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If you are looking to relocate to the city of Bremen, we can offer a tailored removals service to your every requirement. We have operated removals in Germany for many years and have been helping our customers move across Europe for decades.

The German city of Bremen is full of history and architecture, which attracts visitors from all over the world. Its unique markets, wonderful landscape and intruiging food makes Bremen a top choice amongst Brits that wish to relocate to Germany.

Our aim is to help make your transition to life in Bremen be as relaxed as possible. We offer start-to-finish removal services and have operated and managed removals to most areas within Germany over the past decades.

We have held the renowned BSEN 12522 quality standard since June 1999, the only one of its type  aimed at furniture removals for the benefit of the private individual, and we continue to be assess annually on both our staff and all of our procedures. This ensures we are meeting the high standards required and expected of us reguarly, and confidently operate services to areas all over Europe, as well as internationally.

For Bremen removals, we can offer:

• Individually crafted removals packages to suit your every need
• Collection from anywhere within the UK
• Any item, no matter of size
• Full loads
• A full survey by one of our European Removals Specialists
• Electronic and photographic inventories utilising handheld computers and digital cameras.

Are you wanting to move to Bremen? Is relocating to Germany your plan? We can help you make your moving experience as smooth as possible, so why not get in touch today!

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Bremen is the second most populous city in Northern Germany and is home to dozens of historical galleries and museums, ranging from sculptures to art centres. The city lies on both sides of the River Weser and reaches a natural height of 10.5m above sea level at Bremen Cathedral. Allied bombing destroyed 60% of the built-up area of Bremen during World War II, and the famous warplane company Focke-Wulf was founded in the city. Bremen has an international airport 2 miles south of the city centre, and the S-Bahn operates with the region, connecting different parts of the city, with access further afield. Michael Jackson kicked off leg 4 of his final solo tour ‘HIStory’ in Bremen in 1997, which was attended by over 36,000 people. The city has a football team, Werder Bremen, which is the second most successful team in Germany, and their stadium is surrounded completely by solar cells- it is one of the largest buildings in Europe delivering alternative energy. Bremen is twinned with Gdańsk of Poland, and Durban of South Africa, as well as being informally twinned with Dudley of England and Windhoek of Namibia. A large number of food producers and trading companies are based in Bremen, with Kellogg’s, Kraft, Hachez and Frosta all operating in the city. Two statues stand to the west of Bremen Town Hall, one is of the city’s protector Roland, complete with a sword and shield, decorated with an imperial eagle. The other statue is of the Town Musicians of Bremen, based off of the traditional fairy-tale, and portrays a donkey, dog, cat and rooster.

Bremen’s most famous street is 100 metres long, and is called the Böttcherstrasse. It has only seven buildings, among which are the houses and fountains of Robinson Crusoe, Atlantis and the Seven Lazy Brothers. There is a unique 46-hectare rhododendron park in the centre of Bremen which is home to many plant species and offers fantastic views and walks. There is a local custom where if a person isn’t married by the day they turn 30, on their 30th birthday they must sweep the stairs of the cathedral as a sign of what a good husband/wife they would make. The only way they can stop cleaning is if someone of their desired sex kisses them. The International Space Station was built in Bremen and is currently making parts for new-generation liners. The city has recently opened Europe’s largest space centre, with rides that create the illusion of travelling through the Universe. A silver key, an attribute of St. Peter, is at the centre of Bremen’s coat of arms, and makes for popular tourist gifts. The city attracts millions of people every year to its Freimarkt, the country’s oldest festival, which dates back to 1035, and includes rollercoasters and ferris-wheels, as well as fireworks and colourfully decorated floats. Food is a big part of Freimarkt, with fried dough, spicy liquorice and smoked eel remaining visitor favourites.

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