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Armishaw’s complete removal service is here to make your move to Dordogne a happy experience. An Individually designed removal package to suit your needs can be put together alongside collection from anywhere in the UK or worldwide. No item is too big or small so get in touch for your free, no obligation quote.

In South Western France you will find the department of Dordogne, a popular department where we have moved many of our customers over the years with our complete removals service to France.

Dordogne, full of gourmet delights such as Walnuts and Truffles, is brought together by a bucolic landscape of forests, rivers and vineyards as well as picturesque villages, charming towns and beautiful chateaux. All of these aspects means the area has long been popular with Brits wanting to settle in France where they have always been warmly welcomed into the local communities.

Moving to the Dordogne region? Relocating to South France? We can help you!

We provide removals and relocation services to all areas within France.

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• Any items, no matter how big or small
• Full or partial loads
• A full survey by one of our European Removals Specialists
• Electronic and photographic inventories utilising handheld computers and digital cameras

To ensure we continue to meet the very high and exacting standards required, we are assessed every year on services, administration and procedures, as well as staff.

We have held the coveted BSEN 12522, the first and most recognised quality standard specifically directed at furniture removals for the benefit of the private individual, since June 1999.

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The Dordogne department in Southwestern France is located in between the Loire Valley and the Pyrenees and the area itself is named after the river Dordogne that runs through it. It was originally home to four different tribes- the name for “four tribes” in the Gaulish language (spoken by the first inhabitants) is “Petrocore”, which led to the administrative town and prefecture of the department being called Périgeux. Dordogne is one of the original 83 departments of the French Revolution, and its borders changed over many decades following. Dordogne is the third largest department in France, and it enjoys a varied and temperate climate. The summers are often much hotter than in the UK, but the winters are often colder. In the warmer months in Bergerac, the temperature often exceeds 30 degrees for eight days each month. The first frost often appears towards the beginning of November and will continue until the end of April.

Dordogne has earned the nickname ‘Dordogneshire’ for its thriving British community and its tempting location for those looking to relocate due to it laid-back lifestyle, warm climate and low cost of living. There are more than 1,500 castles in the department, in addition to famous caves and Roman ruins. In Périgeux, there is still a Roman arena visible from inside a public park located near the town centre. Dordogne is famous for its duck and geese production, as well as its walnuts, truffles and strawberries. Cheese is a big export of the region, with Trappe d’Echourgnac being produced by Trappist nuns of Notre-Dame de Bonne-Esperance abbey in Échourgnac, Dordogne. The flavours are mild but full of smoky bacon notes and aromas of walnuts. Fishing is an activity which is enjoyed by many in the area, with the River Dordogne being home to grayling, pike, shad and zander. There is an airport in Bergerac, which offers flights to and from the UK, as well as further afield.

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