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    Rated 'Excellent'
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    Family Owned
Established 1973

    Family Owned
    Established 1973

    British Association
of Removers

    British Association
    of Removers

    Eco Friendly

    Eco Friendly

    Removals Service Includes

    We’ll create a bespoke plan to give you a worry-free relocation.

    All our packages include…

    • Removal Coordinator
      Removal Coordinator
      A dedicated Removal Coordinator will be assigned to your move.
    • Mileage
      Your quote will include mileage to ensure there are no hidden costs.
    • Cover for Goods in Transit
      Cover for Goods in Transit
      We offer restricted liability as standard, further options are available.
    • Carbon Footprint Offsetting
      Carbon Footprint Offsetting
      We’re planting over 2,000 trees to offset our carbon emissions.
    •  Trained, Uniformed Staff
      Trained, Uniformed Staff
      All Armishaws’ crew members are background checked and carry photo ID.
    • Recycled Materials
      Recycled Materials
      Our crews use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.
    • Covers & Blankets
      Covers & Blankets
      White goods and furniture are protected with slot-on, padded covers.
    • Carpet Runners
      Carpet Runners
      Full floor protection is also available at both locations (fees may apply).
    • Used Box Recycling Service
      Used Box Recycling Service
      Flat, used boxes can be collected (location dependent, fees may apply).
    • Robe Cartons
      Robe Cartons
      Your clothes will travel in style with specialist boxes for hanging garments.
    • Storage Options
      Storage Options
      Short and long term storage, with collection and delivery also available (fees may apply).
    • Biodegradable Mattress Bags
      Biodegradable Mattress Bags
      These sealable bags are only used once, then recycled.

    What our customers say...

    Armishaws Removals

    Why choose Armishaws for your move...

    Established in 1973, Armishaws are a family run company based here in the South West. We believe in greener removals, we’re planting 2,000 trees in the region to offset the carbon emissions of your move. We’re members of the British Association of Removers and operate to the highest standards of customer care and financial security. All our crews are trained to ensure you receive the best customer service, so you can rest assured that your possessions are well cared for in transit and in storage. With our high Trustpilot rating and reviews from so many happy customers, you can be sure that with Armishaws your move is in good hands.

    Greener Moves

    As part of our commitment to reducing the impact of our removals on the environment…

    2,000 Trees

    We’re planting 2,000 trees to help offset carbon emissions and create vital habitat for wildlife.

    Box Recycling Service

    We collect your boxes to re-use or recycle, giving you one less thing to worry about (dependent on location, fees may apply).

    Recycled Boxes

    All our boxes and soft packaging are made from recycled and recyclable materials to protect your belongs and the environment.

    Greener Vehicles

    Our teams drive greener vehicles and all our drivers go through driver efficiency training to reduce the amount of fuel used.

    Acid Free Wrapping

    We use acid free tissue paper which is not only better for the environment, acid free paper is also far better for your items.

    Biodegradable Mattress Bags

    We use sealable bags to help protect your mattresses while in transit, each bag is used only once before being recycled.

    Make your move greener
    with Armishaws.

    See our Eco Pledge here...

    Staying Local

    Armishaws cover the area including;

    • Chalgrove
    • Wallingford
    • Dry Sandford
    • Marcham
    • Sutton Courtney
    • Dorchester
    • Berinsfield
    • Shippon
    • Kingston Bagpuise
    • Sandford-on-Thames

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    7 Quirky Facts About Abingdon

