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* Latest Update – Nov 2022 *

At present collections have been suspended. The majority of refugees have now been safely housed close to the border or in other European nations including here in the UK, such as those close to our own Wincanton head office. You can read one such refugee story in the New Blackmore Vale Magazine.

We cannot thank every enough that helped support our appeal in collecting over 8 tonnes of aid.

Armishaws Ukraine Appeal, Happy Kids receive aid

* Update – April 2022 *

A huge thank you to everyone that has donated. We estimate we have collected and transported over 7 tonnes of aid so far.

We are continuing to collect donations but the focus has switched. Our counterparts in Poland are telling us the priority is now food.

You can still help, see the list below.

We recently received this email from a Ukrainian refugee, thanking everyone for their support.
Read her letter and account of leaving Ukraine here.

Fleeing Ukraine.

Ukraine Refugee Children in Poland. With Donations from Ukraine Appeal. Armishaws Removals.

Your donations arrive in Poland.

Ukraine Refugee Children in Poland. With Donations from Ukraine Appeal. Armishaws Removals.

Armishaws help send aid to Ukraine Refugees

The Armishaws Group are appealing for donations for Ukrainian refugees.

Our teams at our depots are sorting items ready for loading and then sending your donations direct to centres in Poland to be given to refugees fleeing the conflict.


Items that are needed…

  • Dried foods 
  • Dried baby milk 
  • Packet soups/noodles 
  • Nappies
  • Rice/pasta
  • Instant foods
  • Toiletries
  • Sanitary products
  • Adult incontinence products
  • Medicines
  • First aid – bandages/anti-septic
  • Children’s toys
  • Spring clothing – ladies/kids/teenagers
  • Trainers – kids/teenagers
  • Men’s jumpers/sweaters
  • Men’s boots – military type
  • Washing detergent

Please do not bring prescription medicine.


You can donate items at any of our depots;


Between 9:30am – 4:00pm
Monday – Friday

Anyone donating items is kindly asked to only leave items between 9:30am – 4:00pm so they can be gathered out of wet weather.

We’re planning regular trips, your items will be included in our next run.

Thank you.

Armishaws Removals help with Ukraine Refugee Donations

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