Commercial Removals & Storage

Commercial Removals & Storage

Our experience in providing solutions for businesses with their moving, and storage needs will ensure that your business will encounter the least amount of disruption possible.

We provide a full range of services to help businesses relocate and store their equipment, including:

Commercial Removals and Relocation

The most important element within any business move is to ensure that any downtime is kept to the absolute minimum. Our experience and expertise in commercial relocation will ensure that your move will be completed quickly and professionally, and any disruption will be kept to a minimum.

Our Commercial Removal Consultants will compile a detailed relocation plan that will be uniquely tailored to your exact requirements. These details will link all the resources, equipment and transportation needed to the exact timeline you require.

Whether you are moving a part of your business or undertaking a complete business relocation, our relocation staff will ensure that, however far you are moving, your business and customers will not suffer.

Commercial Storage

We provide storage solutions for all of your commercial requirements. Whether you require long term or short term storage, our secure container storage system will ensure the safety and care of all your business possessions.

There are times when it becomes necessary to securely store your business equipment and stock for periods of time. We can offer the complete storage solution by using Secure Container Storage.

Archive Storage

Increasing statutory requirements to retain documents and data, efficient storage and archiving presents a problem to every successful business. Armishaws offers simple, cost effective solutions to all the document and data storage needs of your business.

Because you know your business better than anyone, Armishaws works with you to create tailor-made storage and retrieval solutions that are unique to you and suited to your business needs. From simple offsite archiving to full electronic capture, Armishaws has the experience and expertise to transform the way you do business.

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