    1. Desperately Dull
      In Jerome K Jerome’s 1889 novel Three Men in a Boat he said of Abingdon “Abingdon is a typical country town of the smaller order — quiet, eminently respectable, clean, and desperately dull.” We heartily disagree, in fact not only do we disagree, we can prove that Abingdon has been anything but dull. It’s not even been particularly respectable!?! If you want to know more about a town with a colourful and at times murderous history, read on…
    2. Married Monk
      Abingdon’s relationship with its abbey hasn’t been smooth. At times the abbey hasn’t even ‘played nicely’ in its own cloisters. In the Middle Ages the church was incredibly powerful and at times a law unto itself. But one Abbot (head monk) took things a little far when he married a nun from the nearby Littlemore Priory. Monks (and Abbots) were supposed to give up affairs of the heart and as a result of his actions the monks revolted, the Abbot was kicked out of the order and moved to Banbury (presumably with his wife).
    3. All Kicking Off
      The Abbey and townsfolk remained at odds on a number of issues. Around 1310 the abbey used the town’s common land to graze its cattle which upset the locals. In return the town refused to pay its taxes (profit from the town’s market that the church demanded a share of). The abbot sent a summons demanding the town stand trial and be forced to pay. However, before the trial took place the abbot drowned when a boat he was travelling on capsized. Divine influence or local skulduggery?!?
    4. Bad to Worse
      But that was just round 1! The next bout happened during a town meeting in 1327 when the two sides butted heads again, things got pretty heated and the abbots returned to the abbey. The following night the townsfolk decide stronger action was needed, they attacked the abbey and burnt other buildings to the ground. The abbey fought back. The abbey’s defenders killed two townsmen and took a number prisoner; “Certain men sallied out of the gate and violently falling on the malefactors, killed two of them and put the rest to flight. They took a number of men, all of which they put in the Abbey prison”. The casual riot was now turning into all out war! The town called on the people of Oxford for help. On March the 25th Oxford’s mayor arrived. The combined force stormed the abbey again, attacking from all sides, eventually opening the main doors, freeing the prisoners and killing some of the monks. The rest fled in fear of their lives.
    5. Return of the Monks
      That isn’t the end of the tale. The Abbot ran all the way to King Henry III and returned with the King’s troops. Retribution has handed out, some of the rioters fled, some were imprisoned, 12 were hanged and 60 were eventually pardoned. But too much bad blood had been spilled (and necks stretched!). The town continued to protest against the unfair grip the abbey had on the town, its freedoms and finances. Further riots occurred in 1431 (the ringleaders hanged) and the 1800’s (the ringleaders sent to Australia and their descendants forced to suffer a life of Neighbours, Home & Away and bad haircuts!). There is a strange end to the tail. In 1538 Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries put an end to the abbey and its greedy ways. The town rejoiced… A bit too quickly. Without the influence of the powerful monastery, the town suffered an economic downturn. And in the 1980s was also made to suffer Neighbours.
    6. Law & Disorder
      Around 1600 the town’s authorities decreed that the man of every house should “have a good and sufficient club, ready when need shall require it”. This neighbourhood watch/mob would roam the streets where “much evil rule and disorder is kept and used.” Gradually the watch became more organised. But less useful. In 1735 the leader of the watch was docked his pay (by now they were hired positions) as he had allowed pigs to run rampage through the streets.
    7. Kings & Betrayals
      Still think Abingdon is dull Mr Jerome? How about its association with kings? In 926 King Athelstan (Alfred the Great’s grandson) met a French delegation in Abingdon. Henry III became a regular visitor as did King John who was very good friends (unsurprisingly) with the Abbot. 1403, Henry IV stationed his troops in the town during the War of the Roses. Henry VI was captured after being betrayed by a monk from Abingdon. Henry VII paid a visit to the abbey. Henry VIII fled to Abingdon with his wife and entire royal court to avoid an epidemic that was plaguing the people of London. 1644 King Charles made Abingdon a base for his army, the Parliamentarians weren’t too pleased, once again it kicked off on the streets of Abingdon and the town had its first full scale battle. The last royal visit to the town was perhaps the most ghastly of all. Queen Elizabeth II visited the town and how did they treat Her Majesty? They sent forth a troop of Morris Dancers. Truly hideous!

    Abingdon – Local Info

    Schools – There are a number of schools and nurseries in the Abingdon area. View full reports and Ofsted scores.

    Population – Abingdon had a population of 33,130 in the 2011 YouGov census.

    Transport – 7 miles south of Oxford on the A34, Abingdon is 20 minutes from the M4, offering routes to London, South Wales and the South West. There is currently no train station in the town but there is a regular bus service to Oxford. Oxford is also the location of the closest international airport.

    News – The Herald carries Abingdon current affairs, upcoming events and sports news.

    Best of Abingdon

    Here’s a look at some of our favourite independents;

    Wells Farm Shop

    Home to a great selection of award-winning cheeses, produce fresh from the farm, sundries, a deli and amazing café, it’s the best way to do the weekly shop!

    Peach Croft Farm, OX14 2HP

    Behind Bars Cycles

    At Behind Bars customer service is everything. It’s no wonder so many customers go back again and again to this much loved, locally run bike shop and repair service.

    21-27 Ock Street, OX14 5AJ

    Willows Shake Shop

    More than just a café (but it is a bloomin’ great café!), Willows showcases local arts and artisan creators. So, you can meet friends, enjoy good food and pick up a fab gift or trinket.

    41 Stert Street, OX14 3JF

    Loose Canon Brewing Co

    Not just a great Oxfordshire brewery, this is one of our favourite breweries anywhere! Loose Canon is craft beer at its absolute best. Try their tap room and see for yourselves.

    Suffolk Way, OX14 5JX

    Added Ingredients

    Love food? Then you’ll love Added Ingredients who share a passion for food and cooking plus a great knowledge of ingredients. Cookware, fine wines, rare treats… They have it all!

    14-16 Stert Street, OX14 3JP

    About Abingdon

    It’s always the quiet ones. Anyone passing through Abingdon would not suspect the incredible history that lies behind this wonderfully/surprisingly quirky town. From the “I can’t believe it!” history of intrigue, betrayal, rabble rousing and rebellion, to the quietly innovative town of today, Abingdon does like to be different. So, while you will find the big chain stores, there are also new and exciting local shops taking back the high street while helping the environment and supporting other local commerce and services.


    There are two golf courses within 10 minutes of Abingdon. There is also a rowing club, paddling club, three good parks including the Meadows, Abingdon Park and Abbey Gardens plus a leisure centre, swimming pool, cycles lanes and plenty of open space. History buffs can check out Abingdon Museum. Foodies will find a great selection of restaurants and cafes plus food events throughout the year.


    20 minutes from the M4 and just 7 minutes from the historic city of Oxford, Abingdon lies on the A34 that runs from Newbury to Bicester. There is no train station but regular buses run to Oxford which is also home to the nearest airport.

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