Removals to France

Removals to France

Although times are a little uncertain for a post Brexit UK, you may be considering joining the many Britons who are bringing forward their long-term plans of packing up and relocating to France from the UK, whilst perhaps being a little anxious about what is to come.

At the moment British citizens do not need a visa or a residence permit to live, work or study in France. Brexit may have complicated things and as of yet no one knows what the deal will be for those Brits who head to France from the UK, but many people are making the most of the EU’s freedom of movement and moving their life over the Channel to build up their residency rights before the Brexit deadline.

So, why move to France?

France is one of our most popluar European removal destinations and after crossing the channel more times than we can remember and helping families start their life in France, we can see why! It’s famous for its slower pace of life (outside of Paris of course), but what else has France got to offer?


Hot summer days are a major pulling point for Brits wanting to move abroad, the South of France in particular is well known for long sunny days and a calendar packed full of activitives and events! Whilst the French love new-build homes, British buyers prefer the more traditional village houses, farmhouses and country houses with more character and you’ll find plenty of choice to enjoy relaxing summers where life moves at a much slower pace.

It is good to remember that like the UK, the winters can be cold and wet, sometimes lasting long periods of time. Many people shut up their homes and businesses for the winter in search of warmer climates and a break after a busy summer so it can feel a little quiet! Make sure you stock up on good films and indoor activities for those truly cold and rainy days that are best spent inside.

Fine Dining, Fine Wines

We cannot talk about France without talking about the cusine. Food and drink are cherished in France and so much of the country is given over to vineyards and farming meaning that every corner you visit will have something new to try.

If you are planning your move to France you have probably thought about all the culinary delights that will be on offer right on your doorstep from warm breads and amazing cheeses to more wines than you could ever need.

In the smaller towns ouside the hustle and bustle of Paris, many places are closed on Sundays and Monday mornings. Make sure you stock up on groceries Saturday or you will be relying on raiding the cupboards at meal times.


If you’re moving to France and prefer a faster pace of life, you might find yourself on the slopes of the Alps taking advantage of all these beautiful mountains have to offer.

There is a real traditional charm to skiing in France with many of the resorts run by locals who know the area inside out. If you’re planning a move to France, the great transport links mean that it is really easy to get stuck in both on and off-piste. From the valley floor to the top of the highest ski pistes, there are some truly unbelievable sights to behold so it is well worth a visit no matter where you choose to live in France.


We have visited many regions in France moving the belongings of Britons looking for a new way of life and no matter what you are after, France seems to have it!

From miles of stunning coastline, beautiful countryside dotted with lush meadows and bucolic farmland, picturesque villages, charming towns full of history and beautiful chateaux to the very glamorous Cannes and Monaco to the south and of course the rolling Alps, there really is something for everyone.

If you prefer the busy and engaging life in the big city, you will probably choose Paris as your new home. However if you prefer to enjoy wandering around local markets and the draw of a friendly small-scale community, you will probably opt for a French village further in the French countryside and small towns.

Removals to France

The official date for Brexit is 29th March 2019 at 11pm with a 21 month transition period meaning that depending on what is agreed, freedom of movement could continue until 31st December 2020. However with all of this unknown, now is as good a time as every to take the plunge and move to France.

We offer a full door to door service with our French removals so whether you’re taking the time to de-clutter and moving a small load or you have a large family house full of memories that you wish to take with you, contact Armishaws for a FREE no obligation European removals quote.

Our France removals service is designed to give you complete piece of mind so that you can focus your time on starting your new life in France and getting immerced in all that the country has to offer.

Contact us on 0800 917 1015 to chat to a member of the team about your move or use our overseas removal form to start your enquiry.

For more detailed and up to date information on moving to France, especially in this uncertain time, please visit the Direct GOV website where you will find all that you need before starting your new life in France.


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