardboard boxes to be recycled too. This is a free service, available to every UK move (dates, location and staff levels permitting) to help more homes go greener.

Did you know…

In the UK, paper and cardboard make up over 40% of our total waste.

Greener Vehicles & Drivers

We run a greener fleet of vehicles and drivers. Our trucks are specially adapted to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. All our drivers have to pass Eco Driver Training so they also reduce emissions by a further 20%.

If you’re an employer or employee, you can also make a difference. Ask your transport team or supply chains what they’re doing to reduce emissions on the road. Together we can make a difference.

Armishaws Removals Company, Moving to Ireland, Europe or England

Did you know…

27% of the UK’s carbon emissions are created by vehicles.

If you’re going, go green with Armishaws.

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