How To Pack Shoes for Moving

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How To Pack Shoes for Moving

For many movers, ensuring their shoes make the trip safely is a genuine concern. How to pack shoes for moving can be trickier than it seems, unless you store all your shoes in their original boxes you are left with lots of awkward shaped items that need extra protection.


So, with our best foot forward, here are some easy tips and tricks to get your boots, heels, trainers and flats safely to your new home in perfect condition when moving house.


Have A Shoe Sale

Moving home is the perfect time to have a clear out and get rid of unwanted shoes. If you can, get ruthless. But make sure you stay green, wearable shoes could go to charity shops or you can sell them on Marketplace or ebay, make a few pennies and…. Get new shoes!


Get Them Stuffed

Stuff shoes with old socks, material or old wrapping paper (something that many people don’t take with them and often throw away rather than find a use for) to prevent them getting crushed or crumpled. If you do use wrapping paper, only use it inside your shoes and make sure you scrunch it up so that the print is on the inside of the bundle and not touching the shoe.


Seasonal Shoes

You have your entire home contents to unpack already, so box up those winter boots and the wellies and leave them tucked away until the weather changes to give yourself one less thing to worry about unpacking for now.


Make Your Mark

Remember to clearly mark all boxes so you’re not spending time trying to find your shoes at the other end.


Pillowcase Makeover

If you haven’t kept all the original shoe boxes, old pillowcases and bedding can be used to make shoe bags. If you’re a bit handy with a sewing machine, cut up old bedding or T-shirts and create small shoe bags to keep each pair separate and protect them from rubbing/scratching each other.


Gift Bags

Another thing that many people often have tucked away and tend to throw out before a move are gift bags. That corner of the loft filled with Christmas gift bags you think you’ll rescue one day are now the perfect thing to put your shoes in if your sewing skills aren’t so hot/non-existent.



Where possible, try and wrap each shoe in cloth or paper so pairs can’t damage each other. Use acid proof paper (brown wrapping paper can often be acid-free) as it’s kinder to your shoes and the environment.


Just Like The Ark

If you’re a trainer addict, tie the laces together to ensure they travel in pairs, seems obvious but you’ll be amazed how many people complete their move to find one shoe missing!


Freeze That Fragrance

If someone has stinky feet and you’re already worried about boxing their shoes up for a prolonged period, you can place them in a freezer (inside a dry bag) overnight. The sub-zero temperature kills the bacteria that causes bad odors. Baking powder can also help remove nasty niffs.


Quick Scrub Up

It’s also a good idea to make sure all shoes are clean and well-polished. This will stop them getting dirty or drying out, the polish can also prevent them getting scuffed while in transit.


High & Dry

If you’ve cleaned your shoes, or there are pairs that might be a bit wet, make sure you get them completely dry before packing them away. Moisture is primary major cause of shoe odors, so place them in an airing cupboard or somewhere warm and dry before packing them.


Bottom Up

As you fill larger boxes, make sure to place the heavier shoes on the bottom and work up to the lighter ones on top.


Box Fresh

Once your shoes are finally boxed up, place an air freshener (car fresheners also work) inside the larger box to ensure they arrive smelling good.


Call In The Experts

If the anxiety of packing and moving is playing on your mind, call in the pros. Our crews are trained for all kinds of packing and can take care of single items, full rooms or your entire house contents.

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