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    ECMT International Removals Permit

    ECMT International
    Removals Permit

    British Association of Removers

    British Association
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    Eco Friendly Removals

    Eco Friendly

    Moving To Cyprus Made Easy

    Forms & Declarations

    Moving to Europe does involve a little more complexity than staying in the UK. To avoid being buried in paperwork or the extra stress of a European removal, our expert team are on hand to help you through the process. You’ll be allocated your own Removals Coordinator to assist you.

    • Customs Declarations
    • Residence Permit
    • Port Customs Agents
    • Golden Visa

    Let our experienced team take the worry from your big move.

    Our Removals Service Includes…

    Worry-free removals, to and from Cyprus.

    What our customers say...

    Armishaws International Removals to Cyprus and Removals from Cyprus.

    Why move with Armishaws…

    • We’ll proved you with a dedicated Removals Coordinator to assist you throughout your relocation.
    • Armishaws carry the ECMT International Removals Permit, which removal companies are legally required to have to move homes on the continent.
    • We’re a member of the British Association of Removers, giving you greater financial protection.
    • We’re green. Armishaws are committed to reducing the impact of every move on the environment.
    • Because our clients rate us “Excellent” on independent review site Trustpilot.

    Eco-Friendly Moves

    Armishaws are committed to reducing the environmental impact of every move.


    2,000 Trees

    We’re planting over 2,000 trees to help lessen the impact of carbon emission and create vital habitat for wildlife.

    Recycled Materials

    Recycled Materials

    We use recycled and recyclable materials for all our boxes and packaging which is better for your belongs and the environment.

    Greener Vehicles

    Greener Fleet

    We operate a fleet of greener vehicles, plus our drivers go through eco-efficiency training to reduce the amount of fuel we use.

    Acid Free Paper

    Acid Free Wrapping

    Using acid free tissue paper is not only better for your items, it’s also kinder for the environment. Win/win!

    Bio-degradable Mattress Bags

    Biodegradable Mattress Bags

    Our crews seal mattresses in single use, biodegradable bags to protect them in transport. All bags are then recycled.

    Make your move greener

    with Armishaws. See our Eco Pledge here...

    7 Quirky Facts

    1. In The Present
      The Roman General Mark Antony gave Cyprus to the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra as a gift. How he wrapped it we have no idea!
    2. Bit of A Do
      Cyprus is the only foreign country to have hosted an English royal wedding when King Richard the Lionheart married Berengaria, the daughter of King Sancho VI of Navarre, on the 12th of May, 1191, on his way to the Crusades.
    3. Well, well, well
      Cyprus is a predominantly dry country and wells have been dug for thousands of years. Some of the country’s oldest wells date back over 10,500 years and were built during the Neolithic period (that’s even older than our Marketing Manager’s wallet opening ceremony!).
    4. Hello love!
      According the legend Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, was born in Cyprus. The island also features Mount Olympus, where the Gods set up home after defeating the Titans.
    5. Fine Wine
      Cyprus is home to the oldest manufactured wine in the world, Commandaria. The dessert wine is recognised by the Guinness Book of Records and was referred to by King Phillipe of France in 1223 as the “Apostle of Wines.”
    6. A Bit Cheesy
      All haloumi comes from Cyprus. The island’s famous cheese now has Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) so can only be made in Cyprus. Local’s will happily tell you it’s the Cypriot weather that makes haloumi taste so special.
    7. Ski Funday
      Cyprus has Europe’s most southerly ski resort. It’s possible to ski on Mount Olympus which legend says was always shrouded in clouds to protect mortals from seeing the home of the Gods.

    Moving to Cyprus – More Useful Information

    There are basic criteria that need to be met in order to take your pet to Cyrpus;

    • Your pet must be microchipped and have a pet passport.
    • Your pet must be over 3 months old and have proof of all the required vaccinations.
    • Your pet must be inspected by a qualified vet no more than 72 hours before the time of departure.

    Please note; some dangerous dog breeds are not allowed entry to Cyprus.

    In Cyprus they drive on the left-hand side, the same as the UK. To import your car;

    • You must have owned/used the vehicle in the UK at least 6 months before importing it to Cyprus.
    • You must have the V5 log/proof of ownership.
    • You must have a valid passport.
    • You must have a valid MOT certificate.
    • Your vehicle will need to be registered and licensed for road tax before it can be driven in Cyprus.
    • At the time of writing, UK driving licenses are considered valid in Cyprus (Cypriot law is subject to change, so please check the Cypriot Government website for the latest details).

    Barclays are one of a number of foreign banks operating in Cyprus. Many companies in Cyprus prefer doing business through Cypriot banks, the largest bank in Cyprus is owned by the Cypriot Orthodox Church. To arrange some Cypriot utilities you will need to arrange direct debit as part of the contract and in some cases might need a Cypriot bank. Most banking in Cyprus can now be done online.

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