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    ECMT International Removals Permit

    ECMT International
    Removals Permit

    British Association of Removers

    British Association
    of Removers

    Eco Friendly Removals

    Eco Friendly

    Moving To Switzerland Made Easy

    Forms & Declarations

    As if you don’t already have enough to deal with when moving house!?! Moving to Europe comes with added form filling and red tape to wade through. Thankfully, with Armishaws you’ll be allocated a Removals Coordinator to help guide you through the process from your first enquiry to completed removal.

    • Customs Declarations
    • Car Imports
    • Port Customs Agents
    • Residence Permit

    Removing the worries of your big move.

    Our Removals Service Includes…

    Worry-free removals, to and from Switzerland.

    What our customers say...

    Armishaws International Removals to Switzerlandand Removals from Switzerland.

    Moving with Armishaws…

    Don’t take our word for it!

    • We could tell you that as a BAR member, we operate under a strict code of practice and offer higher degrees of financial security.
    • Or that our ECMT International Removals Permit allows us to carry out removals in Europe (always check your remover has one).
    • We could mention our Eco Pledge, including the 2,000 trees we’ve planted so far in our own woodland, the habitat we’ve created and continue to manage.
    • You might get us talking about our dedication to customer service and yes, we’re happily ‘old-fashioned’ about that.
    • But we’d rather you read the hundreds of reviews on Trustpilot for yourself, to find out why our clients have rated us “Excellent”.

    Eco-Friendly Moves

    Armishaws are committed to reducing the environmental impact of every move.


    2,000 Trees

    We’re planting over 2,000 trees to help lessen the impact of carbon emission and create vital habitat for wildlife.

    Recycled Materials

    Recycled Materials

    We use recycled and recyclable materials for all our boxes and packaging which is better for your belongs and the environment.

    Greener Vehicles

    Greener Fleet

    We operate a fleet of greener vehicles, plus our drivers go through eco-efficiency training to reduce the amount of fuel we use.

    Acid Free Paper

    Acid Free Wrapping

    Using acid free tissue paper is not only better for your items, it’s also kinder for the environment. Win/win!

    Bio-degradable Mattress Bags

    Biodegradable Mattress Bags

    Our crews seal mattresses in single use, biodegradable bags to protect them in transport. All bags are then recycled.

    Make your move greener

    with Armishaws. See our Eco Pledge here...

    11 Useless But Fun Switzerland Facts

    1. Happy 100th Birthday!
      Switzerland has the highest percentage of centenarians in Europe.
    2. Pocket-sized
      It’s not just their famous army knives, the entire nation could be considered ‘petit’, with a smaller population than London.
    3. Zippy
      The original idea for the zip was patented in 1851 in America and involved two rows of corresponding hooks being pulled together. In 1923 Swiss lawyer Martin Winterhalter bought the patent for 10,000 francs. He improved the design, creating the now familiar teeth mechanism we’ve all caught our skin in at some time.
    4. A Bit Swiss
      Fantastic inventions that Switzerland have given the world include; the computer mouse, muesli, Velcro, white chocolate, DNA, cellophane and tin foil.
    5. Chocoholics
      You might have a taste for the mountain shaped chocolate bars but the Swiss nation are fierce chocoholics, chomping through over 10 kilos per person every year!
    6. Speaking das Lingo
      Switzerland has 4 official languages, German, French, Italian and Romansh.
    7. Peace
      Switzerland is known as a peacemaker. The nation hasn’t been involved in an international conflict since 1815, when it created a policy of neutrality at the Treaty of Paris. Its modern foreign policy dictates the nation shouldn’t be involved in armed conflict with other nation states. As such it was a slow-comer to the UN and didn’t join until 2002. It does have an army that contributes to UN peace-keeping and citizens are required by law to do national service. The Swiss Guard protect the Pope and is made up of troops that have all served in the Swiss Army.
    8. Big Bang Theory
      As well as its scientific breakthroughs, Switzerland is known for its gun laws. The country has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the world and a comparatively low crime rate (to other industrialised nations). Switzerland has compulsory national service and after serving, citizens are expected to keep their weapons at home (including assault rifles and handguns), but without ammunition.
    9. Big Bang Part II
      Most of the roads into the country and major tunnels and bridges are rigged to explode should the country be invaded!
    10. Animals Lovers
      Switzerland loves its animals. Many restaurants welcome pets and even provide meals for animals accompanying their human counterparts. There are strict laws for social animals, meaning pets like rabbits and guinea pigs must be kept in pairs (if one dies, you must buy a second animal).
    11. Water Sight!
      Some of Switzerland’s most stunning views look out over the nation’s 7,000+ lakes. Immortalised in rock legend, heavy metal band Deep Purple wrote Smoke On The Water while watching a hotel fire beside Lake Geneva.

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