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    Family Owned Business Est 1973

    Family Owned
    Business Est 1973

    British Association of Removers

    British Association
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    Eco Friendly Removals

    Eco Friendly

    Moving To Luxembourg Made Easy

    Forms & Declarations

    Moving house is considered one of life’s most stressful events, things can become even more complex when moving overseas with all the additional paperwork to wade through. That’s why we provide all our clients with a dedicated Removals Coordinator, to help you through every step of the process.

    • Customs Declarations
    • Titre de Séjour
    • Port Customs Agents
    • Autorisation de Séjour Temporaire

    We’ll remove the worries from your big move.

    Our Luxembourg Removals Service Includes…

    Stress-free removals to and from Luxembourg.

    Removals Coordinator – Armishaws Removals

    Removal Coordinator

    A dedicated Removal Coordinator will be assigned to your move.

    Mileage included – Armishaws Removals


    Your quote will include mileage to ensure there are no hidden costs.

    Covered Goods in Transport – Armishaws Removals

    Cover for Goods in Transit

    We offer restricted liability as standard, further options are available.

    Biodegradable Mattress Bags – Armishaws Removals

    Carbon Footprint Offsetting

    We’re planting over 2,000 trees to offset our carbon emissions.

    Trained, Uniformed Staff – Armishaws Removals

    Trained, Uniformed Staff

    All Armishaws’ crew members are background checked and carry photo ID.

    We use recycled materials – Armishaws Removals

    Recycled Materials

    Our crews use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.

    Protective Blankets – Armishaws Removals

    Covers & Blankets

    White goods and furniture are protected with slot-on, padded covers.


    Carpet Runners

    Full floor protection is also available at both locations (fees may apply).

    Armishaws Removals International Experience

    Part & Full Loads

    We offer part and full loads to and from a number of European locations.

    Robe Cartons – Armishaws Removals

    Robe Cartons

    Your clothes will travel in style with specialist boxes for hanging garments.

    Armishaws Storage

    Storage Options

    Short and long term storage, with collection and delivery also available. (fees may apply)

    Armishaws Icon Bio-Degradable

    Biodegradable Mattress Bags

    These sealable bags are only used once, then recycled.

    Find out what our customers say...

    Armishaws Removals Full Load Truck Moving House International, Overseas, UK

    Making Your Move With Armishaws

    • Armishaws’ ECMT International Removals Permit allows us to carry out removals on the continent.
    • As members of the British Association of Removers, we offer greater levels of financial security and also operate under a strict code of practice.
    • Our eco-pledge means we’re planting over 2,000 trees (on our own land) to offset carbon emissions.
    • Rated ‘Excellent’ on independent review site Trustpilot, you can see for yourself what our customers have to say about our service.

    Eco-Friendly Luxembourg Removals

    Armishaws are committed to reducing the environmental impact of every move.

    Trees – Armishaws Removals

    2,000 Trees

    We’re planting over 2,000 trees to help lessen the impact of carbon emission and create vital habitat for wildlife.


    Recycled Materials

    We used recycled and recyclable materials for all our boxes and packaging which is better for your belongs and the environment.

    Greener vehicles – Armishaws Removals

    Greener Fleet

    We operate a fleet of greener vehicles, plus our drivers go through eco-efficiency training to reduce the amount of fuel we use.

    Acid Free Wrapping – Armishaws Removals

    Acid Free Wrapping

    Using acid free tissue paper is not only better for your items, it’s also kinder for the environment. Win/win!

    Bio Degradable – Armishaws Removals

    Biodegradable Mattress Bags

    Our crews seal mattresses in single use, biodegradable bags to protect them in transport. All bags are then recycled.

    Make your move greener with Armishaws.

    10 Weird & Wonderful Luxembourg Facts

    1. Eurovision
      Perhaps surprisingly for such a small nation, Luxembourg has won the Eurovision song contest five times (Germany and Spain combined have only won it 4 times!) and that’s despite not entering since 1994. The mighty Lux fell out with the organisers after being relegated from taking part and vowed never to return to the competition. My my!
    2. Rich Man’s World
      Judged by GDP (gross domestic product) per capita, Luxembourg is one of the world’s richest nations. In fact, using that criteria, it’s wealthier than America and many of the big Arab oil nations. It also has one of the highest minimum wages in Europe.
    3. Safe As Houses
      According to the UN, Luxembourg is one of the safest countries in the world. Due to the low crime rate, it has a relatively small police force and only two jails.
    4. …Stealing Our Jobs
      Nearly half of Luxembourg’s workforce commutes daily from neighbouring countries, indeed over 40% of the country’s population are ex-pats and foreigners.
    5. Pass the Duchy
      It is the world’s only independent duchy, a territory ruled over by a duke, although the Duke’s positions is now mostly symbolic and the duchy has a democratic government. It had been owned by the French, Germans, Austrians, Spanish until it officially became a duchy in 1815, as a result of Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo. Previous Grand Dukes and Duchesses have included; Wenslaslas the Lazy, Ladislaus the Posthumous, William the Brave, John the Pitiless, Philip the Good, Mary The Rich, Charles the Bold, Philip II the Handsome and Charles IV the Bewitched.
    6. Double Dutch
      The official language is Lëtzebeurgesch (or ‘Luxembourgish’, a dialect of German). Children learn Lëtzebeurgesch in nursery school, French and German in primary school, then English in secondary school. The most commonly used languages in order are French, Lëtzebeurgesch, German, English, Portuguese. The Lux government uses Lëtzebeurgesch, while Luxembourg laws are written in French. Simple!
    7. Bigger Than ‘Auntie Beeb’
      RTL (Radio Television Luxembourg) is one of the biggest broadcasting companies in the world with channels in more than 30 countries.
    8. Boaring!
      Around a third of the country is forestry and among the native species are deer and wild boars.
    9. Castle Rock
      Luxembourg’s strategic position and the castle of Luxembourg City made the country incredibly important during numerous historical conflicts. Indeed, the country has over 100 castles and chateaux including the wonderfully named Valley of the Seven Castles, a 24 km area that includes 2 castles and 5 chateaux.
    10. Member State
      Luxembourg was 1 of the 12 founding NATO members and among the 6 founding members of the EU (originally the EEC).

    You’ll need an AST, Authorisation de Séjour Temporaire (Temporary Residency Authorization) before arriving in Luxembourg and within three days of arrival, you must visit your local administration centre to make a Déclaration d’Arrivée (Declaration of Arrival). You then have 90 days to apply for your Titre de Séjour (Residence Permit) through the Immigration Directorate. You’ll need to supply fingerprints and the biometric photograph and once the authorities are happy, you’ll then be issued a Certificat de Residence (Residency Card). By law anyone over the age of 15 must carry either a residency card or passport at all times.

    Luxembourg is one of Europe’s most advanced nations when it comes to banking, partly due to it’s favourable (often criticised) tax laws. As such, most of Europe’s major banks have an interest there, including many UK banks. This makes it very easy to transfer your banking to either a European bank or one of the large UK banks. Most banks in Luxembourg do have English speaking staff.

    Luxembourg might be small but it knows how to party. Yes, they might not get too much to cheer about at the World Cup, Eurovision Song Contest or Olympics but that’s not a problem, they have Europe’s largest dance festival (comprising of over 10,000 dancers taking to the streets every year), Bonfire Day (‘Buergbrennen’), Pretzel Day (‘Bretzelsonndeg’), a National Day and a nut market!

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