Emergency Storage

Emergency Storage Solutions

In today’s modern world we never know when we will need storage at short notice. The most pressing need for emergency or urgent storage is when a disaster has struck such as a fire or in recent years the massive flooding that has engulfed much of the country.

In the event of a disaster our disaster recovery services can transport your or your businesses possessions quickly, safely and efficiently to one of secure storage depots.

We have provided secure, safe and dry storage for many years and in light of the increasing need for urgent, and emergency, storage we are further expanding our focus and capacity. We now have 4000 storage containers in three locations around the UK offering a safe, secure and dry storage solution.

We can provide urgent and emergency storage for:

• Business

• Homes

• Personal storage

• Temporary or long term storage

Urgent storage is sometimes needed when you are moving house and your new home is either not quite ready or part of your chain has broken down. We can help by providing urgent short term storage for you household possessions.

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