How Can Removals Help? – Quick Guide

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How Can Removals Help? – Quick Guide

Moving home certainly isn’t something you do every day and can be a little bit daunting. In fact, moving house often appears in top 5 lists of most stressful life events. Having the right removals company in your corner can make all the difference between a happy, “They took care of everything for us.” kind of move and a “THAT WAS THE WORST DAY EVER!” nightmare experience.

Here’s a quick Q&A of how removals could and should help you.


What does a removals company offer?

A good company will give you knowledge, skills and of course plenty of safe hands on the day. They should also provide financial security (should anything go wrong). Floor coverings, recyclable boxes, padded furniture covers, a dedicated coordinator so you have a single, constant point of contact, storage options (if required), cover for your possessions while in transit, but mostly experience. Every move is different, there will always be something unexpected but a reliable experienced team will have seen it all before and know every solution.

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How to choose the right company for you.

You need to find a company that can offer you the flexibility and security that suits you. Don’t get just one quote. Equally, we wouldn’t recommend going for the cheapest (do you really want to entrust all your possessions to someone based on how cheap they can do the job?). Can they provide all the services you require? Are all their staff trained and go through a background security check? Work out what matters and ask those questions.

Find more tips on choosing the right removals company here.

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What to consider.

Size and budget can also matter. A man with a van can be perfectly adequate for smaller moves and is a better lower priced solution. If you have precious items, a larger move, want to be 100% confident you won’t be let down, a larger, more experienced company could be better.

Alternatively, you might want a company that share your green credentials. Some movers are taking great steps to reduce their carbon impact and make your relocation more environmentally friendly, ask them about their eco-credentials.
Or you might require specific services, make a list of exactly what you need;

  • Packing
  • Overnight storage
  • Short/long term storage
  • Furniture assembly
  • Cover for possessions in transit
  • International shipping services
  • Specialist handling
  • etc

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Are video surveys ok?

Yes, in a modern world video surveys are perfectly acceptable using smartphones or tablets. You can still speak to the removal company on the phone to find out more about their service. And of course do your research about any company before signing on the dotted line.


What to look out for.

A good removals company will have the right accreditation. We always recommend using a company that is a member of the British Association of Removers. This means they must adhere to a strict code of working practises that protects clients, staff and takes account of things like good environmental practices. It also gives you greater financial protection should anything go wrong. But do your research. A company might claim to be a BAR member but by checking the BAR website or making a quick call you can be sure.

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Do your research.

It’s always good to be recommended a removals company, that way you’ll know they have delivered good service to someone who’s opinion you trust. If you can’t get a personal recommendation, then check out prospective companies online. While there are a number of websites offering to give ‘Removals Reviews’ these are paid platforms and removals companies can pay to get positive reviews. So check independent review websites like Trustpilot, Which or even Facebook. Don’t merely look at scores, but read reviews, see what people are saying and importantly how a company responds. This will give you a good indication of whether they’re the right fit for you.

Moving Day Planning


Should I pay upfront.

No. A good company won’t ask you to pay the entire amount weeks prior to your move. You might be asked to pay a small deposit to secure your dates and many companies require full payment the day before your move, but you should never pay huge sums way in advance. If you do feel you’re being pressured into paying, then find a company that feels more comfortable to deal with. It’s your move. Your money. A good removals company will respect your custom and treat you accordingly.

Should I Pay Upfront?


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    Choosing the services that suit you.

    Financial security should a given, so you know you’re getting what you pay for and a team will turn up on the day, so be sure to ask what assurances they offer. You’re paying for your move, so what do you want for your money? Packing services, furniture disassembly/assembly, security checked staff, overnight quick storage, long-term storage, experience of international removals (these are a whole different kettle of poisson). Some companies will have different areas of expertise so make sure they can supply the right service to suit your exact needs.

    Removals Planning


    How can I make my move easier?

    Get organised early, otherwise you could end up losing sleep over how much still needs to be done. People can underestimate the time it can take to pack goods securely and safely. Never wait until the last minute and make sure that every item is accounted for. Labelling boxes means you or your movers can deliver them to the right room and you can see exactly what’s inside by creating an inventory of boxes. Computers and technology should be wrapped separately, and all data should be backed up. Take extra precautions for items with a screen to ensure they won’t get damaged or broken in transport. Making checklists is another great way to avoid mistakes and be prepared for any eventuality. Having an idea of which rooms furniture will be going to can speed up the move, as the removals team can place everything where requested and save you from moving it around later.

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    How much does a removal cost?

    The general price of a removal depends on the size of property/number of rooms (and therefore the amount of items to be moved), outbuildings, extra services (packing, assembly, storage, etc), distance between properties, whether your team will be required for multiple days… Some items may need specialist care when packing or unloading. All these will affect the price. A good removals company will give you a bespoke quote based on your exact needs, charging you for the service you need, not simply pricing it on a one price fits all basis.

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    What are the most vital things to go on my checklist?

    Decluttering, informing people of change of address (including your driving license, car insurance, etc), planning/acquiring packing materials/boxes, assessing what you need to move, checking loft/outdoor storage areas, creating a room by room inventory, checking access to your property (are there any roadworks planned, parking issues), informing/cancelling service suppliers. You can then create an order to get things done in the countdown to your move.

    Removals Checklist


    What can go wrong?

    Removal teams not turning up on time, or even at all (we do hear of crews simply not showing up because they got a better paid gig). Damaged goods (not uncommon when entire house loads of things are being transported, some of which may not be as well wrapped as they should be). Vehicles breaking down. Vehicles being too big to gain access. Most problems can and will be avoided by a reputable and experienced removals company. One problem we sometimes find is clients aren’t always totally honest about things. The more you tell your removals in advance (especially things that might be problematic), the better service and easier the move will be on the day.

    Moving House Mistakes


    How can I save money?

    Do your own packing, ask friends and family to help, hire your own van (check your driving license to see what you’re qualified to drive), buy your own packing materials, reduce the amount being moved be decluttering your house, plan food shopping (through our blogs you’ll find a number of articles that can help save you money. Smaller moves can be done without a large, professional team but you should give yourself a little more time to plan. A good removals company will save you headaches, they bring experience/knowledge to negotiate problems and provide financial security as well as peace of mind.

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