Armishaws’ Ukrainian Aid Appeal – Update

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Armishaws’ Ukrainian Aid Appeal – Update

A HUGE thank you to everyone that has helped donate aid for our Ukrainian Appeal. So far your incredible generosity has meant we’ve sent 15 pallets of aid (clothes, food, toys, toiletries, bedding, shoes), amassing over 7 tonnes of much needed support to displaced people arriving in Poland.

We received the following letter from Sofia, who made the difficult journey from Ukraine.

I would like to express my gratitude for the entire indescribable support that we are receiving from you.

It is difficult to express in words how crucial your help is. I’m a mother of a 5-year-old daughter, which whom I have stood for almost 24 hours on the Ukrainian-Polish border crossing during the first day of the war. There were a lot of people standing there with me, and fear was all that could be sensed in the air. Standing there I knew that a couple of kilometres ahead was my sister, on Polish side of the border, and that there was safety waiting for me.

However, many of the women that stood next to me with their children had no one waiting for them, they did not know where they would sleep or if they would have something to eat. They did not know if they would be able to wash their children. Sometimes the women did not have enough strength to carry their bags with them and would leave them on the pavement. Some of them only took very small bags with them as they had no time to pack themselves nor their children.

After a while a lot of people had nothing to drink, and some begun to lose consciousness. When the night has come, that is when we began fearing the most, as it was very cold, temperatures were falling below 0 degrees, and we were all still on the Ukrainian side of the border. The children were crying out of cold, tiredness and out of fear of not knowing what would happen to them. There were drones flying over us – now I think that they were belonging to the press or to the police, but then I was afraid of them, I was thinking only about possible provocations or bombardment.

When I crossed the border, I was very happy to see my sister waiting for me with hot tea, it was already after almost 24 hours that we managed to cross it. There was a lot of help waiting for everyone that was crossing. I knew that now, thanks to the good people that were helping, Irina, who was crossing the border with her newborn child next to me, will now have somewhere to sleep as well as food to eat.

At that moment I was calm as I knew that all women crossing the border will receive help. Your hearts are enormous, thank you very much, each one of you.

Sofia Kobilnyk


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