How Can Removals Help?- a Quick Guide

How Can Removals Help?- a Quick Guide

Moving can be a difficult and stressful process. Removals companies offer a range of services from packing and transport, to cleaning and inventories, in order to help with the task of moving. Whether it be an office, a house, or an even larger load, movers can offer an individually designed removals package depending on your requirements and belongings.

Why hire a removal company?

The process of moving into a new home can be a really stressful time, especially the packing and transportation of belongings. Trying to complete this task on your own or with family cam cause unnecessary strain, and be tiring and overwhelming, when it doesn’t need to be. Professional movers are trained in doing all that for you and aim to alleviate any stresses and give peace of mind. They also greatly reduce removal time through using the equipment needed to handle the move and have the experience in dealing with prized possessions. Some people may consider using a van or taking multiple trips, but professional movers take care with your items, ensuring they are wrapped and packed properly, and work to make just one trip. Of course, you want your prized possessions to arrive at your new location in the same condition they were in originally. With removal firms, these belongings are under the care of movers who have insurance coverage and the knowledge and experience for a safer and reliable move. There is method in the process, so that much more can be done. There are certain removal tricks to make transporting goods even easier, including taping up cabinets and drawers with goods in, so that not everything has to go in a box. If you leave the moving to the movers, you are free to then take care of other things and focus elsewhere.

How can I make my move easier?

You need to make sure you are organised and planned, otherwise you will end up losing sleep over how much needs to be done. Starting early is key, as most people can underestimate the time it can take to pack goods securely and safely. Never wait until the last minute and make sure that every item is accounted for. It is better to take your time and be careful. Labelling boxes can make locating them before and after a move time efficient and reduces the risk of losing anything. Most people forget to mark their goods, and then find unpacking take a dramatic amount longer than they first thought. Computers and technology should be wrapped separately, and all data should be backed up. Take more precautions with these to ensure they won’t get damaged or broken in transport. Making checklists are a great way to avoid mistakes and be prepared for any eventuality. To check you haven’t missed anything, and to stick to deadlines, set goals and stick to them. Planning is the best way to be prepared and make the overall move easier. Having an idea of where the furniture may go, in advance, can speed up the move, as the removals team can place everything where requested, and therefore save you moving it around in the future.

How much does a removal cost?

The general price of a removal depends on several factors, for example the accessibility of the two locations, the distance between the properties, timing of the move, the volume of items that need packing etc. The price will be less for relocating to the local area as opposed to overseas, and the general rule is the further you travel, the higher the cost. Any special care items, such as art, antiques or technology, may require more time packing and moving, and the cost of handling these items will be relative to the value of the item or the cost of hiring specialist equipment. The aim of the move is to give peace of mind that every item is safe, and through our specialist team providing a comprehensive packing service, and our removal team offering a friendly, professional service, we have been commended for our value of money and quality.

What are the most vital things to go on my checklist?

Being ruthless is an important factor of moving. A fresh start can be made better by getting rid of any clutter, so sending you old clothes to a charity shop, or selling any unwanted possessions, can be a fantastic way to reduce the amount moved and start afresh. Letting people know you are moving saves a lot of hassle, especially with your bank, insurers, credit card companies, especially if you have a date prepared so you can redirect your post. Having a special ‘moving day’ box will make the first few hours in your new home relaxed and comfortable, so preparing any essentials into one box will take the edge off what is quite an intense day.

Why should I choose Armishaws?

Armishaws is a family owned removals business that has been running since the 1970s. We hold Europe’s highest removal standards, and work within stringent health and safety procedures. We try to minimise the environmental impact of each of our operations, as detailed in our environmental policy. We offer full or partial loads for any number of items, no matter how big or small, and can individually tailor a service to fit your every need. Using our large fleet of vehicles from our 6 branches based all-throughout the UK, we can move you anywhere in the UK, and further afield. We have vast experience with international removals and have established excellent working relationships with major shipping companies over the years, who deal regularly with local customs. We can also help arrange the safe transportation of pets, and guide you through the removals process, allowing your move to run as smoothly as possible. We also offer a free survey, free advice and a same day quote, regardless of size and distance, to help you understand your move better, and to make the overall process less stressful.


How can I get in touch?

We are always happy to talk to you about your requirements, whether you are moving in the UK or overseas, relocating your business or looking for storage space. For free advice and a quotation, call freephone 0800 917 1015, to call our head office for enquiries, call 01963 34065 or to find out where your nearest branch is, visit

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