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    Moving can often be a stressful time but relocating overseas comes with a few extra worries. That’s why Armishaws assign a dedicated Removals Coordinator to every move, to give you peace of mind and make the entire process as easy as possible.

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    • As a member of the British Association of removers, we adhere to the highest codes of conduct and also provide greater financial security should things go wrong.
    • Our crews operate with an ECMT International Removals Permit, all European removers must carry the correct permits.
    • We provide eco-friendly removals, we’re not just planting over 2,000 trees, we’ve bought the landed so we can create and maintain precious natural habitat. Read more…
    • But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself why our customers rate us “Excellent” on independent review site Trustpilot.

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    Armishaws are committed to reducing the environmental impact of every move.


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    We’re planting over 2,000 trees to help lessen the impact of carbon emission and create vital habitat for wildlife.

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    Recycled Materials

    We use recycled and recyclable materials for all our boxes and packaging which is better for your belongs and the environment.

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    Greener Fleet

    We operate a fleet of greener vehicles, plus our drivers go through eco-efficiency training to reduce the amount of fuel we use.

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    Acid Free Wrapping

    Using acid free tissue paper is not only better for your items, it’s also kinder for the environment. Win/win!

    Bio-degradable Mattress Bags

    Biodegradable Mattress Bags

    Our crews seal mattresses in single use, biodegradable bags to protect them in transport. All bags are then recycled.

    Make your move greener

    with Armishaws. See our Eco Pledge here...

    10 Useless But Fun Netherlands Facts

    1. Honey I Shrunk the Nation
      Dutch people are the tallest in the world. They have held the title for a while. However, they might be slipping (or shrinking!). A report in 2021 from ‘Statistics Netherland’s (CBS) that gathers national statistics, found that on average, men born in 2001 were actually 1cm shorter than those born in 1980.
    2. On Ya Bike!
      There are more bikes than people. Over 22 million in fact! It works out as an average of 1.3 bikes per person. Cycling is considered to be one of the many reasons the Dutch are such a healthy nation, cycling 2.9km per day, they use bikes for over 25% of all trips, compared to just 2% by car loving Brits.
    3. Boys From The Black Stuff
      But there is a national obsession with liquorice. They consume around 32 million kilos of the stuff. That’s 2 kilos per person every year! No wonder they cycle so much!
    4. Gin-credible
      The Dutch invented gin (jenever) back in the 16th century which became popular in Britain after William of Orange (King William III) became the King of England, Ireland and Scotland. Gin went on to become a bit of a problem, in fact Parliament was forced to bring in laws to deal with Britain’s ‘Gin Craze’ when even children were drinking the stuff. It’s also where we get the phrase ‘Dutch Courage’, after Dutch and British soldiers drank it prior to fighting during the Thirty Years’ War (1618 to 1648).
    5. Carrot Topped
      ‘King Billy’ is also responsible for carrots being orange. As keen veg growers know, carrots were originally purple, white or yellow. After William III helped the country win independence from Spain in the 17th century, a grateful nation (well, the farmers) managed to breed a new variety of orange carrots in his honour. The traditional varieties are now considered ‘heritage’ carrots and harder to find than Billy’s carrots.
    6. Double Dutch
      You’re saying it wrong, so are we actually. It’s not Holland. It is the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which consists of 12 provinces, 2 of which are named Zuid-Holland (South Holland) and Noord-Holland (North Holland) which includes Amsterdam, traditionally the financial powerhouse of the country, even dominating its name. The government and tourist board has gone so far as to drop ‘Holland’ from all official branding and promotion.
    7. Tulips From Amsterdam
      80% of the world’s flower bulbs are grown in Holland where the flower industry makes up over 5% of the country’s GDP. Holland (erm, we mean the Netherlands!) is home to 90% of the world’s tulip farms.
    8. Low Point
      It’s not just flat, over 60% of the Netherlands sits under sea level. The lowest point is Zuidplaspolder 6.7 metres below sea level, while the highest point of the entire country is Vaalserberg Hill, standing at a huge 323 metres above sea level (just 13 metres taller than The Shard). 50% of the country is only 1 metre above sea level. Even the country’s main airport (Schiphol) is over 3 metres below sea level.
    9. Pole-Ish
      The country’s low standing meant that Amsterdam (originally marshland) was built on more than a million wooden poles, many of which were sunk 12 metres into the soft ground. Today the city has 165 canals and over 1,200 bridges to deal with the high water level. The Royal Palace stands on 13,659 wooden poles.
    10. And Finally…
      If you’re really enjoy all the numbers we have 1 more for you… The Netherlands has over 1,000 windmills (mic drop, bow, exit stage left!).

    Moving to Netherlands – More Useful Information

    Health insurance is mandatory for all residents over the age of 18 and you must have health insurance in place within 4 months of arriving in the Netherlands. If you’re starting a new job your employer may be able to assist with health insurance and some companies offer family schemes to cover you and your family.

    Cars are not king in the Netherlands, in most cases trams, buses and bicycles have strict right of way. Children under 1.35m must have an approved child seat, children under 3 years can only travel in the front if the air bag has been deactivated and they are in a rear facing child seat. On the whole the nation has a lower tolerance of cars, stricter fines are in place and your car can be confiscated for offences such as speeding.

    You will need to exchange your UK license for a Dutch license. It’s not legal to use a UK license if you are living in Holland.

    The Netherlands have excellent banking and many of the major international banks are represented there. In many cases, bank staff speak English (English is widely used in Holland, you’ll find English books in most book shops). You will need to set up direct debits to arrange most services and utilities but most suppliers are set up for internet banking and you can make most arrangements from a banking app on any smartphone or tablet. In general, having a Dutch based bank can be useful but is not as much of a requirement as some other nations.

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