9 Easy Tips To Make Your Rental Property Feel Like Home

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9 Easy Tips To Make Your Rental Property Feel Like Home

Just because it’s not your ‘forever home’, doesn’t mean your rental property should feel like someone else’s house. There are some easy ways to make your mark and inject your own personality on what might be a fairly dull and characterless colour scheme.

Here are a few easy and cheap ways to make your rental property feel more like home:


Check Your Contract

Some landlords will allow you to paint, re-carpet and remodel, others will insist the property is returned in exactly the state/colours when you moved in. Before you start on any renovations, decorating, additions, always check your contract or speak to your landlord or letting agent before making changes.

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Upcycle/Makeover Your Furniture

If you’re bored or simply don’t like the current décor, you don’t need to buy new, you can give your existing furniture a makeover. The internet is full of great ‘How to…” videos, tips and ideas. If you’re renting for the first time and haven’t started getting furniture yet, second-hand stores, charity shops, car boot sales, Facebook Market place are all good hunting grounds for older furniture you can upcycle and really make your own.


To Nail or Not to Nail

Remember to check your contract before hammering nails or drilling screws into the walls but if the answer is no, no problem. There are other ways to add fixings to your walls or ceilings now without destroying them in the process. Pop down to explore your local hardware store or supermarket and you’ll find stainless/hole-free alternatives that won’t lose you your deposit.

Choose A Colour Scheme

Most rental properties are usually a blank canvas, with white walls and some neutral flooring, it gives you the opportunity to put your own stamp on it. Light coloured walls and flooring are great for opening up the space but adding colour and patterns back in will bring warmth and personality into your new home. Try a statement piece of furniture as your centre-piece, this will be a good place to start decorating. Once you have chosen your focal point you can work colours and styles around it.

On the other hand, your new property might already have certain unchangeable qualities, like a brightly coloured wall or a certain style/period. Don’t fight with what you have, as this can sometimes work against you. Try to incorporate the colour/style you want into the textiles you choose or try finding items that match with the style/period of property.

Adding Plants Can Change The Feel of a Room

Plants are a great way to liven up a room, especially if your property doesn’t have any outside space. High or low maintenance, take your pick! Bringing the outside in doesn’t need to be hard work, and they are great for softening up any space. No matter what type of property you live in, you can find plants to suit your needs. For example, if your property is lacking in light there are many types that will suit low light settings. Or if you are looking for some plants to brighten up your bathroom, try plants that thrive on a bit of humidity.

Plants are also good for the body too and help improve the quality of indoor air. Why not try growing some herbs for the kitchen too, these can make great fresh ingredients to add to your cooking!


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    Rugs & Throws Are Quick, Cheap & Colourful

    If you are struggling with a boxy room or draughty flooring, try experimenting with textiles to make your home as cosy as possible. If you aren’t able to paint your walls the colour you’d really like, why not try a wall hanging? Textiles are easy, non-permanent and you can take them with you. It’s also a simple way to transform any sofa or chair. Try purchasing some rugs too, these will cosy up any hard flooring and help to keep it feeling warmer in the colder weather.

    Textiles are also a great cover for any pre-furnished properties; especially old looking sofas. Try layering some throws and cushions, these can easily modernise or hide any tired furniture and are cheaper than buying a whole new suite!

    Use Lighting To Set The Mood

    Lighting can make all the difference in your rental property, a top tip is to try to avoid any bright white lights as these can make rooms feel cold and uninviting. Try using warmer white bulbs to add a cosier atmosphere. Also, why not experiment with a variety of different lamps, fairy lights or even candles as they don’t only add ambience to your property, but also allow you to control your use of electricity a lot more easily.

    Get Personal With Photos & Art

    Photos are one of the easiest ways to personalise your new home, as we’ve all got old ones lying around and you don’t need much to make them look nice either. Get some textured, colourful frames or simply a cheap pin board will do to display all your old snaps. Art doesn’t have to be hard to find either, it is a lot cheaper and more accessible these days with an abundance of online print sellers.

    It can also be easy to make. You don’t need to be Rembrandt to try splashing paint onto a cheap canvas. Once again, there are ideas and videos online so give it a bash! The result will be so much more personal than anything you can buy, and it’ll be truly unique.

    Add Smaller Details

    Ornaments are another fun way to make it ‘you’. Once again, charity stores, junk shops and car boot fairs are good hunting grounds. You can always find smaller items to makeover, spraying items gold, yellow or neon can really add a bit of kitsch fun and colour drama. Go for it, you’ll be surprised with the results and it’ll get your creative juices flowing.

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